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Aug 18

What is Heaven Like?

Here is one of my books on Heaven and Angels.

Jun 27

Kat Kerr on Heaven

Todays Free Book 6/27   Kingdom Confessions 

May 22

Aborted or Miscarried Babies & Loved Pets in Heaven

Listen to today’s mp3 on how babies and animals go to heaven. TODAY’S FREE BOOK FOR YOU Kingdom Keys to PEACE FREE book  5/20- 5/24/14

Apr 26

Shaking out demons devils and principalities

Today I want to share  about the Scripture about shaking the heavens and the earth. In Psalm 112:6 It says, “surely you will never be shaken”. I used to think God was going to shake the earth and earthquakes, volcanoes and scary stuff with going to happen. But the more I got to know who God was at …

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Mar 27

Kat Kerr’s Teaches on Copy Cat Supernatural Signs – part 2

Mar 26

Kat Kerr’s Teaches on Supernatural Copy Cat Signs Part 1

Awesome teaching on how the supernatural belongs to the Christian and how the devil has copy cat signs and wonders taught March 2014 by Kat Kerr. Get your FREE book on supernatural WORDS  by filling in your e-mail. Instant download.

Mar 17

The Supernatural is to be our LIFESTYLE not Doctrine

As Christians we need to not just believe in the supernatural but to live the supernatural. We are children of a supernatural God, created in HIS image. It is NATURAL to be supernatural to experience heavenly things. We our to bring heaven on earth, not run and hid in fear about what is happening on …

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Mar 16

Will Our Pets Go to Heaven When They Die?

Have your ever wondered if your favorite pets would be in Heaven? I have and I truly believe that they will be there waiting for us.Watch this video on the reason why I believe this.

Nov 02

It is time to Change Governments!

It is time to change governments! Learn how to win and prosper in the KINGDOM.  The Kingdom of God  is the government of Heaven. Watch my videos the next couple of weeks as I share how to walk in power in the Kingdom of Heaven and get ALL YOUR NEEDS and desires meet in an …

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Sep 25

The Kingdom of God IS NOT Salvation it is the Government of Heaven by Robin Bremer

Today I share more on the difference of the “Kingdom” vs “Salvation” Yesterdays post has some awesome teaching and outline on the kingdom.


Revealing Heaven by Kat Kerr Enjoy Listening as She Shares What She Saw in Heaven!

WOW WOW, Please listen to this awesome book about “Revealing Heaven” YOU will never be the same after listening to this. Kat Kerr has been my guest blogger and has 2 post on this site.

I pray you fall more in love with Jesus as you listen to this audio book.

Aug 31

6 Truths About Heavenly Experiences

Heavenly Experiences 1. [Jacob] had a dream, and behold, a ladder was set on the earth with its top reaching to heaven; and behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. (Genesis 28:12) Whatever was experienced before is available to us today. 2. And He said to him, “Truly, truly, I say …

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Jun 30

My Secret to Having Heavenly Encounters

Heavenly encounters should be a daily experience with every Christian. We are spirit and we live in a body. The spirit made the physical. It is natural as a born again person to see, hear, taste and feel the spirit realm. The physical realm is a copy of the spirit realm. Today I share my …

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Jun 25

Heavenly Places in Your Faces

Recently my spirit is so excited at night because the Lord said to me, ” if you will spend your evenings with me instead of watching a video I will take you places you have never been”. Every night is exciting as the Lord sits with me and shares! Today I want to share with …

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Jun 10

Kat Kerr’s Revealing Heaven & its Best Keep Secrets (REPOSTED from previous post)

This is a re-posting of my FAVORITE information that Kat Kerr  (author of Revealing Heaven) has posted on my Blog. IT IS SO GREAT THAT I WANT TO SHARE IT AGAIN! So below is Kats post. I LOVE THE FACT THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS KNOWN IN HEAVEN AS THE DRAMA KING! I can see it, He …

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Jun 02

What Happened at The Cross, Grave, Resurrection, Ascension, Sending Holy Spirit

How Jesus brought restoration so we could be restored to FELLOWSHIP with God. WHAT was Accomplished in The Life, Cross, Grave, Resurrection, Sending Holy Spirit Step 1 In His Life What did Jesus life on the earth accomplish for you and me?Jesus came to earth to Live as our representative (human with no godly attributes) and not …

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Apr 02

Kat Kerr Revealing Heaven’s Serects-MY FAVORITE Information about Heaven- REPOSTED

This is a re-posting of my FAVORITE information that Kat Kerr  (author of Revealing Heaven) has posted on my Blog. IT IS SO GREAT THAT I WANT TO SHARE IT AGAIN! So below is Kats post. I LOVE THE FACT THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS KNOWN IN HEAVEN AS THE DRAMA KING! I can see …

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Mar 06

70 People Who Visited Heaven

Here are some Heavenly Encounters in Bible Times Remember if someone experienced it in the Bible it is available to you also. (Gen 28:12): And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it…this …

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Mar 05

What is HEAVEN Really Like? Who Goes There? How Does it Affect Us?

Heaven is a wonderful place. Here is a video of Kat Kerr who has been to heaven thousands of times. Kat Ker on Angels What is the smallest/ largest/strangest angel you have seen and what do they do? >The smallest ones I have seen are those who care for the flowers in Heaven.  Small, delicate …

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Feb 15

Kingdom Living: The Supernatural, by Kat Kerr

The Supernatural, by Kat Kerr  The Father is truly the original Supernatural, it all came from Him. He did not just appear somewhere in Eternity, even eternity came from Him!  He lives in a spiritual world called Heaven (it is His ‘HOUSE’) and everything there is supernatural (beyond what we think of as natural …

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