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Is your basement looking outdated and boring? Are you dealing with water damage, unfinished flooring, and/or a cold, musty space? If so, Allpoint Construction has the solution. We specialize in turning your blah basement into a snazzy living area, a place where you and your family can hang out, relax, and entertain friends. All of our home improvement technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you won’t have to worry about being left high and dry by an unlicensed contractor. Your basement has problem been the most overlooked area in your home. We have ideas galore for you, involving new flooring, drywall, and much more. We’re up for the challenge, all you need to do is call our experts.

CaptureYou can’t go wrong with your own architect. While other home improvement companies in Downriver, MI hire architects to help out, we figured we would hire our own, full time, to better serve all our customers. Our in-house architect specializes in 3-D design, and can help you with the design and building plan of your new basement, as well as other areas of your home such as a sun room, bathroom, kitchen, living room and more.



Pick the Right HVAC Contractor in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Heating and cooling systems require a significant financial investment.  In addition, the professionals who advise, plan and ultimately install, repair or replace your system should be knowledgeable, experienced and up-to-date in all aspects of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Click the picture to learn more.

Pick the Right HVAC Contractor in Grand Rapids, Michigan


CaptureWhy Do You Need Grand Rapids Michigan HVAC Service Every Year?

When your HVAC unit stops working it usually happens at the worst possible time. When it’s extremely cold out or when you have your air conditioner going at full blast on those hot Grand Rapids Michigan days is usually when it comes to a grinding halt. When this happens, it could take a few days to get the parts needed to fix the unit and to get a service technician out to check it. But, the question is, could this have been avoided all together just by getting a Grand Rapids Michigan HVAC service for your home and unit. I’ll go over some of the things that the technician will check when they do a annual service for an HVAC unit in Grand Rapids Michigan. For more information go to:



Windows Installation in Downriver Michigan



There are lots of reasons why you want new windows installed in your home. It may be for aesthetic reasons and you want to make your home look much better. Or your current windows may need to be replaced and you’re looking into replacement windows in Downriver Michigan. Whatever the reason why you want new windows in your home it’s important to know that it’s not just an easy install in most cases. And if you’re using low-cost inexperienced window installers you could be setting yourself up for a disaster.


Home Improvement in Allen Park Michigan

All Point Construction is located in Allen Park, Michigan, and we are your go to guys for all of your home improvement, remodeling and repair needs. If you are looking for contractors you can depend on with affordable pricing, we are the ones to go with.




CapturePlumbers in Lincoln Park MI

Our highly skilled experts receive annual training so they are up to date on the latest industry regulations, rules and trends. We specialize in all types of commercial and residential plumbing repairs, such as:

  • Damaged or failing sump pumps
  • Deteriorating hot water heaters
  • Frozen or busted pipes
  • Sewer cleaning and inspections
  • Broken supply lines
  • Slab leaks
  • Broken faucets or toilets
  • Backed up drains and sewers
  • Hot water tank inspections and installations
  • Leaky or corroded pipes

For more information go to:



Divorce Through The Eyes of a Child: Dear Mama and Dad

Get your copy today



Heating and cooling  in  Michigan

CaptureSometimes we’re forced to buy a new furnace. Maybe your old furnace was just too costly to get repaired or you may just want to upgrade into something a little more energy efficient. Whatever the reason, when buying a new furnace in Downriver Michigan there are some tips that you’ll want to consider. I’ve listed tips below that can help you find a great unit at a great price. For more information check out site at:


taylorTaylor MI Window Replacement

When you choose us for windows replacement in Taylor, Michigan, you are choosing a company you can depend on. You’re choosing a company who strives to bring you the highest quality windows at the lowest prices available. Our customers in Taylor, MI, comes first. We strive to make you feel like you are family and we strive to complete each job as quickly as we can! When you choose us for window replacements, we value you and you are not just a number to us. Find out more at:


Auto repair Southgate Michigan

Looking for a mechanic in Southgate, Michigan, you can depend on? Good Care Auto are the ones to call. Don’t neglect your car, come to us and let us take care of it for you! Cars are like our bodies, they must be taken care of to keep them going. We offer all services for your car and offer affordable prices along with our quality work and service. We can do everything from basic tune-ups to body work to engine services. We offer everything you need to keep your car running.



