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Aug 15

My Secret on How to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Did you ever have one of those night and days when everything goes wrong and you have the opportunity to get stressed out? Do you want to know what I discovered that changed my life? I just had one of those days and nights! I have learned a lesson that has changed my reaction to stressful …

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Feb 14

Accused of being a False Prophet? Defending Your Faith?

Accused of being a False Prophet? Defending Your Faith? Here is how to react!  

Nov 26

WHY GOD WHY Did This Bad Thing Happen to me?

Many times I am asked “WHY” do bad things happen or if God is so good why did He do ___or why did ___happen? People fight to try to prove to me that God is BAD! So today I did a “Google Hangout Live video” on answering that question. I want to invite you to …

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Oct 08

“And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil”

Our Daddy God’s heart is to not only protect us but to delegate authority to us. And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil: Temptation-Strongs #3986 gives us the Greek meaning for this word: Temptation –adversity, enticement, tempt, trial, test Look at this next scripture and what it says. Let no man say …

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Oct 01

Is God Judging America? Is That What All The Bad Stuff Happening Comes From?

IS God Judging America or any other country ? by Robin Bremer   If you think that America is about to be judged than think again….What makes YOU think that your city will be exempt? Do you think that you have not sinned last night or today and you are exempt? Well  the TRUE GOOD …

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How to Get OUT of Fear and Into Faith In-Spite of End Time Events!

Today I share about how to get out of fear and into faith in-spite of end time events!

Today I pray that you would walk in great faith and power and change your circumstances to agree with heaven.