Jun 27

Change Your Life with Words- You Have the Tree of Life in YOU!


1268991_43521989 John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, … the Word was God…All things were made through Him (WORD), and without Him (THE WORD) nothing was made that was made. The Scripture above shows that the Spirit realm which  you cannot see, hear, feel, taste, or  touch created the physical realm. It says that nothing was created without words spoken. If God created the world by speaking words and we are God’s children created in his image, we create our world with speaking words. The Scriptures even say that our tongue is a tree of life. Is your mouth a tree of life or does it speak and agree with the thought  of the devil. Thoughts in our head create pictures, the pictures  causes us to speak the words out loud and the Holy Spirit bring whatever we say to pass (as long as they agree with the word). This is the way God created the earth by speaking words. This is also the way in the kingdom that we take what has been given to us through the blood of Jesus. We have to agree with what God says in order to receive what He has already given us. If you want to change your world there is only one way to do it. First you must change the thoughts in your head to think on what God said he has already done for you. This is called renewing your mind and when your mind is renewed you can prove that God wants you to live like heaven on earth. Once you renew your mind, you begin saying what God says. Remember Jesus said,” I only do what I see my father do”and “I only say what my Father’s says”. That should be our goal. Look at the Scriptures below and notice how important your tongue is in creating your world. You can change your world by changing your words.

Pr 15:8 my wholesome tongue it is a tree of life.

I am satisfied with GOOD by the FRUIT of my MOUTH. Pr 14:15

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