Dec 08

Experiences in the Supernatural Things of God Part 2


Here is part 2 in sharing my experiences in the SUPERNATURAL things of God.


For about half a year, I kept having dreams that my husband was cheating on me. These dreams would be about life in general, but always end up with my husband cheating on me. I was being tormented in these nightmares. I would wake up and the feeling of terror would be on me and I would wonder if it was true. I knew in my heart it wasn‘t, but the feeling of horror would come on me so strong that I would begin to question and look for signs that he might be unfaithful. I started questioning the Lord how to stop these dreams, because I knew that my husband was not cheating, he is a godly man who honors our covenant of marriage and God. So I asked God what is going on. One night I had this supernatural dream.

I dreamed a small bird came close to me. It smirked as if to say, “You think that’s cool that I came so close, watch this,” then he hopped on my finger. He jumped off and went behind some bushes and stood up. He became a gorilla, his gorilla suit peeled off him and he became a young girl. She walked past me, shuffling her feet with her head down in a rejected attitude. She walked past me and five large angels who surrounded me as we stood by the large white van I always drive in my dreams. As she went past I said, “Naomi?” meaning,Was that my daughter? “No, that was Leah,” the five angels said. I asked God what that meant, and this is what He told me. The Spirit of Leah had come on me and was being used to torment me. I asked what that meant. God showed me that the spirit of Leah was a spirit of rejection and deception. Leah was the oldest daughter given in marriage to Jacob instead of the promised sister, Rachael, whom he loved. So I just bound and pulled down that stronghold of a spirit of Leah, and have not had a dream like that since, and it’s been about two or more years.


Baby Formula

When my children were babies (twins), I ran out of formula and had no money. I searched the cupboards and found no milk. I prayed and went back to the cupboard and right out front was a can of baby formula.

Singing in the Spirit

One day I was doing dishes, just praising the Lord, when all of a sudden I realized the sound coming out my mouth wasn’t my own. It was sweet and the language wasn’t English. I kept singing and listening. It was beautiful (I can’t carry a tune). It was my first experience in singing in tongues. There was a very sweet spirit in that room with me that day.


The devil speaks to a two-year-old.

When I was about two years old, I was crawling on the ground at my grandmom’s house in an animal costume my mother made me. All of a sudden, I heard an audible males voice say, “Get up off the ground. You’re acting foolish, like a little kid,” as if it was wrong to play and laugh and have fun. I got up off the ground and never really felt safe to let loose and have fun. I always felt foolish when I did silly things. EXCEPT when I am in my clown outfit. I know it was the devil’s voice, but I didn’t realize how young I was at the time until about 30 years later, when I saw a picture of me that day, crawling and playing in that custom. I was about 2- 3 years old. Today I realize it was the devil’s attempt to stop the plan of God for me to minister as a clown and bring the joy of the Lord to others.

I heard the voice one more time. I was thinking of going into a New Age bookstore about 25 years ago when I was in a very vulnerable position in my life. The voice said, “You’re a big girl, you can make up your own mind to go into the bookstore.” I immediately recognized it and walked away.


The seventh opportunity to raise the dead

A friend of the family died suddenly yesterday morning. He was young and his death was destroying his body. I debated whether to call him back or not because of the damage to his body. My thinking was that he would live life with this damage to his body. As I thought about it, God said, “What does it matter about his body? If something was enough to kill him, he is dead, but My resurrection power will give life to him abundantly.” In other words, whatever killed him would no longer have power over him to kill him or stay on or in his body. I also struggled with the fact that I didn’t know for sure if he had ever given his life to the Lord, knowing his history. So at church, while we were having a women’s meeting, I started praising and worshiping the Lord. I was singing in the spirit and I started to call this young man back. I called his name in song and commanded life to come into his body. I sang his name and at the same time I was praising the Lord. It is hard to put into words. But as I sang out his name, all of a sudden I heard in my spirit and felt this dead young man’s voice, praising the Lord WITH ME. We were praising and worshiping the Lord together. I could feel power and joy in his voice. He was in heaven, praising and worshiping the Lord, and I was privileged to join him. It was awesome, and I look forward to comforting his mother someday with those words. After sending this story to a friend, she told me this same thing happened to her when a close relative died. God is so good.

God reminded me that He is trying to get people into heaven, not trying to keep them out. Even though this young man appeared not to be walking right with God, and some might get mad at me for sharing this, I have no doubt he is in heaven today because he gave his life to Jesus. Remember, there is only ONE sin that will send you to hell. Not receiving the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus that paid for your sins. But there are many sins that will keep you from experiencing the fullness of God, and hearing His voice, or cutting your life short.


The dance with the Bridegroom

Several weeks ago, I was in the prayer room, worshiping the Lord. A sweet love song came on the worship CD. I was just praising the Lord, when all of a sudden I saw and FELT Jesus dancing with me. He swirled me and dipped me and spun me into Himself. We glided across the floor. He stared at me with great love in His eyes. He stared at me with admiration and something else I saw was in His eyes, I will never forget. The look in His eyes surprised me. IT WAS PLAYFULNESS! Jesus and I were enjoying each other’s company. WOW, this was awesome! Not only did His love for me show in His eyes, but playfulness. I have never experienced Jesus as my Bridegroom until that day, and I look forward to more experiences with Him. Joy is an important part of life in heaven and life on earth.


The dream of the drum

A couple weeks ago I had a dream. A very old man was playing a drum (the inside of a barrel-looking drum). I walked up to him and became him. I started to play the drum with a large wooden spoon. Inside the drum was an egg yoke. As I hit the sides of the drum, the yoke splashed all over everything, me and all around me. I beat the drum in the most supernatural beat, perfect timing, building up to a climax. The closer it came to the end, the louder and faster I beat the drum. It was humanly impossible to beat it that fast and perfect, and I knew in the dream that it was supernatural. It was as if all of heaven played with me, but the drum was a tool or weapon that had power. When I woke up, I felt supercharged and full of power. I could feel a supernatural presence in my room. I felt strong and victorious. I think I had some kind of impartation, and I received a mantel of some kind.

Worship and Color

For weeks now when I praise and worship I see the most awesome colors and color combinations. It is so clear and beautiful, like no colors I have ever seen before. The combinations are breath taking. I often just inhale deeply when I see them because they take me by surprise.

If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would go? The Bible says all have sinned and the result of sin is death. But WHOEVER calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. I am a “whoever,” and so are you. Call on the name of Jesus right now. “Father God, I accept the free gift of Jesus and make Him Lord of my life. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and show me how much you love me. In Jesus’ name.”


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