1Ann Arbor, Michigan 



With over 15 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next renovation,
driveway sett or home repair. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers. We are a top-rated, fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor serving residential and commercial customers in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Downriver Michigan

Do you need sewer cleaning in Downriver Michigan? Calling Downriver Plumbers is never risky business – we always come through for our customers. We’ve been rated first in all categories including Performance, Affordability, and Materials for the past five years! We welcome your business, and invite you to visit our website at





Properly maintained gutters that channel the flow of water off the roof is the answer.
Call us at 734-548-9910 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We are A2HomePros, a full service, versatile and multi-faceted Home Improvement Company. This means, ‘we do it all’!! We are a professional contractor who does everything from maintaining the exterior of your home to renovating and remodeling your home’s interior .



1Gutter and downspout cleaning in Ann Arbor, Michigan

he leaves are falling, that’s why they call it fall! This is the time of year when leaves and other debris can wreak havoc on your gutters and downspouts in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and that’s a problem. If they are not cleaned properly, water, ice and snow cannot drain efficiently, which could cause too much weight, putting pressure on your roof, and that could mean leaks, holes, or significant roof damage. A2homepros can help. Our home improvement experts have been in the business of gutter and downspout cleaning for over 21 years.


Christian Affirmations With Background Music For Downloading Less Than $7!  I_BELIEVE_I_RECEIVE_IN_JESUS_NAME_1

Please check out our inexpensive prized Christian Affirmations that can transform your life for the best. Experience change today! CLICK HERE






Do live in Downriver MI? Need home Restoration?

Downriver Cleanup & Restoration are Downriver’s #1 experts in storm damage, fire damage, water removal, mold removal, fire restoration, mold remediation, and upholstery and carpeting cleaning. Call us today at 734-619-7610 for your free commercial or residential inspection. Visit for more information.

dr moldDownriver Cleanup & Restoration, southeast Michigan’s #1

Downriver Cleanup & Restoration, southeast Michigan’s #1 rated cleanup and restoration company for over 21 years and counting, we give you our ‘mold-free guarantee’.  This means we will find the cause of the mold and get rid of it permanently.  In addition, we promise to do this quickly and at competitive pricing.





Book Trailer -Alchemic Engagement – Three Days to Enlightenment

Book available @


Need Roofing Maintenance

West Bloomfield, Novi, Northville, Wixom, Walled Lake, Farmington Hills, Farmington, and South Lyon, Michigan

southlyonWe handle tear offs, re-roofs, roof ice dam removal, roof ventilation and upgrades, roof maintenance, roofing inspections, roof installation and replacement, loose and missing shingles, and roof shoveling in the cities of West Bloomfield, Novi, Northville, Wixom, Walled Lake, Farmington Hills, Farmington, and South Lyon, Michigan. Our roofing technicians are fully licensed, certified and insured, leaving you worry free. Never again will you have to climb a ladder to reach your business’ roof or gutters. Climbing ladders can be a very hazardous thing to do, especially if you don’t have the proper ladder, safety gear, and expertise. Twelve Oaks Roofing is the #1 Roofing Contractor in Oakland County, Michigan, providing expert, reputable service to residential and commercial roofing customers. For more information:


dr moldHas your business in Taylor, Michigan been impacted by a flood or water damage recently? Your company is your livelihood, so when a catastrophe strikes it can bring your business to a screeching halt. It’s important to keep your property water-free and dry, so that customers can walk around and shop safely in a healthy environment.







Roofers in Riverview MI

downriver picYou might not think you can purchase a new roof during all four seasons in Riverview, Michigan, but you can if you call Downriver Roofers. We are a full-service, certified and licensed roofing contractor that specializes in roofing repairs, roof installation, roof replacement, roofing inspections, roof ventilation and upgrades, tear-offs, missing and loose shingles, roofing repairs, re-roofs, and more. We are proud to be aGAF, CertainTeed approved roofing company that puts our customers’ needs first. It doesn’t make a difference if you own a commercial or residential property in Riverview, MI, your roof is an essential part of where you live or work.



