Oct 08

Christian Author Do you Want to Publish Your Book? Get Free Check List



For more information go to http://robinbremer.net/authors-coachi… Your book does not need to be Christian Just family safe and not anti-Christian.
TEST- Are You really ready to publish your book?
 Congratulations on your book.
 Is your book finished?
 Do you have a written forward?
 Do you have acknowledge written out?
 Do you have any endorsements written out?
 Are your chapters titled?
 Do you have an index (list of chapters in order)
 Has your book been copy edited?
 Has your book been formatted?
 Do you know the Size of book
 Cream paper or White paper in the inside of book
 Size 12 regular print or Large print size font
 Title of book
 Subtitle of book
 How do you want the authors name to appear
 How do you want it to be listed (so readers will find it under the correct subject) don’t be afraid to put it in a slightly related field.
 Have you written the Back of Book
 About the Author
 Do you have a digital photo of your face of high quality?
 Front cover
 Price of your print book and e book


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