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Oct 09

Your Faith is Big Enough to Raise the Dead

Sep 03

Ask What YOU Want and Get it by Knowing This…..

 “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you..… “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit. Jh 15:5-8 How do we know that we abide in Him? Sometimes we think it all has to do with …

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Aug 21

Extreme Journaling – Practicing His Presence

The Holy Spirit is our TEACHER our guide and His job is to have fellowship with us. One of the ways we can experience God’s presence and fellowship is by Extreme Journaling. Below is an example. You keep a journal and write in it your reflections, question and love to the Father and when you …

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Aug 08

The Spirit of Truth Signs=Health & The Spirit of Lies Signs=Sickness

Satan is called the father of lies and the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of TRUTH. Each of them witness or have signs and proof of what they say to you. Think about it the devil lies and tries to get you to believe his lies with signs, false signs. His signs are  pains …

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Aug 01

Your Spirit is Perfect so Your Body & Soul needs to FOLLOW Your Spirit

  When you accepted Jesus as your Lord you became ONE SPIRIT with Him. He made you a NEW creature. Remember Jesus can ONLY be one with someone PERFECT! You are  perfect in His sight, holy, blameless and above reproach in HIS sight because He made you perfect by accepting His blood sacrifice. You were than sealed …

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May 26

Raising the Dead, Angels, Supernatural Wine, & Other Normal Christian Experiences Being Led by the Holy Spirit By Robin E. Bremer

  This is my latest book released and it is a TODAY book. Today the body of Christ NEEDS to be walking in the supernatural, be living in the supernatural and operating in the supernatural! We need to know that the supernatural is natural to the Christian. The Supernatural BELONGS to the Christian! This book …

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May 13

You Have ALL Things You Need For Life- Take It NOW

God has given you everything you need for life through the finished work on the cross Everything God is going to do for you He has already done YOU need to take it from the spirit realm by faith into the physical realm. Jesus accomplished all the work on the cross. He gave you the …

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Apr 28

Why you CAN NOT Lose Your Salvation! You will not miss the Rapture

You can NOT lose your salvation.You will NOT miss the rapture. YOU did not buy it. Jesus bought it with His BLOOD you did nothing but believe He bought it with His blood. The Holy Spirit is also in you to SEAL your salvation. Jesus also said NO ONE can STEAL you out of my …

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Apr 24

FREE Kindle Book to Celebrate Release of Audio Book

Hi, Friends today I want to bless you by giving you my Free  Kindle BOOK to Celebrate Release of THE Audio Book. Today April 23 through April 28 This book will be FREE in Celebration of my NEW RELEASE of the AUDIO version of the book!! You were created to live supernaturally in your everyday …

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Jan 14

The SUPERNATURAL Is for YOU, in You & Through You

More on living in the supernatural power of God.

Dec 08

Money… Stop Chasing it, Use The Kingdom Way to Get MONEY

In Luke 5:1-9 “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.” The Fisher man were not doing good in there business of fishing. These were professional fisher man and did not catch anything. BUT when Jesus got involved then they were astonished at the catch! and …

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Nov 24

If God is Good Why Are There Accidents,Diseases & Children Starving to Death?

If God is Good Why Is There Accidents,Disease & Children Starving to Death? Many people ask me that same question in fact they want to argue with me. People tell me they are not a Christian because they say a good God would not do all the horrible things they THINK that God is doing. I have good news for …

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Nov 09

“The Blessing” of the Kingdom OR “The Earth Curse”

Are you living with the “Earth Curse” or do you know how to take dominion and bring “The Blessing” into every area of your life? Listen today as I share how to be empowered by “The Blessing” The curse on the world Kingdom System Gen 3:17 Then to Adam He said, “Because you have heeded the …

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Oct 30

6 Kingdom LAWS to Get ANYTHING

We are no longer under the law of the Jews, the 10 commandments but we are now to be led by the Holy Spirit. The law is good but will NOT make YOU good! To be led by the Holy Spirit is to follow the Law of the kingdom. Below is the list of the …

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Oct 23

Confess Who You Are & Grow in Faith

Robin Bremer Ministries Today’s Blog- Confess Who You Are & Grow in Faith   GET Ready for the Holidays START your ACE lose weight with this awesome NATURAL pill, GAIN energy! No exercises No changing eating habits. E-mail for YOUR FREE SAMPLE    

Oct 04

YOU are Dead to the LAW Part 1 by Robin Bremer

Christianity is about family and a relationship NOT RULES Now take off your religious glasses and listen to what the WORD says about you being DEAD to the LAW! This is only part 1 on a series on being set free from the law.  1.            You Are DEAD to the LAW! …

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Aug 21

The Partnership of the Sword & The Shield

The sword and the  shield are in partnership. Listen to today’s blog on how each one empowers the other. Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right click and save)

Jul 31

Your Gifts, Calling, Office or Ministry

Have you ever wondered if everyone can lay hands on people and see them healed or if that is just for people with the gift of faith. Have you wondered what to do with your gifts and why you had them? Today listen to the reason and purpose of your gifts. Podcast Powered By Podbean …

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Jul 25

(No title)

God is NOT waiting for you to sin so He can hit you over the head with a hammer. The Holy Spirit does NOT convict you of wrong doing, but of the fact that you are righteousness. Listen to today’s blog and remenber that God wants to show you how wonderful you are not point …

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Jun 29

SUPER CHARGE Your Faith by Praying in Tongues

Did you know that tongues is a powerful tool. The scriptures tells us that “faith” pleases God. Today’s scripture says that by praying in tongues we charge or build up our faith. When we pray in tongues Holy Spirit is praying through us Gods word which is His perfect will. So by praying in tongues …

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