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Apr 30

Faith Community Sunday School Class- Who You Are in Christ

Today’s Message is from my favorite Sunday School Teacher. Today Steve teaches about Righteousness and it will change your life. This is a link to the church I go to, Faith Community Church in Whitefield (Stigler) OK. You can hear the metro timer behind the recording my husband who runs the web site and recorded …

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Nov 23

Christ is The END of The LAW by Robin Bremer

Listen to what the LAW did to people that were under it. This list shows you why we are no longer under the law. BRINGS ABOUT WRATH-the law brings about wrath; for where there is no law there is no transgression  Rom 4:15 MAKES THE WORLD GUILTY-Rom 3:19  Now we know that whatever the law …

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Oct 20

Why the DEVIL loves the 10 Commandments

The 10 commandments are called, the ministry of death, written [and] engraved on stones, (they are the only law written on stone) (2 Co 3:7). But while we were still sinners He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all sins, having wiped out the handwriting of requirements (law written on stone) that …

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Oct 18

Why You Are NOW Led by the Holy Spirit NOT by OBEYING THE LAW by Robin Bremer

The LAW (10 Commandments), is the ministry of Condemnation, & DEATH. It  puts us in bondage and puts shame, guilt and wicked consciousness on us.Where as the NEW Covenant tells us to be instead LED by the HOLY SPIRIT who gives life THOUGH FAITH! The law will tell you not to commit adultery but the …

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Oct 12

Grace- NOT The 10 Commandments AND Grace, NO MORE 10 Commandments!

WARNING THIS POST WILL MAKE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE MAD…. To many churches are preaching grace and the law and confusing people. It is Grace NOT Grace & The 10 Commandments sets you Free to Walk in Power.Either Jesus WAS the PERFECT sacrifice or He was not and we have to add our works to stay saved. Either …

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Oct 10

How to get rid of an EVIL sin Consciousness & Walk in Peace & Power by Robin Bremer

Our covenant takes care of our evil consciousness of sins. same sacrifices, which they offer continually year by year, make those who approach perfect. For then would they not have ceased to be offered? For the worshipers, once purified, would have had no more consciousness of sins. Hbr 10:2 PERFECT= would have had no more …

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Oct 07

The Perfect Sacrifice Set You Free From the law

The Perfect Sacrifice Set You Free from  the law so you could be led by the Spirit instead of tutored by the law! JESUS is the perfect sacrifice     A Sacrifice  had to be without spot or blemish      LAW-Deu 17:1 “You shall not sacrifice to the LORD your God a bull or sheep …

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Oct 05

Your Death IN Christ set you free from the LAW part 2

You are dead in Christ and that death makes you free from the law (10 commandments) instead you are led by the Spirit and not the law! Rom 7:1 Or do you not know, brethren (for I speak to those who know the law), that the law has dominion over a man as long as …

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Oct 04

YOU are Dead to the LAW Part 1 by Robin Bremer

Christianity is about family and a relationship NOT RULES Now take off your religious glasses and listen to what the WORD says about you being DEAD to the LAW! This is only part 1 on a series on being set free from the law.  1.            You Are DEAD to the LAW! …

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Sep 10

Tithing Old Law? Invest in Your Future and Partner With God. Part 1

Today is part one on TITHING and investing in your future. Listen to part 2 tomorrow. Tithing is an awesome opportunity to invest into your future. Podcast Powered By Podbean Listen to this episode

Jul 29

Be Lead by the Holy Spirit & be Free From The Law by Robin Bremer

When you get saved you become a SON of GOD! You are no longer under the law but are now part of the FAMILY. Being part of the family should change your thinking and how your behave. You no longer are separated from God by your old sin nature, you now are righteous through Jesus’ …

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Jul 18

Our Law is the Obedience to FAITH & The Law of Faith!

Without faith it is impossible to please God. God does not want us focused on the law and what we must do, but He wants us to focus on Him. Our law is the obedience to faith and the law of faith. Our Obedience to faith and law of faith God loves you and want …

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Jul 10

The Sacrifice of the Lamb is Your Grace & Freedom From the Law

Today I share an post that will set you free! It is awesome on the sacrifice of the lamb. Make sure to read the post below from my friend Cayce. Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right click and save) Here are some awesome revelation on Grace and the Law. I hope it sets …

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Jun 11

JUDGMENT or DECEPTION… The Truth About Ananias & Sapphira by Cayce Talbott

My friend Cayce Talbott has written a awesome post I would like to share with you today. Often it is taught in the chruch that Ananias and Sapphira were Christian that were struck down because they lied to the Holy  Spirit. If that were true every time we lied to God we would be struck …

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May 24

You Are The Kingdom LAW! The Devil is an Outlaw, Enforce Justice !

When we command JUSTICE we are telling demonic forces to release everything the blood of Jesus paid for us to have. These things are health, healing, wealth, the Holy Spirit, fellowship, visiting heaven, gaining wisdom, victory over death, and much much more. The word of God is settled in heaven now it is our job …

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May 19


The apostle Paul tells us that in the later days before Jesus returns that some believers will depart from the truth of God’s Word and adopt false doctrines that were given to them by demons, allowing themselves to be seduced by lies that will lead them away from the truth and away from the Faith …

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May 16

Christian Living-God’s Words & Holy Spirit NOT Sin & Law

Hi Friends, Today I share a video that will set you free from old ways of thinking about the Bible. We have a NEW Covenant, that means we do not follow the OLD law that was for the Jews.   God lives inside of us, guiding and directing us. He forgives all our sins on …

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May 12

3 Secrets to Easy Prayer & A LIST of What to Pray in Our NEW COVENANT

Many people do not know how to pray, or what to pray. Here are some guideline on how to pray in a way that will get you answer. 1. AGREE- agree with what God says in the word about the situation. Matt 18:19″Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth …

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May 01

THE BEARD OF AUTHORITY … Your Authority in Christ

Please welcome this awesome post by my guest Brother Cayce Talbott We can see all through scripture that everything Jesus went through during His last twelve hours that led up to His death on the cross has some sort of symbolic meaning for the benefit of the believer. We know that the stripes on His …

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Mar 28

Unlock Hidden Anger & Prosper

Unlock Hidden Anger & Prosper Do you feel hopeless? Do you wonder why you keep feeling this way over and over? Are you in a pattern that is destroying you but don’t know how you got here or why? As you grow in you knowledge of the goodness of God  you will discover deep rooted …

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