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Communion The Power of the Blood to HEAL you NOW


SEX What sex is ok for a Christian?

Feb 14

Accused of being a False Prophet? Defending Your Faith?

Accused of being a False Prophet? Defending Your Faith? Here is how to react!  

Nov 18

Living in Your Inheritance

listen to ‘Take Your Inheritance’ on audioBoom

Nov 14

Walk in your Inheritance Today

listen to ‘Walk in your Inheritance Today’ on audioBoom

Nov 05

Praying to Win

listen to ‘Praying to Win’ on audioBoom

Oct 23

How to get out of Fear and get into Peace

listen to ‘how to get out of fear and get into peace’ on audioBoom

Sep 26

Prosper in Wealth by Grace

listen to ‘Prosper in Wealth by Grace’ on audioBoom

Sep 26

2 Ways to Get Peace

Sep 25

How to Abide in Him and Have Your Hearts Desire

listen to ‘how to abide in him and have your hearts desire’ on audioBoom

Sep 11

GRACE Your Supernatural Power- Radio Interview

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Sep 10

Use Flags & Banners to Bring God’s Power

And Moses built an altar and called its name, The-LORD-Is-My-Banner; Ex 17:15  The word Banner means -something lifted up, standard, signal, signal pole, ensign, banner, sign, sail. This fits right in with flags, banners, and ribbons. When I dance I see myself as raising a standard to praise and worship. God wants told me that, …

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Jun 17

Married Sex Power And Gifts From God & Laughter

  Today I want to share so awesome revelation on how SEX between husband and wife creates POWER. The 2nd half is about your gifts from God. This is from  one of my favorite teachers about Heaven Kat Kerr. FREE KINDLE BOOK EVERY DAY IN JUNE

Feb 24

How to Publish Your Book For Free

This video will take you through the steps on Amazon’s Creatspace to create a published book. If you are thinking of writing a book or have written one but have given up on the dream of publishing it this video will be a blessing. This video is only available for VIP Members who subscribe to …

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Feb 24

Lesson 3 – WORDS the Power of Life & Death

Lesson 3 – WORDS the Power of Life & Death 3 lesson words Lesson 1 – Joy, the Wine of Heaven Lesson 2 – Grace – Freedom From Guilt, Shame and Condemnation (Vol. 2) Lesson 3 – WORDS the Power of Life & Death Lesson 4 – The Power of PEACE – Nothing Broken Nothing …

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Feb 03

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE   Contact: Robin Bremer 918-926-0707 Rt2 Box 1936 Checotah, OK 74426   Strange Weather, Terrorist, Dangerous Foods & Strange Sickness And Danger Lurks All Around us, How Can Anyone Have Peace? Finding and Keeping peace in today’s times seems to be an unreachable goal for most people.  Robin Bremer trains people how to have …

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Jan 29

God Really Does WANTS You Rich

People often think that they  have to GIVE away their services, ministry and business but that is not always true. You are worth DOUBLE honor, double pay. Learn how to believe about wealth and stop feeling guilty for changing you customers in your business or ministry for your services. Remember to always offer excellence as …

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Jan 20

Special Calender & Pictures of Heavenly Angels -Downloadable

2014 Calender Take God Out of Your BOX! Experience the Supernatural Power, Presence & Love of The FATHER! God once told me it you want to make someone hungry you have to eat in front of them. Because I want to make you hungry for a supernatural relationship with the Holy Spirit  I am sharing …

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Dec 23



Dec 17

Tom Leding TV with Guest Author Robin Bremer

Tom Leding Show with Guest Robin Bremer Sorry about the little echo, I could not figure out how to record the studio dvd that Tom sent me. This is the book from the show. [shoplocket id=90FZR w=300 h=550] This is the companion Bible Study. [shoplocket id=tUMx8 w=300 h=550]

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