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Apr 22

Guest Post- Drawing Strength from the Psalm of David (Psalm 23)

The psalm of David or psalm 23 (The Lord is My Shepherd) is perhaps one of the most recognizable passages from the Bible, widely quoted and recited both in times of darkest need and overwhelming gratitude. It has been a source of comfort for countless dying souls and a well of courage for those preparing …

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Mar 31

Guest Post – Why Do We Fast at Lent? by Naren

Why Do We Fast at Lent?   Lent is the period of forty days observed by Christians across the globe during Easter. It is a season of reflection, repentance, and self-denial. It is the latter – self-denial- that both Christians and non-Christians alike associate with Lent. It is common to hear individuals talk about what …

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Mar 22

God Wants You to Prosper in EVERYDAY Life!

The Gospel is Good News to the Poor I find it fascinating that the “Prosperity Gospel” is one of the biggest things people get angry over. The mentality over this is simply SILLY! Why would anyone think that God is poor or that He wants His kids poor? If they just looked at themselves working …

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Feb 21

Ron Smith – Guest Post- Author of “The Presence” Free Kindle Today

Take a sneak peek into this FREE KINDLE BOOK The Presence   It’s about time I wrote this. I have so much to share. I feel like I have enough material to fill several books! This is a story about a life that was protected by the Almighty, although most of the time not realized. …

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Jan 27

Just a bit of fun….. Fun TRUMP Video

I loved this cute video and wanted to share it will all my friends and followers.   FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK LIVE AND LEARN ALL ABOUT THE SUPERNATURAL

Jan 24

MORE ANGELS! “Seeing Angels in the Sky” Book 2

  “Seeing Angels in the Sky, Commanding Your Angels”  Book 2, is one of the hottest books of the New Year! There is no other like it! It contains pictures of the angels hidden in the sky along with directions on how to command them in your life, community and the world. Your angels are …

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Dec 01

Have you ever Wondered the Difference Between the Holy Spirit And Angels?

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Oct 25

“Wild Man” Hicks was partying with Robin Williams & others and living in the fast lane… Listen

My friend Philip “Wild Man” Hicks was living in the fast lane – reporting sports, eating fire and partying with the likes of Jimmy Buffet, Hunter S. Thompson, and Robin Williams.  All of this was to come screeching to a sudden halt, though, with a burglary gone wrong and a Mafia hit man at the …

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Oct 16

Hillary… Attack Russia…. Cyber war….. Ridged election?? Oh My

News is that Hillary plans on attacking Russia IF they do a cyber attack on us. Watch this video. I went to look up what is a cyber attack and this article came up!   We need to be binding the  spirit of hatred and false witness and murder. We need to release a spirit …

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Aug 15

My Secret on How to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Did you ever have one of those night and days when everything goes wrong and you have the opportunity to get stressed out? Do you want to know what I discovered that changed my life? I just had one of those days and nights! I have learned a lesson that has changed my reaction to stressful …

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Aug 01

A Remnant- Guest Post by Author Donna Wittlif

A Remnant “Except the Lord of Sabaoth had left us a seed, we had become as Sodom and had been made like unto Gomorrah” (Romans 9:27). During the last four months, I have connected with over 6,000 Twitter users, people from all over the world. I blocked many caught up in Satanic worship and others …

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Jul 21

One of the Pillars of Heaven is JOY

The kingdom of God is joy ! The Kingdom is  made up of 3 pillars, joy, peace and righteousness. Today we are gonna talk about joy. As Christians, we are the flesh on earth today carrying the presence of God. We must to learn how to get into God’s presence and leak Him out to others. …

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Jun 13

A List of Signs, Wonders & Miracles Today and in My Life

This is a list of miracles Today   Anything that was ever done before, we can have faith for it to be done for us.     Signs and Wonders and Miracles today: Here are some of the supernatural things God is doing in the world today:   Supernatural weight loss, Filled teeth with gold, Supernatural …

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Author’s are you having a hard time? Here are some Awesome Hints





Are you an author and having a hard time getting started? Here are some helpful hint, ideas and strategies to help you write your book.



If you have any question about the writing and publishing process post them below and I will try to answer them for you. Share this with any friends you have that might benefit from it.




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Jun 02

10 Reasons to Have Peace

  10 Reason why you can have peace even in the mist of the storm. Look below for your free information on how to have peace. God’s will is for you to live on earth, as you will in heaven. God wants you to have peace in every area of your life. Let me take …

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May 26

Christian Prayer: Conversing with God- GUEST POST

Christian Prayer: Conversing with God Prayer is how we grow in our knowing of who God is and what He wants from us. Relationships are built upon interaction. If we cannot spend time with someone, then growing close to that person becomes difficult. Christian prayer is that spending time with God so that we can …

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May 26

Demystify the Lies About God’s SOVEREIGNTY and Your Authority

Demystify the Lies About God’s SOVEREIGNTY and Your Authority TRUTH: God made the earth and gave it to man. He said rule, subdue and have authority over ALL the earth. God has made known His will. Sickness, poverity, fear, lack, and death are an enemy and we have authority over all the power of the …

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May 23

God created you to Have FUN and Enjoy Life

  Enjoy Life Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the effect laughter on the body. Laughter is great for blood pressure. It will make you look younger, improve your stamina, help you sleep, and strengthen the immune system. Having a sense of humor can add years to your life. It helps in creativity, productivity and motivation. …

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Mar 23

Give food to food pantry using technolofy- Guest Post

We live in a connected world where smart phones and tablets allow us to be in near constant and instantaneous communication with each other. A large majority of the population in the United States and in other developed countries have access to this technology, and those devices have become such a big part of our …

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Sep 02

Revelation on Heaven and the Kingdom of God by Kat Kerr.

Life changing revelation on Heaven and the Kingdom of God by Kat Kerr.

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