May 26

Christian Prayer: Conversing with God- GUEST POST


Christian Prayer: Conversing with God


Prayer is how we grow in our knowing of who God is and what He wants from us. Relationships are built upon interaction. If we cannot spend time with someone, then growing close to that person becomes difficult.

Christian prayer is that spending time with God so that we can know Him more and share our heart with Him as we show ourselves to Him in an honest and transparent way. Simply put, prayer is conversing with God.

Many people are intimidated by prayer. What do I say to God? How do I do this thing called prayer? What if I get it wrong? I have not done this much. This is uncomfortable.

The best way to grow in our relationship with God is by praying. As you pray to God you will quickly become more comfortable and will realize the incredible value of connecting with God through daily prayer.

Fortunately, Jesus gives us a lesson on effective prayer. As part of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus instructs us on what to say when we pray, what attitude we ought to have, and what to expect. The Lord’s Prayer, a tutorial on christian prayer, is found in Matthew 6:5-15. Here we learn much from Jesus’ short lesson on prayer.

First, when we speak with God we need to remember to whom we are speaking with. We can address God as “our Father” because He is our loving, gracious Father. In Christ, we do not have a distant relationship with God but one that is intimate and connected. He is not the God who is way off. He is the God who is our Father, concerned and interested in our lives. But, even though He is our Father in heaven, He is still God. He is the almighty creator, the everlasting supreme being, the sovereign Lord. He deserves respect, honor, worship, and praise. He is God whose name is holy and should be “hallowed” as Jesus teaches us to address God.

Second, when we pray, we must acknowledge that God is sovereign which means it is His plan that we want to see unfold in our lives. Simply put effective prayer desires to align our hearts with what He is wanting to do in us and in the world. Jesus prays for God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done. Ultimately, we want to see what God wishes to accomplish here on earth.

Third, when we pray, we can lay out our heart’s desires and needs before Him by asking for our daily bread and prayers for health. We can be honest about our sins, asking His forgiveness for everything we have done wrong. And we can also ask Him to keep us from falling into more sin.

We, through all our prayers, are connecting our hearts with God’s heart. While conversing with God, we also need to take time to listen to His spirit impressing upon our hearts.

For more information  on prayer : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_prayer

christian prayer : www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUb0iUR9C78

More about today’s guest poster:

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Partners of these daily prayer groups pray for their cities, so that the love and the gospel of Jesus Christ will be released to transform their people.

Prayer topics may also include prayers for health and restoration.

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