Mar 01

Does God Really Care About our Animals? Will He Heal Them?



Does God really care about our animals? Yes He cares about what you care about. He even created the animals FOR us. When He said lay hands on the sick and they WILL recover He did not specify what “sick” it could be a sick person or a sick animal.  I have laid my hands on many a sick cats and seen them healed also sick dogs and horses. God loves what you love. There will be animals in heaven also-YOURS. When your animal dies and you love it,  it will be in heaven waiting on you. That is exciting news. God created the animals for YOUR pleasure in the garden and even looked for a companion for you among the animals. Animals have a spirit or they would not be alive they also have a soul (will, emotions and memory). God can re-create your pet if He needs to so that you are happy. If you want to know more about heaven and the animals going there study Kat Kerr’s books She has been to heaven almost every day for 15 years! God takes her to heaven because her mission is to share about heaven. If you want to more know on walking in the supernatural and healing the sick stop by my web site and join our VIP Subscription Membership or get YOUR FREE BOOK by just filling out your name and e-mail at http://robinbremer.net



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  1. John de Freitas

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Cosette Dow

    My beloved “Holly” American Eskimo dog was diagnosed with a nasal tumor yesterday,leading up to her skull. She just turned nine. I’m so heartbroken,I have prayed for her,but as in the past when I have asked for healing God has not done so.I don’t know why,but she is so special too me. I don’t want to lose her,but I don’t want to see her suffer. I’m so heartbroken right now,only 2% of dogs get this. Please pray for a miracle for her,and a longer healthier life.
    Thank-you. “God Bless. C. Dow

    1. revrobin

      In Jesus name I commended the tumor in holly
      to die. I speak life to this dog and peace Jesus name. God cares about what you care about God does not want your dog to die He cares about your dog. Speak life and health, whole and healing to your dog.speak words of life over her. Know this that if your dog does die she will be watching you in heaven and waiting for you in heaven because you love her, God will bring them to heaven just for you. Listen to some of Kat Kerr’s teaching she’s been in heaven thousands of times God has given her that commission and takes her to heaven and she talks about the animals in heaven.

      1. Cosette

        Thank-you for your prayer for “Holly”. She is undergoing chemo/and some radiation at the University. We all are praying for her,and I do expect a healing touch from God. Thanks again! God Bless

        1. revrobin

          I speak healing to Holly and all disease gone in Jesus name and peace.

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