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Aug 09

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Oct 29

Just Believe and do Miracles

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Aug 11

The Rice Experiment with a Twist -Physical Demo of the Power of Words on Physical Objects.

This video will be life changing……The rice experiment with a twist is physical demonstrations on the power of words on physical objects. Newest Book- Are you a want-to-be author? This book will take you step by step to self-publish.                    

Jul 22

What is the GLORY?

When you hear someone talk about the glory of God do you often think, “WHAT is the glory”? Today I share what the Bible says about the glory.  YOU have the glory in you, you reflect the glory!   Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right click and save)

Jul 08

Seeking Signs is it Wrong? Here is What God Says About it

John 7:47 (Jesus) worked many signs and if we let him alone everyone will follow him. Signs and wonders are a sign of being son of God. Is it wrong to follow signs? Some people think that anyone who goes to a convention or event that is know for its signs and wonders that they are …

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Jun 20

Being Ashamed of Tongues is to be Ashamed of the Holy Spirit!

  IS 59:21 THIS IS MY COVENANT-MY SPIRIT who is upon you (NOW in us) and MY WORDS which I have put in your MOUTH.. Up until this moment I used to think that the above scripture meant that whatever words Jesus spoke were the words that were to be in our mouth.For example, “By …

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Apr 26


When Christian hear the word “New Age or Occult” they know that it is something that they should not mess with but all too often they conclude that everything supernatural  is of the Occult or New Age. The truth is that the SUPERNATURAL is the NEW life of a Christian. The Holy Spirit is the …

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Apr 22

My Supernatural Encounter with GOD! It can be for YOU TOO!

Hello  my friends, subscribers and followers! Today I want to share with you a SUPERNATURAL encounter with the Holy Spirit I had this weekend! Watch this video and then watch the next one as I explain what a “fire tunnel” is all about. FIRE TUNNEL I pray peace on you and that you  may enjoy …

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Mar 16

My Dear Friends, Why I do What I do- My Vision For You

Friends, This video is to show you where I came from as far as my beliefs go and how I got to where I am today. I also wanted to share my heart and vision that I have for you. Please leave comments and share with your friends. God died for the sinners which we …

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Mar 13

You’re Salt SO Make People Thirsty For The SUPERNATURAL Holy Spirit

You’re Salt-Make People Thirsty The Holy Spirit is referred to as water in the Word and you as a Christian are salt. I believe the reason you are salt is to make the world thirsty for what you have… THE HOLY SPIRIT! I find it very sad when people think that the Holy Spirit was …

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Mar 05

Signs, Wonders & Miracle Satans Lies? OR God’s Supernatural?

Have you ever saw a really uncomfortable thing happen in church and wondered if it could be God? Laughter is thought of as normal in our world yet people find it wrong when we laugh in church. Laughter is one of the gifts of God and should flow freely in our church and lives. Often …

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Jan 29

Grow Legs Supernaturally Without Surgery, Use The Name of Jesus

Jesus did these things while He was on the earth.WE are now HIS BODY on earth. We can now do these things because His Spirit live in us. Now let’s look at the Holy Spirit and ALL the jobs He does IN YOU. Here I am as Jesus’ body growing out legs to heal a back …

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Dec 08

Experiences in the Supernatural Things of God Part 2

Here is part 2 in sharing my experiences in the SUPERNATURAL things of God. Leah For about half a year, I kept having dreams that my husband was cheating on me. These dreams would be about life in general, but always end up with my husband cheating on me. I was being tormented in these …

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Dec 07

Experiences in the Supernatural Things of God! Part 1

The SUPERNATURAL belows to the Christian, the world has stolen it an perverted it. I am going to share today and tomorrow some experiences I have had in the supernatural in my relationship with a Supernatural God. Remember on Monday I will be sharing what Kat Kerr has to share about HER EXPERIENCES WITH ANGELS. Hundreds …

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Nov 24

Signs & Wonders Prove Jesus’ Resurrection

Signs Point to Jesus Resurrection John 4:48 Then Jesus said to him, “Unless you [people] see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe.” To BELIEVE: to think to be true, to be persuaded of, to credit, place confidence in a) of the thing believed 1) to credit, have confidence b) in a moral …

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Nov 16

Religious Deception in End Time, How Not to be Deceived – SERMON

Are you afraid of being deceived in end times? Are you afraid that you might be deceived with Signs & Wonders? It seems as though many people are afraid of being deceived in these end times. Today I share a short 15 min sermon on how not to be decieved in end times. Get out your …

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Nov 03

Video of Me Growing Out Legs-Signs, Wonders and Miracles Today!

Are the times of miracles past? Can a Christian heal the sick today? Is is possible for Christians to raise the dead?  WATCH AS I GROW OUT LEGS- God’s power in us ! Miracles everyday. YOU can expect to see and do miracles. Watch this next video as I share with you  miracles today.   Here is a …

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