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Jun 01

5 Truths – That will Change the Way You Think About Yourself

As a born again spirit being, your information comes from INSIDE of you!  Did you know that when you receive the gift of Jesus paying the price for your sins and you are “born again” that you become alive in your spirit meaning that you are connected and ONE with the Holy SPIRIT? So that …

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Aug 26

How to Hear Answers & Wisdom From God


Apr 22

With Sickness Comes a Tormenting Spirit

When you get sick you not only have a spirit of sickness but you also have a tormenting spirit. Tormenting spirits are the spirits that try to tell you the signs and symptoms of your sickness are dreaded diseases and will bring your death. They torment you and put fear in your heart so that …

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Nov 20

Needing The Helper, Are you Using Him?

This is the purpose of the Holy Spirit in YOU! John 14:16 1. Comforter 2. Counselor 3. Helper- What are you not using the Holy Spirit to help you? Find something lost, power, prosperity, health, seeds to sow? 4. Intercessor (1 Cor 14:22) praying in the spirit (tongues) 5. Advocate 6. Strengthener 7. Standby 8. …

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Revival Starts IN YOU- Take These Steps

Are you hungry for revival? Is TV more exciting? Do you enjoy your life events MORE than waiting on God? HOW hungry are you for God’s power and presence? Being in a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit is FUN.. There are no words to describe the places and things you can do in the supernatural realm WITH Holy Spirit!


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Steps to Revival

I pray you have a blessed day and that our Daddy invites you to visit with Him this week in heavenly places!