Top-rated roofing company in Michigan

southlyonWe are consistently a top-rated roofing company in Michigan.   We are the company that can and will provide you with impeccable roofing service.  We have a reputation for our 24/7 quick response to any and all emergencies.  The emergency may be weather related or unique to your roof.  Our staff of certified, licensed and insured roofers are always ready to react.  Visit for detail regarding licensing and certification  .httfor more information:




CapturePlumbers in Grosse Ile MI

There’s only one place to call if you live in Grosse Ile, Michigan and are facing a plumbing problem such as frozen or busted pipes, leaks, drain backup, faulty sump pump, or a broken supply line:  Downriver Plumbers. For over 20 years, we have serviced the entire Downriver community, taking care of every type of residential and commercial issue you can think of. For more information go to:



The Kingdom is Here- Blog

This ministry has been raised up by the Lord Jesus Christ for such a time like this.  It’s an answer to the end times and the challenges the church has been facing. We are not a church, rather  this ministry has been appointed to come alongside the Church and teach the Body of Christ how to connect to the supernatural realm where God dwells through Praise, Worship, and Prayer.  For more info go to, our motto is: To Listen. To Help. 
 Here, at you can chat to someone about your problem, request a prayer, or just visit our amazing articles and improve your relationship with God!



Capture   If you need your residential or commercial roof inspected and live in Macomb, Michigan, Macomb Roofers is your answer.

No matter how large or small your Macomb, Michigan re-roofing project may be, Macomb Roofers can handle the job.
If you need your residential or commercial roof inspected and live in Macomb, Michigan, Macomb Roofers is your answer.




Need Siding in Downriver Communiies in MI

Capture Call us, 734-548-9919, for a free estimate on siding installation and replacement services.  We will give a thorough inspection of all exterior work from general remodeling, to perhaps necessary repair and maintenance work needed to make your house look and function at its best.  We put everything in writing so that you can take your time in going over the details and make good decisions.  You are under No obligation.  This is just part of an important initial service we provide. For more information:



We are consistently a top-rated roofing company in Michigan.   We are the company that can and will provide you with impeccable roofing service.  We have a reputation for our 24/7 quick response to any and all emergencies.  The emergency may be weather related or unique to your roof.  Our staff of certified, licensed and insured roofers are always ready to react.  Visit for detail regarding licensing and certification. Check out our web site for more information.

Plumbers in Grosse Ile MI


There’s only one place to call if you live in Grosse Ile, Michigan and are facing a plumbing problem such as frozen or busted pipes, leaks, drain backup, faulty sump pump, or a broken supply line:  Downriver Plumbers. For over 20 years, we have serviced the entire Downriver community, taking care of every type of residential and commercial issue you can think of.

Plumbing emergencies are our specialty. All of our plumbing contractors are fully licensed and insured, ready to tackle your problems so your plumbing system can get back to normal.  For more information check out our web site at:


Roofing in West Bloomfield, Michigan

CaptureIf your home or business is nestled in the picturesque city of West Bloomfield, Michigan, you know the value of property that is well maintained. Keeping up with property maintenance is important if you want to ensure your home or company appreciates in value, because it is the largest investment you will likely have. Making sure your roof is in tip top shape is a priority, so if yours is looking less than stellar, be sure to give Twelve Oaks Roofing a call. We are a certified, licensed roofing contractor that has been serving your community for more than 20 years. All of our roofing professionals are trained in the latest techniques and use only GAF, CertainTeed roofing products. We are proud to be endorsed by these prestigious brands, and strive to be the very best in the business. We handle traditional roofing styles as well as flat and metal roofing, too.



Roofing in Farmington Michigan.


You may or may not be aware of the condition of your roof, be it residential or commercial property.   We are consistently the #1 roofing contractor serving Farmington, Michigan.  We know there are many roofing companies.  However, we are qualified and have over 20years experience at providing any and all roofing services at affordable prices.  And, Twelve Oaks Roofing has an outstanding reputation in the industry for dependable, timely service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money-back.






New roof  in Trenton, Michigan

If you are in the market for a new roof and you live in Trenton, Michigan, Downriver Roofers has just what the Capturedoctor ordered. We are a full-service licensed roofing contractor serving customers throughout the Downriver, MI area. We specialize in assessing commercial and residential roofs, and provide free interior and exterior inspections. If it is determined a new roof is needed, we offer a variety of styles and payment options for you to choose from. Our highly skilled roofing professionals have been in the business for more than 20 years, installing all sorts of roofs onto homes and businesses in Michigan.




