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Communion The Power of the Blood to HEAL you NOW

Aug 01

Your Spirit is Perfect so Your Body & Soul needs to FOLLOW Your Spirit

  When you accepted Jesus as your Lord you became ONE SPIRIT with Him. He made you a NEW creature. Remember Jesus can ONLY be one with someone PERFECT! You are  perfect in His sight, holy, blameless and above reproach in HIS sight because He made you perfect by accepting His blood sacrifice. You were than sealed …

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Jul 29

Communion The 7 Places Jesus Blood Set you Free

  Communion is a joining of the spirit realm to the physical. Communion is joining the heavenly realm to the earthly realm. Communion is POWERFUL.Watch part 3 on Communion and learn about the 7 places Jesus bleed from and what they mean to you. Watch part 1 here. Download chart here communion blood

Jul 26

Communion Your Supernatural Vitamins & Medicine

Today I want to  share with you the power of Communion and how GOD wants you to take communion! Todays Free Book

Jul 18

Eat My Flesh & Drink My Blood =Proclaim the Lord’s death

COMMUNION Your Healing! Take a look at what blood does in the natural. The natural (physical)  is a copy of the spirit (unseen realm) BLOOD transport the removal of wastes. Blood transports oxygen hormones, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to all parts of the body. Life is in the blood. Lev 17:11-For the life of the …

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Jul 06

15 POWERFUL Things The BLOOD of Jesus Does For You

The BLOOD of Jesus Here is a list of 15 powerful things the blood of Jesus did for you. When I take communion I think on these things. The body and blood of Jesus transform not only me BUT my physical body bringing healing!   Eph 1:7 In Him we have redemption through His blood, …

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Sep 13

How to Honor the Blood of Jesus

Honor comes in many ways. You will be surprised at ways we are not honoring the blood and in simple ways we can honor the blood.Listen to today’s post Download this episode (right click and save)

Jun 02

What Happened at The Cross, Grave, Resurrection, Ascension, Sending Holy Spirit

How Jesus brought restoration so we could be restored to FELLOWSHIP with God. WHAT was Accomplished in The Life, Cross, Grave, Resurrection, Sending Holy Spirit Step 1 In His Life What did Jesus life on the earth accomplish for you and me?Jesus came to earth to Live as our representative (human with no godly attributes) and not …

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May 23

Oh The Blood

God made Man to have authority and dominion over the earth, and when Adam disobeyed God and chose to obey the devil, then Satan became man’s ruler and owned man’s authority. Satan became the ruler over earth, the one to have man’s dominion and authority over the planet. Because God follows His own rules and …

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