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Experiences in the Supernatural Things of God! Part 1


The SUPERNATURAL belows to the Christian, the world has stolen it an perverted it.

I am going to share today and tomorrow some experiences I have had in the supernatural in my relationship with a Supernatural God. Remember on Monday I will be sharing what Kat Kerr has to share about HER EXPERIENCES WITH ANGELS. Hundreds of angels.

My experiences with the supernatural things of God

I am going to share some of my experiences with you that I have had in the supernatural, in order to show you that God is the same today as He was when He walked the earth. This is a relationship, a relationship has encounters, and I want to encourage you to expect to have supernatural encounters with God daily.

Spirit of Gossip

One day at church, someone suggested I do something, and her suggestion offended me (I know I was wrong to get offended). What she said hurt my feelings; for some reason it felt as though she was bossing me around. Well, I shared it with someone and asked, ―Is she my boss in this?‖ You know the story: too many bosses and you don‘t know which one really IS the one to listen to! A little while later at home, I told my husband what happened at church. About an hour later, I all of a sudden saw this vision. Two animals that looked like overstuffed penguins, with matted curly black and white hair, stood facing each other with long mouths that looked like beaks with rows of tiny sharp teeth on them, and were whispering in each other’s ears at the same time. Then they would stop and both at the same time stick their beaks up in the air and laugh five short laughs, ―ha ha ha ha ha.‖ Then they would start whispering again and keep doing it over and over. Instantly I knew it was a spirit of gossip, and it deceived me into gossiping to my husband.

The Dance

Another thing I would like to share was a whole lot more fun. It is something I will never forget. I had gone through a year of great fear, because I started menopause and it had so many odd symptoms I never knew about, and made me get into fear until I figured it out in prayer. One day at church, I was doing everything I knew to do to get out of fear that had been hazing me. I prayed, praised, and spoke in tongues during worship.

Finally God told me to stop, to not even to raise a hand, or thank Him, or sing, or pray in tongues. He said, Stand there and don’t move, only breathe in the glory. So I figured that I should take deep breath because I wanted all the glory I could get. So I stood still, breathing in the glory for three songs. THEN all of a sudden my shoulders down to my hands started to move on their own, by no will of mineSlowly, then more and more now, my hips joined in. They went in and out in time to the music, it was like the song, ―Put your right foot in, put your right foot out, do the hoky poky and turn yourself around.‖ I was dancing with my shoulders and arms. THEN my legs started! Now I was dancing with the top half of my body going out and the bottom half going in. I felt like John Travolta in Saturday Night fever. Now my HEAD joined in the dance. Boy, did I feel silly. I started saying, ―I am not doing this,” but no one was listening. I started to do this faster and faster, faster than a person could move on her own.

Then I fell to the floor and my arms shot out and my legs started shaking like a washing machine. I am on the floor, laughing and bouncing and having a great time in the Lord. My legs and arms stretched and shook faster and faster until I just stopped and was still. This has happened two times so far. I asked the Lord what was that all about.

He said, “This was abundantly above all I can think or ask according to the power of God working in me.”

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. * (Eph 3:20) This experience really strengthened my faith to know that God’s power is in me to heal the sick and raise the dead and do whatever He wants me to do.

Happy Hormones

One other experience was when the menopause symptoms were bothering me. God said, ―You need to release some HAPPY HORMONES,‖ and I burst out laughing. God deals with us each in the way our personalities relate to the world. He deals with me through joy and laughter, because He created me to bring His JOY to the world through clowning and ventriloquism and through the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT.


We have a prayer room at our church where we pray for the pastor and the congregation an hour before service on Sundays. One Sunday, I had prayed for about 45 minutes or an hour and was ready to leave. As my hand touched the doorknob, I was instantly drunk in the spirit.

