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May 28

3-Step-Guide to Educate Children On What God Wants-GUEST POST

3-Step-Guide to Educate Children On What God Wants: Scriptures For Kids We’re living in a world where people and governments are changing constantly trying to determine what is right and wrong. It’s true and inevitable that we live in a diverse generation. However, the more complicated things get, we often forget about the things that …

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May 03

Enjoy Today’s GUEST POST-Top 5 Parenting Scriptures by Mimi Rothschild

Enjoy Today’s GUEST POST-Top 5 Parenting Scriptures by Mimi Rothschild Parenting is hard, especially if you strive to do it well. Thankfully, there are plenty of verses in Scripture to turn to for strength, reassurance, and guidance as you work to raise righteous, kind, intelligent, and respectful children.  When you have a moment to sit …

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May 22

Aborted or Miscarried Babies & Loved Pets in Heaven

Listen to today’s mp3 on how babies and animals go to heaven. TODAY’S FREE BOOK FOR YOU Kingdom Keys to PEACE FREE book  5/20- 5/24/14

Mar 02

Free Book – Use Your Words to Change Your World by Robin Bremer

Here is my new book site. You can get this book free it has about 41 pages in it and sells on Amazon Kindle for $5.00. Words are spirit and they are alive. Words  create pictures in your heart. Your spirit takes those pictures and creates them in your life. What words are you speaking …

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Nov 13

Stop Watering Down the Gospel for Kids-NEW POWERFUL KIDS BLOG

Today I want to introduce to you my new KINGDOM KIDS BLOG. On this blog I will be teaching weekly with  my puppet or myself. I believe that kids have the same Holy Spirit that adults have and can do signs and wonders. I believe kids should speak in tongues, heal the sick and raise …

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Aug 09

Can You Play With God? Is He Your Daddy? Read About my Experience Playing with Jesus

Can you play with God?  Do you know Him as your Daddy or is He some big God up in the sky who demands you follow rules and is untouchable? Jesus died so you could be restored to FELLOWSHIP with your Father. Jesus came to reveal a name to us, that name is Daddy! I …

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Jul 17

Our New Covenant is About Our Being RESTORED as a Son of God

Did you know that Jesus redeemed us from the law so we could be SONS of God? Jesus fulfilled the Old Covenant so that we could be restored into the family and be adopted as a son of God. New Covenant Sonship If this blog is a blessing to you subscribe to my monthly newsletter …

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Jul 05

As a Child of God You Have Been Restored to a Supernatural Relationship Not RULES

Do you know that because you have been “born again” and you have become a child of God that  you have a right to hear His voice and experience His presence. As His child you will experiences heavenly places and supernatural encounters and God’s peace and presence. He restored you so that He could have …

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Jul 04

Don’t Let This Stop You From Walking in the SUPERNATURAL

Do you know that you are a spirit being created in the image of God. God created you in His image so you could have fellowship with Him just like Adam did in the garden. When man fell in the garden of Eden, God sent Jesus to redeem us so we could be restored back …

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Jun 06

Feed My Kids JOY! Not rules, condemnation and shame! AWESOME Kids teaching Series

Today I want to share with you, my friends my newest project. This is a Bible Study for kids. Ribbons Kingdom Kids Series.I will have a coloring book that goes with each Vol. and a video for each chapter on the same subject using my puppets to teach. At the end of today’s post I …

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Jun 05

NEW Bible Study EMPOWERS CHILDREN to Experience The Holy Spirit & Power

Children need to learn the power of the Bible. To many times we water down the Bible and give them Bible stories. The Bible is meant to be experienced. Children that are saved have the same Holy Spirit in them as an adult. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, helper and revealer of things to …

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May 30

How Do You See The Father? National Foster Care Month

 My husband and me were foster parents for almost 2 years. We had 6 foster children in that time. Foster care takes a special kind of person one that looks beyond the current behavior patterns the child has built up as a defense and the thought patterns that has come about because of the abuse …

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May 21

Prayers For Your Children- Protection & Direction by Robin Bremer

God did NOT do this or allow it! God is love. Love does no harm. The world is fallen and evil lives in it. Things that kill, steal and destroy are from our enemy! God has given us authority over all the power of the devil but we must know it and speak it and …

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May 30

How do you see Yourself? Adopted or Abused

Every year, 3.3 million reports of child abuse in America are made, while millions more go unreported entirely. My husband and I were Foster Care parents for almost 2 years. In that time we fostered 6 children in our home along with our own 2 children. Becoming a foster child is a very scary time for …

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