CaptureTear off roofs in Novi Michigan

If you are a home or business owner and you suspect your roof is inferior, you may not be sure which direction to go in terms of options. You might think it will be ok to simply re-shingle your roof, or do a complete tear-off and new roof installation. Depending on local and state regulations, you may be obligated to go with a complete tear-off and new roof installation. Especially if your roof is comprised of more than one layer…in such cases re-shingling is not advisable. If you live in Northville, Walled Lake, Wixom, West Bloomfield, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Novi, or South Lyon, Michigan and you are not sure if you need a tear-off, simply call Twelve Oaks Roofing at 248-525-6950.



A sweet inspirational love story. On sale for 99¢. Free with Kindle Unlimited. Click here to get your copy TODAY




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Another Kickstarter Project – Anti-Bullying “The Biggest Bully”


A2Roofing located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

CaptureA2Roofing factory-certified and licensed roofing contractors are the best the business has to offer.  They will give a full exterior and interior evaluation of your roof and provide a no obligationestimate with all the detail you will need to make timely decisions about your roofing needs.  We provide service to both residential and commercial customers all throughout the state of Michigan.  Please keep our number handy 734-548-9915. Web site is



Michigan Roofing Service

CaptureProviding superior roofing services to customers in Novi and throughout the state of Michigan. • Owner is always on site for every roofing project • We always offer a no-leak, money back guarantee • Roofing experts are always on call 24/7, all year long to handle your emergency.



Affordable roofing in Ann Arbor, MI

CaptureA2Roofing, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is both GAF and CertainTeed certified as a roofing contractor.  This means, A2Roofing has access to and utilizes nothing but the highest quality products at affordable prices.  We at A2Roofing pass this value on to you as our valued and respected customer.


A New Book, JESUS THE BAPTIST by Julius Owusu
Available on Amazon and other online bookstores. Buy it here:

It’s red hot from Heaven’s Bakeries. Grab your copy now!


Roofing contractors  for Woodhaven Michigan

downtown Our roofing technicians have more than 20 years in the industry, serving business and residential customers throughout Downriver. We are a GAF-certified, licensed, and insured roofing contractor ready to serve all your everyday and emergency needs.



Oil and The Glory Enterprises encompasses several service oriented businesses. Our ultimate purpose is for His voice to be heard in the marketplace as well as the mission field through multiple business ventures.





Vanguard Theological Seminary (VTS) is an “Apostolic School of Global Mission” We are preparing forerunners to advance the kingdom and cover the earth with God’s glory.






Sharing laughter, inspiration and encouraging stories to anyone who has been put through the wringer of life, because if I can overcome tragedies…so can you.

Unbelievable memoir — Carol is a resilient woman who endured traumatic events that would cause most others to roll over and quit. The challenges of cancer, rape, marital abuse, jail, suicide attempt, loss of child and financial ruin coupled with a determination to succeed compels the reader to root for her to triumph. This fast paced memoir reads with all the elements of a good novel – character, conflict, suspense and resolution. This is her true gripping story of hope, perseverance, and faith.



Michigan Mold Removal

CaptureLive in Michigan and need mold removed?  Specialty companies like Downriver Restoration located in southeastern Michigan, is made up of a team of specialists educated and experienced in mold detection, prevention and removal. For more information:



Michigan Downriver Cleanup & Restorationdowntown

Michigan Downriver Cleanup & Restoration, the #1 place to call after a fire, flood, or water emergency, is now offering its annual Fall Cleanup Special to new and repeat customers.Our latest new offering to customers is carpet and upholstery cleaning. This new service is a lifesaver for people getting ready to toss their favorite couches, chairs, or rugs due to mold, water or smoke damage. We thoroughly clean, sanitize, and remove all evidence of water, mold, mildew, smoke, and odors, leaving your carpet and upholstery germ-free, totally dry, and smelling fresh.




Channel letters in  downriver Michigan

CaptureAre you looking to boost your Downriver business in an easy, affordable way?   Using channel letters that are big, bold, and colorful can be the perfect accent to your commercial building.  Signarama has the latest in high-tech signage printing equipment needed to customize channel letters for company.  We’ve built a reputation in the Downriver, Michigan community for making any kind of sign you can think of, and channel letters are a popular choice among our customers.


Downriver MI  Divorce Lawyer    

miIf you live Downriver in MI and need a divorce lawyer Check out my sponsor at: divorce-lawyers-downrive…/ Divorce itself is a complicated and delicate matter; one that should not be handled alone, and it is a decision that will carry with it future circumstances which are best left in the hands of an attorney. That is why Downriver Lawyer is your best-suited source of legal representation. We handle every matter sympathetically and aggressively to ensure that your rights and future are protected.


