Jun 21

Created in HIS IMAGE


I was reading a book the other day and it said “We are created in His Image”which I know and often study but yesterday it jumped out at me. Has that ever happened to you, you know a scripture and even have revelation on it but one day it jumps out at you with a whole new understand that sets you on fire. It was a sort of “life moment” one that forever changes you. Well that is what happened to me when I saw those words.

is god


Often times people want to argue with me about God. People who read the Bible and love the Lord but they just read about Him they don’t KNOW Him! When you KNOW God when you have daily EXPERIENCES with Him it just don’t matter what people say to you, you are so confident in your relationship with the Holy Spirit you almost have to laugh at the stupid things people say. I used to really get stressed out when people wanted to argue with me.I felt I had to prove I was right! LOL not no more. It is sort of like I am married to my husband and you could say stuff about him that isn’t true and because I KNOW him and spend time with him everyday I don’t care about your opinion about him. I know what you say is not true and I don’t even have to justify it cause you will believe what you want. Now if you came to me and told me something and said “I want to know the truth about …” then I could share because you want to grow and know truth instead of prove you are right. So that is how I look at it when people want to argue with me. My Love (Holy Spirit) and me have a thing going on and I know Him!! Nothing you could do or say could change my mind only HE would show me and if you happen to not like what I share about that deep intimate relationship you can stop reading my blog or books. I only want to make people hungry for this relationship who desire to go deeper in the things of God. Now people who are desperate and hungry and in love totally with Holy Spirit are the ones I am to inspire, motivate and reveal the supernatural relationship with Holy Spirit. I guess I brought this all up because people fight me to be sick, poor and in pain and that is not being created in God’s image.  Ok enough of my soap box.

We are created in His image. What is the image of God think about it. He creates, He speaks and it is. He lives by faith. He is supernatural he moves in the spirit realm. He is royal, He is rich. He is healthy. He is strong, powerful and able to change any circumstances.He is not diseased, old (falling apart). He is not poor. We are created in this image. Picture it in you head. He created us like Him. If our circumstances are like this than we need to change what we are saying and believing. Just meditate on the fact that YOU are created in His image.

Father today I pray that you reveal your image to my friends and that they see themselves as you created them to be. In Jesus name


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