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Sep 22

5 Question Every Christian Should Be Able to Answer to a Non-Christian

1.What is a Christian? A Christian is a person who has received the free gift of payment for their lifetime of sin. Let me explain. The Bible says we have all sinned and the wages for sin is death, but the FREE gift of God is Life through Jesus so everyone who calls on the …

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Sep 19

5 Things Jesus’ death did for us-The Power of Our Spirit

GRACE WHAT DOES IT MEAN? How did the sacrifice of Jesus give me salvation forever?  (Hbr 10:10) Jesus became our offering, our sacrifice so that we would be saved and cleared of all guilt of our sin, a ONE time sacrifice for ALL our lifetime of sins. (Hbr 10:11) Every priest stands ministering daily and …

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Apr 28

Why you CAN NOT Lose Your Salvation! You will not miss the Rapture

You can NOT lose your salvation.You will NOT miss the rapture. YOU did not buy it. Jesus bought it with His BLOOD you did nothing but believe He bought it with His blood. The Holy Spirit is also in you to SEAL your salvation. Jesus also said NO ONE can STEAL you out of my …

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Apr 08

You ARE ALREADY as Holy As Jesus

You will not lose your salvation because you are IN Jesus and as He is so are you. You ARE NOW as Holy as Jesus. Watch today’s video. Leave comments and share with your friends.

Mar 11

No Longer be led by 10 commandments but by the Spirit

As a child of God you are not longer to be led by the 10 commandments but by the Spirit! The law brings about punishment and Jesus paid for the punishment and wrath that you deserve. The Holy Spirit is a promise that the blood of Jesus paid for you to have. You can not …

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Jan 24

God DELIGHTS in YOU! He is not mad at you

Today I share about how much God loves you and delights in you. He is not mad at you and you are forever loved and saved. The first 10 seconds of this video is blank but just watch it anyway you will be blessed. Remember to go below and get your free gift! Click here …

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Dec 09

Learn the Truth About Once Saved Always Saved-LIVE 7pm tonight Central

Here is the Bible Study Get set free from the LAW, guilt, shame and condemnation and learn the TRUE GOSPEL, learn how to be empowered NOT to sin. Join me live right here for our Monday TONIGHT  7 pm Central, Bible Study Lesson on Grace.  Watch live, post question (Robin Bremer You-Tube), or Google Hangouts Live. or …

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Oct 18

Why You Are NOW Led by the Holy Spirit NOT by OBEYING THE LAW by Robin Bremer

The LAW (10 Commandments), is the ministry of Condemnation, & DEATH. It  puts us in bondage and puts shame, guilt and wicked consciousness on us.Where as the NEW Covenant tells us to be instead LED by the HOLY SPIRIT who gives life THOUGH FAITH! The law will tell you not to commit adultery but the …

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Jul 02

Safe in Daddy’s Love No Matter How we Mess up!

Did you know that once you receive the FREE GIFT of Jesus dying for your sins that no matter how you mess up you are still loved by God your Daddy and STILL on your way to heaven? Jesus came to restore a relationship and fellowship with your Father and nothing will take you out …

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May 19


The apostle Paul tells us that in the later days before Jesus returns that some believers will depart from the truth of God’s Word and adopt false doctrines that were given to them by demons, allowing themselves to be seduced by lies that will lead them away from the truth and away from the Faith …

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May 18

Grace =Freedom to Sin but The Power Not To

Grace is Gods nature. Grace is God freely giving us what we did NOT EARN or can not pay for. When we understand Grace we will understand that it is power to help us not miss the mark and sin. But when we do we are forgiven NOT because we earned it but because HE earned …

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May 16

Christian Living-God’s Words & Holy Spirit NOT Sin & Law

Hi Friends, Today I share a video that will set you free from old ways of thinking about the Bible. We have a NEW Covenant, that means we do not follow the OLD law that was for the Jews.   God lives inside of us, guiding and directing us. He forgives all our sins on …

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Apr 16

Once Saved Always Saved Debate- Why You Should Believe it

Hi, today is a video I just made and want to share with you in  person on this hot issue. So sit back and listen and when your done I invite you to share your thoughts and scriptures. Leave your comments and remarks!