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Teaching on How to Raise the Dead


Why Every Christian Can/Should Raise the Dead

Aug 26

Radio Interview on “Raising the Dead & Other NORMAL Christian Experiences”

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Feb 11


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Jun 28

Jesus said, “Raise the Dead” – Build Your Faith to Raise the Dead

Do you know that you have the power living in you to heal the sick and raise the dead? Did you know that God has given you this power so that YOU DO IT! Use this teaching to build your faith to raise the dead.Sadly this is a subject that scares most Christian yet Jesus …

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Jan 29

NEW Bible Studies Teach- How to “Raising the Dead”

NEW Bible Study teaches how to  “Raising the Dead” BIBLE STUDY 1- CHANGE ME LORD  BIBLE STUDY 2- TAKE ME DEEPER LORD BIBLE STUDY 3- USE ME LORD If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would go? The Bible says all have sinned and the result of sin is death. But …

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Jan 19

Raising the Dead, 4,5,6th try- Kingdom Authority to Raise the Dead

 Why do you think raising the dead is not taught in the churches today? Watch this video below and read the article. Both are different information. Pay close attention to these next few paragraphs. I will show you without a doubt that we have authority over death. In the Garden of Eden, God gave man …

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Jan 17

Understanding the Supernatural of Raising The Dead Part 2

Let me show you that Jesus did not raise the dead or heal the sick because He was God, but a man in right relationship with God. There are other chapters that go over this in a much broader way. Jms 1:13, for God cannot be tempted with evil Luke 4:2,13, Being forty days (Jesus …

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Jan 17

First 3 Tries At RAISING THE DEAD- Kingdom Authority

Do you think it is possible to raise the dead? What do you think you have to do to raise the dead? This video share about raising the dead and my experiences. Please watch the video AND read the chapter below. Both talk about different information. CHAPTER 15 Kingdom Authority to Raise the Dead Part …

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Jan 12

Jesus Death Gave YOU Power Over Death

When Jesus died for all your lifetime of sin, He conquer death and all its demons for you. Heb 2:14 that through death he might destroy him that HAD the power of death, that is, the devil; Notice that because Jesus died He took away the power of death from the devil. Life and death …

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Jan 10

Matt 10:8 Wrong Believing About Raising The Dead

Here are 3 WRONG Believing about death and raising the dead. 1. WRONG BELIEVING: God is SOVEREIGN, He can do whatever He wants. Whatever happens, it’s His will. This information was in the chapter on healing the sick, but it is so good and is needed also in this part of the book, so it …

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