Business owners in Michigan,  accepting Snap and/or EBT (Bridge) cards


Are you a business owner in Michigan, now accepting Snap and/or EBT (Bridge) cards? If so, you need to have an operating system in place so you can process these cards. These cards, issued by our state’s Department of Human Services, can only be accepted by retailers who are authorized by Food and Nutrition Services. Even if you already accept major credit cards, these state-issued cards have to be processed using specialized equipment. Netco Services, headquartered in Michigan, offers reasonably priced Snap and EBT card processing services to merchants throughout the United States. 

See more at:


Downriver  MI Cleanup & Restoration river

After a month or two of heavy downpours, many people are now assessing the damages these terrible storms have done to their properties. Your once pristine carpet now looks like a drenched, super-soaked mess, and you’re pretty sure you will have to rip it out and throw it away. There is a solution, though. Did you know that Downriver Cleanup & Restoration now offers residential carpet and upholstery cleaning services?

For More information:



Make Money While You Shop is the only platform that pays you cash to shop, use coupons and find the best deals. Start getting paid for everything you do online.

Kevin Brothers
CEO, Muddleme, Inc.








Everyone uses signs, but yours must stand out among the rest. If you own a company in the Downriver, Michigan area and want to outperform your competitors, you need Downriver’s # Sign Company – Signarama.


Home Restoration Professionals



Home Restoration Professionals 

 Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a flooded home, however, if you do, it’s good to know there is help available if you need it.


San Francisco Kitchen and Bath Remodeling 

Are you tired of walking into the same, boring old bathroom every day?

San Francisco Kitchen and Bath Remodeling 

At San Francisco Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, we know the tricks of the trade needed to transform your kitchen into a quaint, cozy room you and your family will delight in.


Business Owner Hire an Experienced SEO Expert


seoAs a business owner, you specialize in manufacturing a specific product or providing a valuable service, and unless you have years of SEO experience, you need to hire an expert.  It does not makes good business sense to hire an SEO company simply because they are “cheap,” because, let’s face it, you get what you pay for.  – See more at:





If you live in Grosse Ile, Michigan, you know how quickly our weather can change from calm and dry to a torrential rainfall in a matter of minutes.  If your home has been impacted by a flood recently, you must be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and worried.  When emergencies like these happen, you immediately kick into “panic mode,” wondering who to call and what to do next. For more information:



Do you need a bankruptcy lawyer in downriver Michigan?


 If you have find yourself, as an individual, or a business in a dire financial situation in which you are unable to pay your outstanding debts, Bankruptcy may be an answer to your financial woes. For information go to:




Remodel Your San Francisco Kitchen 

kitchen post logo

Have you been browsing through the latest home decorating magazines, contemplating making a change to your kitchen?  Has it been more than five years since you have made any major renovations to your home?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s probably time to take some action and turn your dreams into a reality.



State approved Christian Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certificate;

Completely Online.




The Association of Christian Alcohol & Drug Counselors was established as a 501C3 non-profit corporation in 2002 with the purpose of training and certifying Drug, Alcohol & Addictions Counselors in accordance with biblical Christian principles. To learn more click on the picture.

Has your business been slow lately?


If you haven’t been receiving the customer traffic you desire at your company, it might be time to kick up your marketing efforts.  One of the quickest and easiest ways to promote your business is by advertising, and what better way is there to advertise than through eye-catching signs




 Make money online


Making money online can be phenomenally easy for you. Mail postcards and make massive money, 100% Automated. I’m sponsoring business opportunities in marketing of Postcards/leads where you receive commission from the sales of your joint team members. For more information:





Egress Basement Escape Windows in Michigan.







We are specialists in the field of Egress Basement Escape Window Installations and Basement Remodeling in Michigan. Emergency Egress is a fully licensed and insured business.



A Method for Prayer- Free E-Book




‘A Method for Prayer’ -the 1710 edition is the Puritan writer Matthew Henry‘s world renowned Christian classic. It was created as a Bible companion and reference for daily devotions. It is newly professionally typeset in a classic prayer-book format with wide margins, and is printed on cream colored paper with sewn binding. With modernized spelling and all the cross references from Matthew Henry’s original.



