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Jun 17

Open letter of Apology to terrorist survivors ,gorilla cage, alligator Incident

Because of the things that have happened lately and the public and Christians response of lack of caring I want to apologizes  to the victim of these events.  The act of terrorism was not a  judgement from God, it was not a punishment from God. It was an act of the devil pure and simple, …

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You Are Holy Now -You Will Not Get More Holy!

Sep 19

5 Things Jesus’ death did for us-The Power of Our Spirit

GRACE WHAT DOES IT MEAN? How did the sacrifice of Jesus give me salvation forever?  (Hbr 10:10) Jesus became our offering, our sacrifice so that we would be saved and cleared of all guilt of our sin, a ONE time sacrifice for ALL our lifetime of sins. (Hbr 10:11) Every priest stands ministering daily and …

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May 13

You Have ALL Things You Need For Life- Take It NOW

God has given you everything you need for life through the finished work on the cross Everything God is going to do for you He has already done YOU need to take it from the spirit realm by faith into the physical realm. Jesus accomplished all the work on the cross. He gave you the …

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Jan 24

God DELIGHTS in YOU! He is not mad at you

Today I share about how much God loves you and delights in you. He is not mad at you and you are forever loved and saved. The first 10 seconds of this video is blank but just watch it anyway you will be blessed. Remember to go below and get your free gift! Click here …

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Jan 21

Lifetime of Sins Forgiven IN Christ!

Because  Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them, 2Cr 5:19 in modern English For God was in Christ, reconciling (make good again, restore to right condition, be friendly again, accepted) the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. In other words, Jesus came into the world and …

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Nov 26

WHY GOD WHY Did This Bad Thing Happen to me?

Many times I am asked “WHY” do bad things happen or if God is so good why did He do ___or why did ___happen? People fight to try to prove to me that God is BAD! So today I did a “Google Hangout Live video” on answering that question. I want to invite you to …

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Nov 22

We do NOT need to CONFESSION our sins Daily to be Saved by Cayce Talbott

BE Set FREE today! CONFESSION or CONVERSION… The Truth About 1 John 1:9         There’s a lot of confusion and controversy within the Church today concerning a single verse that the apostle John wrote in a letter to the Church. Many, or even most, have taken the verse out of it’s proper context as a way …

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Nov 11

Words of Life, Prosperity and Health-CREATE Your Future

WORDS, WORDS, WORDS, in them is the power of life or death. Many churches today don’t need God. They can sing without Him, but He does not inhabit their praise. They can quote a few scriptures, but have no life or confirming signs. They can tell you how bad you have been, but offer no …

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Oct 07

The Perfect Sacrifice Set You Free From the law

The Perfect Sacrifice Set You Free from  the law so you could be led by the Spirit instead of tutored by the law! JESUS is the perfect sacrifice     A Sacrifice  had to be without spot or blemish      LAW-Deu 17:1 “You shall not sacrifice to the LORD your God a bull or sheep …

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Jul 29

Be Lead by the Holy Spirit & be Free From The Law by Robin Bremer

When you get saved you become a SON of GOD! You are no longer under the law but are now part of the FAMILY. Being part of the family should change your thinking and how your behave. You no longer are separated from God by your old sin nature, you now are righteous through Jesus’ …

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Jun 13

TONGUES a Supernatural Weapon for a Supernatural Warfare

Tongues is PART of the Holy Spirit. Today I share on how important it is to speaking in tongues.This is a great video to share if someone does not believe in speaking in tongues. Watch Today’s video and share on your social media sites.

Apr 16

Once Saved Always Saved Debate- Why You Should Believe it

Hi, today is a video I just made and want to share with you in  person on this hot issue. So sit back and listen and when your done I invite you to share your thoughts and scriptures. Leave your comments and remarks!

Mar 19

When You STAY Saved By Your Works You Make Yourself God

God wants us to have a relationship with Him instead of focusing on ourselves by trying to be good enough. It is all about what Jesus did for us; not what we DO to try to get right with God. God does not want us to live by the law but by faith. (Rom 4:15) …

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Feb 08

Kingdom Living: You Must Know About This Awesome Scripture!

If I had only one scripture to give a new Christian, or any Christian, it would be this one. Watch the video below to see what the Holy Spirit says about the scripture. Take a look at this scripture piece by piece. Understand what each word means in the original language. I have taken it apart …

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Dec 15

We HAVE Victory Over Death! We Have Hope- Pray for Conn. School Shooting Families

  We have victory over death. The devil HAD the power of death, but he no longer does. If a born again believer enforces this judgment, he has the power of death over the devil. I had the opportunity to try to raise the dead five times. Each time they did not raise, I asked …

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Dec 13

The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness Jesus told him this story: “A man loaned money to two people—500 pieces of silver to one and 50 pieces to the other. But neither of them could repay him, so he kindly forgave them both, canceling their debts. Who do you suppose loved him more after that?”Simon answered, “I suppose …

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Nov 29

What IS The WHOLE Gospel Are You Hearing it?

The gospel of salvation has been preached and that is good. We want souls to be saved, but that is not the WHOLE GOSPEL.  What Jesus preached was ―grace through faith makes you righteouss,you than reign as a king in the kingdom to bring about justice. the scripture says,  I will put my spirit upon him, …

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Nov 14

Christianity is Living In God’s Supernatural Presence Not a Set of RULES

Are Christian just people trying to be good? Do you think Christians are hypocrites? Watch this video to see what God considers a Christian. If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would go? The Bible says all have sinned and the result of sin is death. But WHOEVER calls on the name of …

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Nov 02

Proof We Are Free From the 10 Commandments

Do you think that unless you follow all the 10 commandments you will go to hell? Watch these 2 videos and study the scripture to see how you are FREE from the 10 commandments. Your new nature as a born again Christian  makes you NOT Want to sin.  Here are the scriptures that set us …

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