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Feb 16

Word Seeds- Change your life Radio interview

Feb 12

Radio Show Supernatural Christian- Who am I Why am I here? Body, Spirit, Soul

My New Radio Show, “Supernatural Christian” Please share with your friends, and join in the conversation… We are talking about spirit, soul and body. Watch the show weekly here.

Nov 21

The Power of the Sound of Your Words

The power of sound and words can change your world! This first video is of me doing the rice experiment by speaking words over 3 different bowls of rice and the results!! It will change your life!              NEW Web site for Ribbons The Clown- Robin is working toward …

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Aug 11

The Rice Experiment with a Twist -Physical Demo of the Power of Words on Physical Objects.

This video will be life changing……The rice experiment with a twist is physical demonstrations on the power of words on physical objects. Newest Book- Are you a want-to-be author? This book will take you step by step to self-publish.                    

Aug 02

What You Eat is KILLING YOU- Your Spirit Needs Life

FREE BOOK Aug 3-through Aug 7 “Take Me Deeper  Lord” Bible Study

Jun 27

Change Your Life with Words- You Have the Tree of Life in YOU!

John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, … the Word was God…All things were made through Him (WORD), and without Him (THE WORD) nothing was made that was made. The Scripture above shows that the Spirit realm which  you cannot see, hear, feel, taste, or  touch created the physical realm. It says that nothing …

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May 24

Take Control of Destroying Weather NOW

YOU have the power to take control of the weather. If the weather is destroying you job is to command it to stop. God gave the planet to His kids and said, “Take authority, dominion and subdue”. We are the people who prevent mishaps  and change lives. Listen to today’s blog to build your faith …

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Apr 11

Use Your Words Change Your Life

Jan 09

What Came First the Seed or the Tree?

    What came first the tree or the seed? I say the tree because God set the tree in the garden and said it had it’s own seed in it. WORDS, are you using your words to create your future? Are you sabotaging yourself with wrong words? Words are alive and they create pictures …

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Dec 20

What is Around you will Surround you- You Are Sowing

What is Around you will Surround you- You Are Sowing. What are you sowing? The things you listen to, watch  and have around you will bring life or death into your house. The Bible says we reap what we sow, so look around you. Do you like what you see? hear? The things you have …

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Dec 16

Words- They Create Physical Reality

Words they create life or death, fear or passion. Words create our world. Check out Monday at 7 pm central LIVE video on the Words of our life.

Dec 07

CHECK LIST -To Grow Your Faith & Win in EVERY Situation by Robin Bremer

Check off the things on this list that you are doing. Use this list to change your future. Are you using your, mouth, ears and eyes to build your faith and change your circumstances? You can start to change by using this handy check list. Download this file and share. Check box it to see …

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Nov 27

4 Quick Steps to Changing Your Future

If you have any situation or circumstances in your life that you do not like you need to talk to them. God told us to speak to the mountain. He did not tell it to whine and complain. But he told us to speak directly to the mountain and speak the desired result. The phyical …

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Nov 18

FREE Christmas Gift to YOU! Bible Study- Walk in the Supernatural Things of God

  MERRY CHRISTMAS here is today’s (only Today) 11/18/13 FREE GIFT to you My Bible Study. PLEASE SHARE IT WITH your friends and GROUPS and PAGES! I want to sow seeds and bless you. Here are the subjects in this study.(This book is for sale at if you are reading this post after this …

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Oct 23

Confess Who You Are & Grow in Faith

Robin Bremer Ministries Today’s Blog- Confess Who You Are & Grow in Faith   GET Ready for the Holidays START your ACE lose weight with this awesome NATURAL pill, GAIN energy! No exercises No changing eating habits. E-mail for YOUR FREE SAMPLE    

Oct 21

Confess THIS Scripture to walk in God’s Supernatural Power!

Aug 06

Are You Speaking Normal Words or Supernatural Words?

WORDS! The sound that comes out of your mouth creates the world you live in! What kind of words are you speaking and allowing to be spoken over you? You are a  king and you need to decree what God says about your situation. You have been given power to change anything. Listen to today’s …

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Jul 01

Do you Have New Tongues or do You Speak With a Defiled Tongue?

In the book of James the tongue is called a defiled tongue unruly and untamed. But Jesus said one of the signs that would follow a believer is NEW TONGUES. Do you have new tongues or do you bring sorrow and pain on yourself by a defiled tongue? Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode …

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May 28

What are “Works & Fruit”?

    Listen to the confidants of Jesus. Whatever He says the Fathers DOES. He says Holy Spirit does! Are your words the same as Jesus words? If you say what Jesus says Holy Spirit will do it. If you speak words that God can not do then the devil will do it just like …

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Apr 30

What you see, hear or THINK, Will Come Back to You – Is THAT WHAT you Want?

Recently the Lord has shown me areas of  my life that has allowed fear and others things to prevent me from walking in the place He created me to walk in. He showed me that I open the door with the videos  I watch, or by someone in my past who spoke words over me. …

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