I was so drunk someone had to walk me to my seat. I had to walk across the sanctuary to get to my seat. I started asking people if they wanted some of this (referring to the drunkenness of the Holy Spirit). The ones that said yes, I slapped on the forehead with my fingers tips and said, ―Boop!‖ Instantly they fell off their seat drunk and laughing. The more times I slapped them and said ―Boop,‖ the drunker they got until some of them couldn‘t get up.

This happens sometimes when I am drunk in the spirit after the service, also. If you think that getting drunk in the spirit serves no purpose, look at the world; they drink to temporarily forget their problems. Remember, what they have is only a COPY of the real drunkenness. When you are drunk in the Holy Spirit, you feel free of problems and have great joy in the Lord. The Bible says that joy is strength! And boy, do we need strength in this time.
The Faith Like a Child

A very exciting time with the Lord happened in the beginning of last year. The children (ages five to about seven years old) came out of their service and joined us. A group of about six children began to run around the sanctuary as a group, laying hands on people and praying for them. Instantly they went down. The anointing on the children was so strong that I went down when I tried to catch someone. At other times, gold dust would come on the children‘s faces, necks and hands.

The Blue Prayer Cloths

On Thursdays, we have a prayer meeting in which the pastor takes prayer requests and we pray for the needs as a group, then we find somewhere in the sanctuary and pray and intercede. One day while praying, I saw in the spirit someone come over to me and put on my shoulders a blue cloth, a mantel or robe. Then I saw purple flower-like things burst open all around me. I wondered about this for a few weeks.

One day I decided to use one of the blue cloths, which I use to cover the people who are slain in the spirit, to cover my head while I prayed, for privacy. For me, prayer between God and me is VERY personal. When I started to do that, a spirit of intercession would come on me instantly as soon as I covered myself.

A few days later while I was working at the altar, praying in tongues and covering people, someone called my name. As I turned to look, they threw a cover at me. As I went to catch it at stomach level, it picked me up off my feet and threw me across the room about four feet. Ever since that time, when someone throws a blue cloth at me, I go into jerking, freeze, fall, or get drunk. I believe God’s power is transmitted through the cloths to me. I don‘t know why it doesn‘t do this to other people, just me.The people who are altar workers and catchers with me deliberately throw the cloths at me to watch me get drunk or go flying through the air. Some times they have to throw them up in the air so they float down or next to me, so I can get them without being knocked out and unable to work.

The Jolly Green Giant

There is a really big guy at church named Josh who is a kind, good-looking guy who loves the Lord. He is about 6‘2 and weights about 300 pounds OF MUSCLES. When it‘s his time to get prayed for, everyone runs! It takes about six strong catchers or more to surround him and guide him till he hits the floor. When the power of God hits him, he is soooo strong that he goes out, but his body surges like electricity hit him. I like to call him the ―Jolly Green Giant.

One day after he went down, he started to get off the floor and I laid my hands on him and started to pray… oops, that was a mistake. The six catchers were not around and the power of God hit him and… well, thank God not too many people were on the floor near him. But I learned that when we are full of the Holy Spirit, POWER COMES OUT OF US AND INTO OTHERS. The power of God is transmitted through prayer cloths, all the more it is transmitted through our laying on of hands.

Satan, give me my stuff

I had a dream where I saw and heard a person come to me with a tray in his hands. I knew it was the devil because I saw his legs and feet, and they were goat legs. In his hands was a tray with something on it. He came and stood by my bedside and offered the tray to me. I refused to take the tray or what was on it.

Instantly, I woke up and felt the evil presence of a demon. I pointed out the window and said, “Go! I don‘t want anything you have to offer me,‖ then I thought for a moment and said, ―Come back here! Now you go and get my money that you have stolen from me. I want restoration for everything you stole from me, NOW go. In Jesus’ name.

If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would go? The Bible says all have sinned and the result of sin is death. But WHOEVER calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. I am a “whoever,” and so are you. Call on the name of Jesus right now. “Father God, I accept the free gift of Jesus and make Him Lord of my life. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and show me how much you love me. In Jesus’ name.”


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