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Jan 19

Understanding the Power of Praise by Carol Graham part 1

The subject of praise has more scripture devoted to it than any other subject in the Bible. Yet, do we have true understanding as to its purpose? I have been passionate about this subject for 30 years. It has been pivotal in my life turning me from sickness and near death to health and life! …

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Oct 09

Your Faith is Big Enough to Raise the Dead

Mar 10

Coming Alive After the Death of a Loved One by Wilma Lynch- Guest Post

Today’s post is from Wilma Lynch a pastor I coached through the self-publishing processing. ENJOY her book and if you know anyone who has lost a loved one buy this book for them! Please leave a endorsement for her on Amazon if you have read her book. Thanks For the first time since the death …

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Nov 11


Today I want to honor veterans. I am a vet but I do not deserve any honor all I did was chase boys and eat the great breakfast’s. Today I find it sad that vets have more and more benefits taken from them and are given less and less honor. I was in the service …

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Nov 07

Kingdom Basics

The kingdom of God is in you in  power. You can change any situation.

May 18

Grace =Freedom to Sin but The Power Not To

Grace is Gods nature. Grace is God freely giving us what we did NOT EARN or can not pay for. When we understand Grace we will understand that it is power to help us not miss the mark and sin. But when we do we are forgiven NOT because we earned it but because HE earned …

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May 17

Terrorism-How to Have Peace and Bring Life

The devils tools against a believer is to use condemnation or terrorism! Today I want to show you how to have peace against a spirit of terrorism and what it really means. The term “terrorism” comes from French terrorisme, from Latin: ‘terror’, “great fear”, “dread”, related to the Latin verb terrere, “to frighten”. : the …

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May 14

Can a Christian be Possed or Have a Demon?

Today I want to share a video about demons and Christian. PLEASE listen to the video AND read this blog because they are different and you will go away with the wrong idea if you don’t read the blog and listen to the video. Here are some scriptures about our authority over demons. Demons are not smart don’t …

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May 13

ACE NATURAL Weight Loss-Overweight AND GOD?

ACE is a NATURAL Weight Loss/Energy Supplement with Vitamin B that is good for the heart and Chromium that is good for building muscle and other natural ingredients.” You might be saying WHAT has that to do with GOD??? Plenty! Your body is a  temple of God and He lives in you. But first let …

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Apr 19

Get out of FEAR and into Peace

Today I would like to share a neat revelation the Lord shared with me on peace in your body and mind. IF you are bond up in FEAR then this video post will bless you. I am on my way to a womens meeting with friends from my old church. I am looking forward to …

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Mar 28

Unlock Hidden Anger & Prosper

Unlock Hidden Anger & Prosper Do you feel hopeless? Do you wonder why you keep feeling this way over and over? Are you in a pattern that is destroying you but don’t know how you got here or why? As you grow in you knowledge of the goodness of God  you will discover deep rooted …

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Feb 12

Kingdom Living: Love-Be Embalmed

God wants you focus to be on WHO HE IS not on WHAT YOU DO! It is all about His love for you, in you and through you! Watch today’s post to see what God says about EMBALMED! If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would go? The Bible says all …

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Oct 25

Your Best Scripture

 Do you need hope? Do you need a promise from God? Do you need a scripture to hold on to? This video below will give you hope, promise and a scripture to hold on to in every situation. This scripture is for you today: Gal 3:20 Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above …

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