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Declare Yourself Wealthy by Minister Sonya L Thompson


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When I first began teaching the Word, I used to ask God, why He didn’t assign me to a “nice” area of ministry to teach in. Maybe I could teach on the covenant or deliverance, or some other area. Why was I assigned in the area of money? When I got started teaching on finances, I just knew everyone was going to be as excited as I was, because I had the proof to back up the Word. I was experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough. Imagine my shock and horror when I found out most people did not want to hear anything about money. It was a topic that stirred the anger of the most loving Christian. They wanted to hear about salvation, sometimes you could teach on healing, but do not talk about money!  I have learned that anyone who dare teach that we have a covenant of wealth and blessing in the financial realm is an object of scorn and ridicule. It still amazes me to this day. Even though we are on the bottom of the barrel, financially, so many refuse to embrace the Word and walk out of the land of not enough onto the path of financial abundance and overflow.


Surely the stakes are stacked against me but I still embrace the calling He has given me to share this aspect of the Gospel with as many who will have ears to hear. Why? Because I have seen so many lives changed by the message God has given me. This is what compels me to tell as many who will listen, even at the risk of alienating a few. Every time I get a text message, an email or a message on Facebook testifying of a financial breakthrough, I am encouraged to continue to my quest to get the message of financial abundance to the ends of the earth, in the way God has given it to me.


A few months ago I began posting wealth declarations on Facebook and declaring them daily myself. I received so many testimonies and messages from those who were encouraged by them. Testimony after testimony began to come in regarding the results people were experiencing from these declarations. Declaring over my finances had been a part of my practice for years, I assumed all believers were doing it, but I was wrong! One day during my prayer time, the Holy Spirit told me to write the book, “Declare Yourself Wealthy.” He showed me the cover and I immediately had it designed. The cover leaves no room for questions; you know you are getting a book that’s going to impact your financial future. After it was published, based on the testimonies, it became apparent to me that most people had no idea that what they said about their money would dramatically and drastically change their financial flow. The Bible says “Life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit ~ Proverbs 18:2. Job says “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”


Your words are seeds which will spring forth to produce the fruit of life or death. This law works in whatever area you apply those words to and they will have an outcome of life or death in the area they are spoken over. I found out it works the same way with our money. I do not write books based upon conjecture, but experience and demonstration. I have seen and experienced the results for myself. Now obviously you must also obey other financial laws such as tithing and giving, to walk in financial abundance. But, there are many tithers and givers who are not experiencing the financial blessing because of the words they have been saying about their finances and about money in general. God Himself created all things by saying, “Let there be.” We also have been given this ability to create, rearrange or disassemble anything that does not resemble the Word of God. Unfortunately we have used the power of our words to destroy ourselves financially. What you have declared over your finances is what you are experiencing right now. This statement will likely anger a few people, but the only person who can keep you from financial abundance is you. 


For some people wealth relates only to money. For others, their health, marriage and children represent wealth. In my book, “Declare Yourself Wealthy,” the goal was to apply the Word of God to all of these areas, with a very particular concentration in the area of finances as well. Make no mistake about it, the intended purpose of the book is for the reader to declare themselves wealthy, rich an abundant in their finances, while seeing the same type of increase in other areas of your life as well!


Let me share an excerpt from Chapter five entitled “Change Your Verdict.”


When a judge sits at his bench, he has the power to enforce a verdict as given by the jury. From this day forward see yourself as the jury over your own life. What do I mean by this? Usually someone from the jury will stand up and read the decree and the judge will lower the gavel to seal the verdict to enforce what was spoken. You have the power to pronounce the sentence over your life. It’s not God’s decision, it’s yours. The Law of blessing and cursing will respond to the decree you make. Whether you speak the truth of the Word or the lie of this world, you are passing a verdict and will receive the right sentence every time. If you say,” I am broke,” then the universal laws are set in motion to ensure the verdict you passed over your life is enforced.  Deuteronomy 30:19 gives us a clear indication of this truth. “This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”



You have the authority to speak life into your financial situation. If you would like to change your financial situation quickly, you need this book, “Declare Yourself Wealthy.” When you learn how to arm your words with financial abundance and overflow, they will not come back void, but bring in and abundant financial harvest which will have your peers asking you how this happened! Because your evidence will speak for itself, you will be bold enough to tell them you found out how to “Declare yourself Wealthy!”


Get your copy today! Declare yourself Wealthy is available on our website or on Amazon. Now available in hard copy or Kindle version.


Minister Sonya L Thompson



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