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Feb 14

Accused of being a False Prophet? Defending Your Faith?

Accused of being a False Prophet? Defending Your Faith? Here is how to react!  

Nov 26

WHY GOD WHY Did This Bad Thing Happen to me?

Many times I am asked “WHY” do bad things happen or if God is so good why did He do ___or why did ___happen? People fight to try to prove to me that God is BAD! So today I did a “Google Hangout Live video” on answering that question. I want to invite you to …

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Nov 24

If God is Good Why Are There Accidents,Diseases & Children Starving to Death?

If God is Good Why Is There Accidents,Disease & Children Starving to Death? Many people ask me that same question in fact they want to argue with me. People tell me they are not a Christian because they say a good God would not do all the horrible things they THINK that God is doing. I have good news for …

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Oct 26

WHAT Does it mean to be CONTENT With What we Have?

Whatever state I’m in to be content. (Phil 4:11) Content (the Greek word): Strong Number #842 says it is Autarkies. In the Greek, it means sufficient in oneself, adequate, needing no assistance, therefore content. . As you can see, it means totally the opposite of what we have come to see it as meaning in today’s language. It …

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Jun 08

The Christian God Seems to Be Dead!

God seems to be dead. The world is in a mess. There are massive amounts of destroying weather, hate crimes, and Christians are as powerless as people of the world. God seems to be dead!! How do you know He is alive? Now don’t tell me, “Because I know He lives in me”. The world …

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May 22

Moore Prayer and Teaching on How to Prevent, Change or Overcome ALL Things Even Tornados!!

Today I want to share with you an AWESOME prayer and teaching on how to take authority over natural weather that kills, steals and destroys. I think this teaching covers it better than I could. This is Pastor George and Terri Pearsons My old  Pastors for 5 years.  

Apr 13

My SUPERNATURAL Experience -Demons & Sickness

My response to all sickness and disease of any kind is, “No!”. I know that my Father God has send Jesus to the cross to carry ALL my sins and the result of that sin(sickness, disease, death, poverty and fear) on the cross. Over 2,000 years ago before I was born or committed one sin …

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Apr 06

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People by Robin Bremer Part 2

Here is a short review of yesterdays post. If God gave us dominion over all the earth,  what happened?  We have to go back to the garden to see the change of dominion.  In Genesis 3, the devil deceived Adam and Eve into giving their God-given authority to the devil. He became ruler of the …

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Apr 05

WHY Do Bad Thngs Happen To Good People? by Robin Bremer Part 1

The First thing you should know is, God loves you and wants you well, body, finances, family and all that is yours.  He paid the price so you could become His child and be victorious.  God doesn’t do bad things to people. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).  God is a …

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