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Jan 17

Seek the Kingdom of Heaven the SUPERNATURAL

As a Christian it is normal to seek the supernatural things of God. Our life should be filled with supernatural encounters! This video is from about 5 years ago and I share how and why we are to seek the things of Heaven.

Oct 29

Just Believe and do Miracles

listen to ‘just believe and do miracles’ on audioBoom

Aug 08

The Spirit of Truth Signs=Health & The Spirit of Lies Signs=Sickness

Satan is called the father of lies and the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of TRUTH. Each of them witness or have signs and proof of what they say to you. Think about it the devil lies and tries to get you to believe his lies with signs, false signs. His signs are  pains …

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May 26

Raising the Dead, Angels, Supernatural Wine, & Other Normal Christian Experiences Being Led by the Holy Spirit By Robin E. Bremer

  This is my latest book released and it is a TODAY book. Today the body of Christ NEEDS to be walking in the supernatural, be living in the supernatural and operating in the supernatural! We need to know that the supernatural is natural to the Christian. The Supernatural BELONGS to the Christian! This book …

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Dec 05

Do you Speak the Languages of Heaven? Bonus of 3 hour Playlist on TONGUES & HOLY SPIRIT

Speaking the Language of the Holy Spirit does not just mean speaking in tongues but it also means, visions, dreams, prophesy,signs, wonders and miracles.All these things were done because the Holy Spirit lives in us, He is the kingdom of God, the government of Heaven to bring Gods will on earth like it is in …

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Nov 20

Needing The Helper, Are you Using Him?

This is the purpose of the Holy Spirit in YOU! John 14:16 1. Comforter 2. Counselor 3. Helper- What are you not using the Holy Spirit to help you? Find something lost, power, prosperity, health, seeds to sow? 4. Intercessor (1 Cor 14:22) praying in the spirit (tongues) 5. Advocate 6. Strengthener 7. Standby 8. …

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How to Get OUT of Fear and Into Faith In-Spite of End Time Events!

Today I share about how to get out of fear and into faith in-spite of end time events!

Today I pray that you would walk in great faith and power and change your circumstances to agree with heaven.

Aug 31

TONGUES Co-Partners With The Government

TONGUES your power to change the world. Tongues is you partnering with the government, the kingdom of God. You are the Military Tank that carries the weapon to enforce the rule of God on earth. You are to speak God’s words and God’s orders and things should obey you. By spending time praying in tongues (or called, …

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Aug 05

TONGUES the Holy Spirit In YOU- Your Mandate to DOMINATE

Tongues one of the most important things a Christian can have yet so fought over not by non-Christians but by Christians who fight to make people believe it is not for them. Tongues is a MAJOR tool, weapon and BLESSING to live a victorious life. The tongue was a deadly thing full of poison that …

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Revival Starts IN YOU- Take These Steps

Are you hungry for revival? Is TV more exciting? Do you enjoy your life events MORE than waiting on God? HOW hungry are you for God’s power and presence? Being in a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit is FUN.. There are no words to describe the places and things you can do in the supernatural realm WITH Holy Spirit!


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Steps to Revival

I pray you have a blessed day and that our Daddy invites you to visit with Him this week in heavenly places!

Jul 08

Seeking Signs is it Wrong? Here is What God Says About it

John 7:47 (Jesus) worked many signs and if we let him alone everyone will follow him. Signs and wonders are a sign of being son of God. Is it wrong to follow signs? Some people think that anyone who goes to a convention or event that is know for its signs and wonders that they are …

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Jul 07

True Christianity- I Speak and My Daddy Does, It is a Partnership

The world was created by God speaking and the Holy Spirit doing what He said. All things are created by words, the natural was created by things not seen (words). John 14:10-18 talks about how Jesus spoke and the Holy Spirit did what He spoke. When we speak what God says it gives the Holy …

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Jul 01

Do you Have New Tongues or do You Speak With a Defiled Tongue?

In the book of James the tongue is called a defiled tongue unruly and untamed. But Jesus said one of the signs that would follow a believer is NEW TONGUES. Do you have new tongues or do you bring sorrow and pain on yourself by a defiled tongue? Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode …

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Jun 30

My Secret to Having Heavenly Encounters

Heavenly encounters should be a daily experience with every Christian. We are spirit and we live in a body. The spirit made the physical. It is natural as a born again person to see, hear, taste and feel the spirit realm. The physical realm is a copy of the spirit realm. Today I share my …

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Jun 27

Tongues Are For “All Who Are Far Off” said Jesus.

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit and tongues are for all that, “are afar off” that would be you and me born 2,000 years far off.   Act 2:18,33,38-39  I will pour out My Spirit in those days;…Therefore being exalted to the right hand of God, and having received from the Father the promise of …

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Jun 26

TONGUES at Home VS at Church

Did you ever wonder why there is an argument over speaking in tongues? Did you know that Paul taught speaking in tongues was for everyone? Listen to today blog cast and receive your gift of speaking in tongues.For more teaching on speaking in tongues go to Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right …

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Jun 19

Trust the Holy Spirit to Lead You into SUPERNATURAL Experiences in God

Trust the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and guide.Everything about the Holy Spirit is SUPERNATURAL. Expect Him to lead you into supernatural experiences just like He did in the book of Acts. Expect Him to  lead you into the supernatural like He did in the Old Testament. Remember we have an even better Covenant now. …

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Jun 13

TONGUES a Supernatural Weapon for a Supernatural Warfare

Tongues is PART of the Holy Spirit. Today I share on how important it is to speaking in tongues.This is a great video to share if someone does not believe in speaking in tongues. Watch Today’s video and share on your social media sites.

Apr 26


When Christian hear the word “New Age or Occult” they know that it is something that they should not mess with but all too often they conclude that everything supernatural  is of the Occult or New Age. The truth is that the SUPERNATURAL is the NEW life of a Christian. The Holy Spirit is the …

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Apr 22

My Supernatural Encounter with GOD! It can be for YOU TOO!

Hello  my friends, subscribers and followers! Today I want to share with you a SUPERNATURAL encounter with the Holy Spirit I had this weekend! Watch this video and then watch the next one as I explain what a “fire tunnel” is all about. FIRE TUNNEL I pray peace on you and that you  may enjoy …

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