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May 25

FREE BIBLE STUDY-10 Truths That will Change Your Life

FREE TODAY THROUGH SATURDAY Man has been given dominion and told to subdue everything to the finished work of the cross. You should no longer pray the wimpy prayer of, “if it be your will” but command new body parts, heal the sick, raise the dead, stop the tornadoes, and command marriages to be restored. …

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Jun 01


God did not want Adam and Eve to  eat from the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It says in Gen 2:17 “but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” it’s like watching …

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Feb 19

Your Response to TV’S Bad News

As a Christian we should be decreeing, declaring,the kingdom of God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. Every time you hear something that is not good, praise worthy, honorable, truth (according to the word) on TV, news or from our government YOU should be SPEAKING back to the report, tv or radio GOD’S …

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Oct 23

How to get out of Fear and get into Peace

listen to ‘how to get out of fear and get into peace’ on audioBoom

May 26

Raising the Dead, Angels, Supernatural Wine, & Other Normal Christian Experiences Being Led by the Holy Spirit By Robin E. Bremer

  This is my latest book released and it is a TODAY book. Today the body of Christ NEEDS to be walking in the supernatural, be living in the supernatural and operating in the supernatural! We need to know that the supernatural is natural to the Christian. The Supernatural BELONGS to the Christian! This book …

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May 16

Prophetic Word: Word of the Lord for these coming days of Glory by Terry Baker

Today my friend Terry Baker has an awesome word from the Lord about the GLORY! I can confirm what he has written!! Share with your friends this awesome prophecy from the Lord. Prophetic Word: Word of the Lord for these coming days of Glory: “They will lead with Seed”           Right now …

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Jan 28

Why YOU CAN Have Adventures in the Holy Spirit-VIP Membership Post

Today I get a little long winded as I share some REALLY exciting things about how you can have your very own EVERY day adventures in the Holy Spirit. I also share about the rapture and why it is not to soon….. Watch and leave your comments. Subscribe on You-Tube. These links are “Unlisted and...

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Oct 01

Is God Judging America? Is That What All The Bad Stuff Happening Comes From?

IS God Judging America or any other country ? by Robin Bremer   If you think that America is about to be judged than think again….What makes YOU think that your city will be exempt? Do you think that you have not sinned last night or today and you are exempt? Well  the TRUE GOOD …

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How to Get OUT of Fear and Into Faith In-Spite of End Time Events!

Today I share about how to get out of fear and into faith in-spite of end time events!

Today I pray that you would walk in great faith and power and change your circumstances to agree with heaven.


Studying End Times Brings FEAR NOT Faith by Robin Bremer

Jun 09

Your Birth Right is Wealth, Health & Power to Change the World!

We are the end time generation we are living on this earth right now so that WE can be the answer to the worlds problems. We are the answer through the power of the Holy Spirit in us.. PR 13:22 There is plenty of wealth for everyone on earth to have all they need and …

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May 29

Holy Spirit

I AM IN LOVE! There is no one anywhere I love more than Holy Spirit. He knows me. He knows my every thought, my dreams, fears and hopes AND still He loves me! The Holy Spirit is fun He is funny, He is love, His presence is deeper than peace. He is more awesome than …

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May 19


The apostle Paul tells us that in the later days before Jesus returns that some believers will depart from the truth of God’s Word and adopt false doctrines that were given to them by demons, allowing themselves to be seduced by lies that will lead them away from the truth and away from the Faith …

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May 17

Terrorism-How to Have Peace and Bring Life

The devils tools against a believer is to use condemnation or terrorism! Today I want to show you how to have peace against a spirit of terrorism and what it really means. The term “terrorism” comes from French terrorisme, from Latin: ‘terror’, “great fear”, “dread”, related to the Latin verb terrere, “to frighten”. : the …

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Feb 15

Kingdom Living: The Supernatural, by Kat Kerr

The Supernatural, by Kat Kerr  The Father is truly the original Supernatural, it all came from Him. He did not just appear somewhere in Eternity, even eternity came from Him!  He lives in a spiritual world called Heaven (it is His ‘HOUSE’) and everything there is supernatural (beyond what we think of as natural …

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Jan 22

3 Biblical Truths- To Determine if Signs & Wonders Are From God

3 Biblical Truths to Determine if Signs & Wonders Are From God Many people think that because they don’t see signs and wonders that it has passed away with the finishing of the Bible. People also think that anyone who DOES signs and wonders are deceived by the devil.  In these end time SUPERNATURAL signs …

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Jan 19

Raising the Dead, 4,5,6th try- Kingdom Authority to Raise the Dead

 Why do you think raising the dead is not taught in the churches today? Watch this video below and read the article. Both are different information. Pay close attention to these next few paragraphs. I will show you without a doubt that we have authority over death. In the Garden of Eden, God gave man …

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Dec 31

If you’re making New Year’s resolutions…

I NEVER make New Year’s Resolutions but this year I have GOALS. I have recently in the last 4 years gone through menopause which women know causes it to be harder to lose weight and easier to put it on and off and  on and off. So as I was praying about how to take it …

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Dec 15

We HAVE Victory Over Death! We Have Hope- Pray for Conn. School Shooting Families

  We have victory over death. The devil HAD the power of death, but he no longer does. If a born again believer enforces this judgment, he has the power of death over the devil. I had the opportunity to try to raise the dead five times. Each time they did not raise, I asked …

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Dec 08

Experiences in the Supernatural Things of God Part 2

Here is part 2 in sharing my experiences in the SUPERNATURAL things of God. Leah For about half a year, I kept having dreams that my husband was cheating on me. These dreams would be about life in general, but always end up with my husband cheating on me. I was being tormented in these …

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