Need a lawyer serving the downriver area in Michigan


Experience of the attorneys at Downriver Lawyer, Michigan allows them to walk you and your partner step-by-step through the drafting of the agreement and in answering all of the “what if” questions that life throws at us. One consultation with these family law experts will leave you rest assured that all future kinds have been ironed out.




Christian Life Coach


Smile, God Loves You. Let’s share Scriptural Answers and Uplifting Coaching for today’s stressful lifestyle. We have both a website and facebook group. Come join us




Capture Restoration company serving the downriver area in Michigan. 




If you and your family have experienced a fire or flood emergency recently, you are likely dealing with hazardous after effects such as mold and smoke damage.  When your home has been impacted by a major catastrophe, your primary goals are to get everyone out safely and salvage as many of your precious belongings as you can.  Often, the reality of situation in terms of what is left behind to clean up doesn’t hit until a day or two later.



Book Trailer

Downriver General Lawyer

Click on the picture to go to web site

Your personal injury lawyer in downriver Michigan 

The legal team at Downriver Lawyer specializes in investigating all facets of car accidents, including determining who is at fault and if negligence occurred.



Click on Picture to visit web site.

 FORTE 5 PREMIUM edition + over 750 traditional hymns! That’s right… we  put them all in one place for you.



Auto repair in SouthGate MI?

CaptureKeeping your car up to date on maintenance and repairs is not only a smart thing to do, it’s a loving thing to do.



Signs & Wraps

wrapYou may have noticed lately that many businesses have gotten creative when it comes to advertising.  Namely, there is a hot trend now in advertising – using vehicle “wraps” as a way to promote businesses.





Laura Hipshire – SEO Expert – Southeast Michigan / Downriver One’s reputation is only as good as their work, and Laura Hipshire has proven herself  in the industry.




flood sponsor page


Flooding is the #1 natural disaster in the world


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), flooding is the most common type of natural disaster worldwide, accounting for 40% of all natural disasters. Get help here:
Need Windows in Rochester, Michigan?Capture

We do egress windows in Rochester Michigan,




ARTWORK: ”Through Jesus I’m Saved”

Would you like the artwork?



donatebostonHere is my sponsor who needs help in helping others with the Boston project. The hope is that people will watch the film, be moved and want to share & get involved; even donate to the Victims funds. Anything you can do to help would be so appreciated.HELP MY SPONSOR HELP OTHERS! THANKS Watch the film here: 



 Do you need a handyman in Grosse Ile Michigan? Have water damage? Contact my blog below is the link.



Need auto repair in Southgate Michigan? Here is  great place to get your brake service in downriver Michigan.  We connect you to publishers and agents.



home-remodeling-downriver-1038x576   Here is a restoration company in Grosse ile Michigan, for fire, mold, water      damage. Here is the web site for more      information.




Superpakkumine nõudlikule kliendile: kontoritool Ergonomic.




Proverbs Animation Ministry is developing a 3D computer animated film of The book of Proverbs. We need your help to complete this mission, a contribution of any mount even as little as £1 will help greatly. Please Share this and help spread the word.
Thank you and God bless.


Have damage from the ice….. This Michigan Sponsor can help!
He is helping people in downriver Michigan with ice damage and restoration , 24 hours emergency service 734 619 7610


Original Christian content need your tweets and FB likes Folk

 Spiritual truths from the WORD of GOD revealed.



National Christian Revival Happening Now! Join United For Awakening!

 Save On Tapestries is the world’s largest online specialty retailer of high-end wall tapestries. 


Christian Links and Ministries


12 reign

New Christian Book ‘The Twelfth Imam: Rise of the Antichrist by James W. Parker  http// James’ book can be purchased at Westbow Press, or You can also request that your local bookstore carry it in stock. You can also have your church bookstore order it. It comes in hard cover, soft cover and e-book.


 kingdom mind

HOW TO BUILD “KINGDOM-MINDED” ORGANIZATIONS, author, speaker and accomplished HR consultant Mark A. Griffin gives Christian leaders encouragement in building values-led organizations during these difficult economic times. With over twenty years of experiences in the field of human resources (HR) at both Fortune 500 (Kodak, Quaker Oats, and Merck) and small and mid-sized companies, Mark has seen it all. You will enjoy reading Mark’s thoughts on how you might best build “Kingdom-Minded” organizations in today’s politically correct business world. Let Mark inspire you to be bold and brave in your faith, by ensuring Christ is in your workplace. For more information go to:

e70db833c90101d57497743a8c5506af11e12998-thumb         Think you’re “Rapture Ready?” Get your Free eBook, “The Pre-Trib Challenge” – surprising analysis of the most common arguments made in support of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church.

