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Every Wonder What Happens to Used Pews? – Guest Poster



Used Church Pews Began a Ministry

Born Again Pews got it’s start by buying and selling used church pews to help churches across the nation save money, make better use of their offerings, and to better serve their congregations. Rex Blisard, owner, feels that serving others is a great way to honor God, and he personally goes on most of the delivery and installation trips to make sure the service is quality and sincere. All the products made by Born Again Pews are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Over time, Rex and his family gained the experience to understand what a well-made church pew looked like, and aimed their focus at crafting beautiful, durable pews for worship services everywhere. The pews are made from high-quality, solid oak and are crafted to provide comfort to the congregation and to beautify places of worship. Pew ends come in a wide variety of choices to give each church the look and atmosphere unique to its congregation and focus. Born Again Pews also crafts pulpits, benches, and communion tables at affordable prices.


The company offers a price match guarantee and financing options, providing the opportunity for each congregation to receive beautiful, well-made furniture to enhance their worship and church atmosphere at various budgets. And with only 10%-25% of a regular congregation giving tithes, this may be appreciated by church clients more than BAP knows. BAP offers free quotes to all who are considering their furniture services to enhance their church service.

Pulpits, tables, and other furniture can either add to or take away from the individual experience of church-goers, and Born Again Pews wants to give each chapel the make and style of furniture that will beautify each chapel. BAP has a furniture consultant who will happily help you through the process of choosing a custom pulpit, or any of the other furniture to create a well matched appearance. The craftsmen employed by BAP are able and eager to create any additional furniture needs your chapel may have. Additional pieces include fonts, announcement boards, kneeling rails, modesty panels, upholstered kneelers, tithe boxes, and more, each of the highest quality. One thrilled client referred to the professionalism and quality, as well as the superb custom padding job. Another client praised BAP for their above and beyond efforts to expedite an order, as well as their top notch installation job.

When they have used pews available, they are always refurbished to last a lifetime. For churches needing upkeep on their furniture, or furniture they have purchased from other places, Born Again Pews offers re-upholstery and installation services. They also can help with chapel furniture and church chair needs, and they welcome inquiries, as their website doesn’t always list their available used furniture

Born Again Pews handcrafts high quality church pews, pulpits and other church furniture nationwide for sale. We are a team of trustworthy, caring people and top quality church furniture is the backbone of our business.

Church pews made in America

Solid oak construction

Old fashioned church pews hand craftsmanship

Nationwide delivery and installation

Limited lifetime factory guarantee


At Born Again Pews, we handcraft all new church pews, pew ends, pulpits, chairs, and other church furniture items from solid red oak, taking God’s gift to us, and building beautiful church furnishings to worship Him. Our worship furniture is solid, comfortable and attractive. We know you will be fully satisfied that we guarantee our used church pews & new church pews furniture for life!

We believe that we honor God by serving His people. To that end, we offer our best work at the most affordable price possible. The quality, comfort and durability of our church furniture and pews enhance your worship service. We also stand behind our products: all our worship seating and church furniture is backed for a lifetime of service.


“Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord”

Romans 12:11

Used Church Pews Began a Ministry


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