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Aug 21

Extreme Journaling – Practicing His Presence

The Holy Spirit is our TEACHER our guide and His job is to have fellowship with us. One of the ways we can experience God’s presence and fellowship is by Extreme Journaling. Below is an example. You keep a journal and write in it your reflections, question and love to the Father and when you …

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Jun 10

Satan is Ruler of the World’s System, But YOU Have ALL AUTHORITY!

Satan is ruler of the world’s system. God gave Adam and Eve all authority on the earth and told them to rule, to have authority, dominion, and to subdue anything that gets out of line, according to Gen 1:26. But when they obeyed the devil and ate the fruit, they not only were born again …

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Jan 05

Christianity is a Relationship that Needs to be Experienced!

How you see God The Holy Spirit and Jesus determiners the kind of life you lead! Take a look at the way I see and experience each part of the trinity. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you see each one. Begin to allow them to move in your life, expect to experience …

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Nov 02

It is time to Change Governments!

It is time to change governments! Learn how to win and prosper in the KINGDOM.  The Kingdom of God  is the government of Heaven. Watch my videos the next couple of weeks as I share how to walk in power in the Kingdom of Heaven and get ALL YOUR NEEDS and desires meet in an …

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Aug 28

YOU Are the Temple That Carries the Manifested Glory! by Robin Bremer

The temple of God is the place where God chose to put His presence. If you look at the Old Testament you will see that everything about the temple was made accurately like the pattern in heaven. After the sacrifices were offered the presence of God came down. Take a look at this scripture. and the glory …

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Jun 21

Created in HIS IMAGE

I was reading a book the other day and it said “We are created in His Image”which I know and often study but yesterday it jumped out at me. Has that ever happened to you, you know a scripture and even have revelation on it but one day it jumps out at you with a …

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Jun 08

The Christian God Seems to Be Dead!

God seems to be dead. The world is in a mess. There are massive amounts of destroying weather, hate crimes, and Christians are as powerless as people of the world. God seems to be dead!! How do you know He is alive? Now don’t tell me, “Because I know He lives in me”. The world …

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