ChristianYouthBookFrontCover Christian Youth Be Inspired to Live for God. This book is aimed at helping young people find security, direction and protection through God. “Retention 101” is a Practical Guide for Keeping More People in your Church.


Christian Inspirational Articles

Christian inspirational articles designed to teach, encourage, and strengthen souls!

 Christian Bloggers

Sharing on how to walk in God kingdom power and presence.

 “Claiming God’s Best” Christian Blogging   Bible Commentary and Christian Living Bible Blog
A Bible Commentary and Christian Living Bible Blog 1334536_heart_burst_4 The Message is Love is a true celebration of Christian values.

A true night vision of what is to come forth...   Mentoring ministries   FaceBook

Calgary area Photographer Calgary area Photographer, Weddings/Events, Portraits, Commercial; Beautiful Coffee Table Devotional Book; Photo Restoration; Logo Design; Handmade Rustic Picture Frames.

doterra_banner_2    dōTERRA (CPTG) Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils represent the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today. They are gently and skillfully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize dōTERRA’s superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective therapeutic-grade essential oils.


If you need help in your Marriage. I have talked with this lady  and she has a heart for the hurting and a love for people to succeed in their marriage.

Help with being abused or abuser

If you need Help with Abuse This lady has been though abuse herself and has even lead her abuser to the Lord.

God does help- This site says:  Write your own prayer and send it to God on this site.

Financial Prosperity God’s Way

This website is great if you want to walk in Gods OVERFLOW, & ABUNDANCE This Websites provides products and information in the financial realm to transform your life through God’s living Word. Learn how to walk in financial prosperity God’s way through understanding the tithe; how to sow a financial seed to produce an exact harvest every single time. Sonya is the author of “Business By The Bible” and “Seeds of Prosperity”. Her desire is to see the body of Christ become manifestors of the Kingdom of God,  in order to draw the unsaved to the Father.


Bibles, books, cds and dvds at:   Creative, animated greeting cards for Christians. Many free cards.  Christian gifts facebookbanner2 Shop our large selection of Christian gifts with Unique Christian designs. We carry everything from book markers to bible organizers. Also several home décor items to express your faith.   

Motivational & Inspirational Allow these amazing motivational and inspirational bible verses to uplift you and brighten your day. .Resources for ministries, tracts, teaching, books- available for FREE  This Christian site offers an extensive collection of high quality Christian resources, that have been carefully selected and edited by Adam Woeger, to help as many people as possible have a true relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The website freely distributes many Christian files each day, to bless individuals around the world with The Gospel Of Jesus Christ and free Christian resources. We accept no advertising. Adam runs this site as a personal outreach: “To Deliver Hope to a Lost and Dying World.” You can help by praying for Adam Woeger Document Your Church History

There are nearly 500,000 churches in the U.S., and virtually all could benefit from having their history documented.

This book provides step-by-step details for researching, writing and marketing a local church history. Ideal for church volunteers or professional writers.

House Churches –  Join with a movement of house Churches gathering under the Headship of Jesus Christ. BIBLE WEB SITE  Welcome to the King James Bible Online, including the ‘Authorized Version’ of the King James Bible (Pure Cambridge edition) and the original 1611 King James Bible.  View Bible Trivia Questions, see Today’s Bible Comments, or Add the Bible to your Blog/Website.

 Christian Community- Social Networking

Description: Followers of Yeshua is a new Christian  Community:

Christian Business opportunity!

Christian you are invited to join the World’s Largest Christian Business opportunity!  Christian Biz Opp,  at:   Home Based Business The most phenomenal home-based Christian business opportunity in existence!

Christian Music Publicize your christian single , christian album /music to over 290,000 and growing christian fans on a christian themed facebook page.Strictly Gospel related and christian content only !!! A GREAT Opportunity to connect with Christians from all over the world and advertise. Gospel Artists can advertise their music,website or profiles. Churches can advertise their programmes and events. Christian Writers can advertise their books and articles etc. Directly market and feature to over 290,000 christians worldwide.


