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Apr 13

Robin Bremer Ministries Trailer

Oct 23

Confess Who You Are & Grow in Faith

Robin Bremer Ministries Today’s Blog- Confess Who You Are & Grow in Faith   GET Ready for the Holidays START your ACE lose weight with this awesome NATURAL pill, GAIN energy! No exercises No changing eating habits. E-mail for YOUR FREE SAMPLE    

Aug 08

ANGELS! Are They all Males? How Big Are They? What do They Do?

Today I want to share a little bit of interesting information from one of my free e-books on Angels.                   **Angles are referred to in most cases as “male” BUT there is one reference  where angels are referred to as “female”  in Zechariah 5:5-9.   They have …

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Mar 07

Do you Long to go DEEPER into the Things of God?

Do you long to go DEEPER into the things of God? Does you heart cry  out to know Him more? Do you hunger for His presence? This Bible Study Course is for you if you answered “yes” to any of these questions. “Kingdom Living Bible Study Course”  (4 Bible Studies) will take you from religion to …

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Mar 05

Signs, Wonders & Miracle Satans Lies? OR God’s Supernatural?

Have you ever saw a really uncomfortable thing happen in church and wondered if it could be God? Laughter is thought of as normal in our world yet people find it wrong when we laugh in church. Laughter is one of the gifts of God and should flow freely in our church and lives. Often …

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Mar 01

GUEST BLOGGER- God’z GurlZ Web Magazine

 I have asked my guest blogger to tell us something about their web magazine. It is called, “GOD’Z GURLZ WEB MAGAZINE”  God’z Gurlz is a Bible-based online magazine that caters to women’s issues such as managing emotions, marriage, parenthood, business, profession, education, relationships, health, finances, and other related concerns.  It aims to connect women …

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Feb 24

You Were Created to TELL THE DEVIL WHAT TO DO!

Hi Friends, I am so excited about this new book, it went through its steps and I will have my own printed copy in my hands in a week!! It will not be on till March 4 instead of Feb 27. I am really excited about this book, I tried to make it easy to understand. …

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Feb 05

Kingdom Living – “Kingdom Justice & Liberty For All” by Robin E. Bremer

The Bible is full of God encounters: angels, miracles, the blind seeing and the dead being raised. So why is the church is not living in it? Because the church is full of people who feel inferior, guilty, condemned and full of shame. You were created to be supernatural—to take dominion and subdue everything on …

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Sep 29

You Were Created to LIVE in The Supernatural! Feed My People Joy- Book Trailer

Did you know you were created to live in the SUPERNATURAL! You were created to have fellowship every day with GOD ! You were created to dominate anything that does not bring peace or joy! You have power & authority over the DEVIL & YOU are to tell him what to do! YOU have the …

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