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Apr 30

Faith Community Sunday School Class- Who You Are in Christ

Today’s Message is from my favorite Sunday School Teacher. Today Steve teaches about Righteousness and it will change your life. This is a link to the church I go to, Faith Community Church in Whitefield (Stigler) OK. You can hear the metro timer behind the recording my husband who runs the web site and recorded …

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Oct 23

Confess Who You Are & Grow in Faith

Robin Bremer Ministries Today’s Blog- Confess Who You Are & Grow in Faith   GET Ready for the Holidays START your ACE lose weight with this awesome NATURAL pill, GAIN energy! No exercises No changing eating habits. E-mail for YOUR FREE SAMPLE    

Oct 21

Confess THIS Scripture to walk in God’s Supernatural Power!

Jul 22

What is the GLORY?

When you hear someone talk about the glory of God do you often think, “WHAT is the glory”? Today I share what the Bible says about the glory.  YOU have the glory in you, you reflect the glory!   Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right click and save)

Jun 23

Some Unreligious Truths on GRACE

 Condemnation Is The Root Cause of all  YOUR fear.  One day in church the Lord told me the reason He has me on the prayer team is to pray for people to be delivered from the root cause of condemnation.The root of most of our problems is being isolated from God by own thoughts of …

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Jun 21

Created in HIS IMAGE

I was reading a book the other day and it said “We are created in His Image”which I know and often study but yesterday it jumped out at me. Has that ever happened to you, you know a scripture and even have revelation on it but one day it jumps out at you with a …

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Jun 02

What Happened at The Cross, Grave, Resurrection, Ascension, Sending Holy Spirit

How Jesus brought restoration so we could be restored to FELLOWSHIP with God. WHAT was Accomplished in The Life, Cross, Grave, Resurrection, Sending Holy Spirit Step 1 In His Life What did Jesus life on the earth accomplish for you and me?Jesus came to earth to Live as our representative (human with no godly attributes) and not …

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May 03

Gospel Thoughts That Will Bless You- Cayce Talbott

Thoughts on CARNAL MINDED Most people think that being CARNAL MINDED means that you are SIN MINDED; but this is not the case…. The word CARNAL or CARNALITY actually just means that you are relying on your five senses for the truth instead of the Word of God for truth. This is why the Bible …

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Apr 24

How to Win The War in Your Head

The word of God tells us how to win the war going on in our head. It is all about thoughts. We become what we think, listen to and hear, even if it is thoughts in our head.It is so important to bring your thought in line with Gods word. As you think about yourself …

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Mar 19

When You STAY Saved By Your Works You Make Yourself God

God wants us to have a relationship with Him instead of focusing on ourselves by trying to be good enough. It is all about what Jesus did for us; not what we DO to try to get right with God. God does not want us to live by the law but by faith. (Rom 4:15) …

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Oct 24

The Cucumber & Pickle Get Rid of Stress

Have you ever heard the saying “all of God and none of me” well that is not what God wants. He wants all of you filled with all of Him. He created your personality so you could be you. But He wants you so filled with Him that you look like Him. Just watch this …

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Sep 05

Dancing, Clapping, Shouting,& Raising Your Hands In Chruch- What You Are Missing

Do you ever wonder why  people raise their hands, clap, dance, shout and cry in church? Do you have a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus or do you have a RELIGION? A religion is based on a bunch of rules, “Thou shalt not, thou shall not….” Relationship is a daily encounter with the supernatural presence of God.It …

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Sep 04

How to Bless People & Be A Blessing

Do you complain? Do you easily see others faults and get anoyed by them? Do you hate your job? As a Christian we are to bring out the best in others. We cover there sins. By this I mean when we see someone doing something that makes them look bad we don’t go around telling …

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Aug 13

God Is NOT Into Condemning Us That Is Why He Sent Jesus

 God Is NOT Into Condemning Us That Is Why He Sent Jesus. Jesus paid the price for all our sins, He took God’s wrath, judgement and punishment for all our sins. When God looks at us He sees us sinless because He is seeing us through the perfect blood of Jesus. The old covenant sacrifices …

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Aug 10

Your Identity is Wrapped Up In Jesus

When God looks at you He sees you perfect and sinless though the blood of Jesus. Your Christian Identity is wrapped up in Jesus and what He did for you, not your behavior or actions. As a born again Christian your identity is wrapped up in Jesus. If you were to die tonight, do you …

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