Christian Country Radio Station “Inspirational Country Radio Network”

KIDS EASTER SONG Here is a  great kid’s Easter song it is available for purchase on itunes or click on the link .   Christian Music Videos Watch Christian Music videos, inspiring and uplifting Christian messages 24/7 at

Book Trailer
Watch the Book Trailer Below

For more information on this trailer:


“Shine! Share your faith with simple magic tricks that illustrate with impact.” ************************************************************************************************

 PRE-TEENS AND TEENS That want to walk in Gods power!

 Inspiring Website for pre-teens, Teens, adults!       Encouraging Devotional/Journal

CHRISTIAN GIFTS- Mothers Day Gift Ideas Unique Christian Gifts for Mom! Other great spiritual gifts and home decor.

Free Personal Prophecy Newsletter & 40+ Prophetic mp3’s


Christian Book Trailers

Bible Overview – Bible Summary & Minor Prophets Outline

 Paying  Business Sponsor

 Business link- These links are NOT necessarily Christian Subjects  How would you like to get cash back on EVERY purchase you make in your everyday life? NO !!! I DON’T TRY TO SELL YOU HERE ANYTHING I JUST GIVING YOU OPPORTUNITY SAVE MONEY AND EVEN MAKE MONEY ON YOUR OWN AND YOUR FRIENDS DAILY SHOPPING.ACTUALLY HERE IS EVERYTHING FREE !!! • No Annual Fee • No Setup Fee • No Any Fee

tshirt todays blog post tshirt todays blog post

MiA Body & Bath- Also a Business opportunity

MiA Bath & Body is a new in-home party company that lets you mix and match 115 different scents to create your very own custom scented bath and body products. It’s also a ground floor business opportunity for people looking for a fun way to earn extra money and still have a flexible schedule.    

A Trusted Real Estate Adviser  A Trusted Real Estate Adviser Working Hard to Keep you Informed and Protecting Your Interests Carefully Helping People Selling and Buying Homes. Are you curious about the Real Estate activity in your area? Did you know your home may be worth more than you think? Have you considered making a move? Need to re-locate? Where do you Start? I Will Help With Your Entire ‘Get Ready For the Market’ Process! More than just a complementary Home Evaluation. For a professional and confidential market evaluation of your home or if you wish to learn more about my marketing techniques,  Moving People in the Right Direction! I am just a phone call away. And if you have a friend or neighbour who also has questions, ID be happy to help them get the answers they need too. Benefits for Sellers: Free Home Evaluation, Free Staging, Free Cleaning Service, Free One Year Home Warranty Benefits for Buyers: Save on Lawyers Fees, Save on Moving cost, Save on Furnishing and Appliances, Save on One Year Home Warranty All the Best, Antoaneta,

Here is a challenge to all Christians

Christians, prove us wrong and walk away with $25.000. ***********************************************************************************

********** sm-WELL101747Help build wells…With each purchase from this link  “Meet Me At The Well” Charm I  show/help others to build Wells or support other causes from the charms listed on my site.

12Meet the atheist who admits he needs God.



For 800 years Genghis Khan’s treasure been sought. Learn more.


Matchmaking agency in London Elan.London is an upmarket introductions matchmaking agency in London, UK.


thinkingNEW BOOK   Very good read especially for fresh graduates and corporate newcomers!


DO YOU NEED INSURANCE?? DO YOU NEED INSURANCE??  Allstate Insurance Agency in New York State. For twitter is:@NYStatewide  FB:



Cybersp@ce-The novel is a mind-blowing, sci-fi espionage story. By Jeff Horton’s

Book Trailer for OMG, A CUL8R Time Travel Mystery

Four teenagers travel back in time to save a life and solve a mystery. They must decide when faced with the dilemma of whether or not to right a wrong or to let history stand.

Go here for more information about this book series   Book Title: Talisman Of El Author: Alecia Stone

**************************************************************************************************************** Book Trailers by Elizabeth Bailey

The Conqueror’s Dilemma Mademoiselle at Arms by Elizabeth Bailey


**** A Georgian traditional romance by Elizabeth Bailey,


Make your own slide show at Animoto. Try our slideshow maker at Animoto. ****************************************************************************************

MOVIES – Your #1 source for Movies & TV Shows

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

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