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May 30

The Spiritual Realm is the Atmosphere we were Created to live-FREE BOOK

Excerpts taken from, Raising the Dead, Angels, Supernatural Wine, & Other Normal Christian Experiences Being Led by the Holy Spirit by Robin Bremer FREE TODAY May 30  Heavenly Places are a strategic place where we get instruction and direction from God to gain victory. Remember Heavenly places belong to the Christian NOT the devil and his …

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Aug 21

Extreme Journaling – Practicing His Presence

The Holy Spirit is our TEACHER our guide and His job is to have fellowship with us. One of the ways we can experience God’s presence and fellowship is by Extreme Journaling. Below is an example. You keep a journal and write in it your reflections, question and love to the Father and when you …

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Aug 19

The Power of Perseverance

NEVER allow your experience to become your doctrine if it does not line up to the Word of God. Instead make it your goal to get the knowledge of the Word that will make YOUR experience the SAME as the Bible. To perseverance is to WIN! Watch today’s video. God wants you to have health, …

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Jun 27

Kat Kerr on Heaven

Todays Free Book 6/27   Kingdom Confessions 

May 16

Prophetic Word: Word of the Lord for these coming days of Glory by Terry Baker

Today my friend Terry Baker has an awesome word from the Lord about the GLORY! I can confirm what he has written!! Share with your friends this awesome prophecy from the Lord. Prophetic Word: Word of the Lord for these coming days of Glory: “They will lead with Seed”           Right now …

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Mar 27

Kat Kerr’s Teaches on Copy Cat Supernatural Signs – part 2

Dec 07

Joy, GOOD WILL on Earth For The KINGDOM is in YOU

Christianity is a SUPERNATURAL relationship with the Holy Spirit. Christianity is to be experienced. 1 Peter 2:2 says crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment, Salvation means redeemed from all earthly ills. It means also healing, health, peace, prosperity and salvation. Salvation …

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Nov 13

Stop Watering Down the Gospel for Kids-NEW POWERFUL KIDS BLOG

Today I want to introduce to you my new KINGDOM KIDS BLOG. On this blog I will be teaching weekly with  my puppet or myself. I believe that kids have the same Holy Spirit that adults have and can do signs and wonders. I believe kids should speak in tongues, heal the sick and raise …

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Nov 02

It is time to Change Governments!

It is time to change governments! Learn how to win and prosper in the KINGDOM.  The Kingdom of God  is the government of Heaven. Watch my videos the next couple of weeks as I share how to walk in power in the Kingdom of Heaven and get ALL YOUR NEEDS and desires meet in an …

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Revealing Heaven by Kat Kerr Enjoy Listening as She Shares What She Saw in Heaven!

WOW WOW, Please listen to this awesome book about “Revealing Heaven” YOU will never be the same after listening to this. Kat Kerr has been my guest blogger and has 2 post on this site.

I pray you fall more in love with Jesus as you listen to this audio book.

Aug 28

YOU Are the Temple That Carries the Manifested Glory! by Robin Bremer

The temple of God is the place where God chose to put His presence. If you look at the Old Testament you will see that everything about the temple was made accurately like the pattern in heaven. After the sacrifices were offered the presence of God came down. Take a look at this scripture. and the glory …

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Aug 27

5 Powerful KEY Truths to Meditate on to Change Your Life

Jesus has done certain things for us and unless we know WHAT they are we will not walk in them. Today I share 5 powerful truths to meditate on to change your life. Say these truths about yourself. 1. I have a RELATIONSHIP and fellowship with God. I have no condemnation. I come boldly to the …

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Aug 08

ANGELS! Are They all Males? How Big Are They? What do They Do?

Today I want to share a little bit of interesting information from one of my free e-books on Angels.                   **Angles are referred to in most cases as “male” BUT there is one reference  where angels are referred to as “female”  in Zechariah 5:5-9.   They have …

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