Aug 09

Can You Play With God? Is He Your Daddy? Read About my Experience Playing with Jesus


Can you play with God?  Do you know Him as your Daddy or is He some big God up in the sky who demands you follow rules and is untouchable? Jesus died so you could be restored to FELLOWSHIP with your Father. Jesus came to reveal a name to us, that name is Daddy! I want to share with you some Supernatural experiences I have had with God as my Daddy.



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A month or two ago at a Holy Spirit meeting I got to PLAY with Jesus. I went up to the alter and I don’t remember if someone prayed for me or if I just got slain in the Spirit (power of God hits you it is weighty and heavy that your body just falls- IT”S AWESOME). I asked the Lord to help me know Him as a child and as I lay on the floor I became as innocent as a child the Holy Spirit started playing with me. We were in a car and I had my hand out the window and catching the wind waves that would sent my hand straight up, then we were playing strings, (cradles I think it is called). I would dip my fingers into the strings and twist them and come out with a new design then Jesus would reach in and do the same. Then we were sitting on the floor playing with match box cars and making truck noise as each one of us had one or two cars in our hands and ran them in circles together. Next I was making faces, all kinds of kids faces, sticking out my tongue, saying, “nan ana nan ana” (however you spell that). At that time a bunch of kids burst out laughing apparently they had been watching me and figured out what Jesus and me were doing. Each time we did something new they would laugh and giggle and shout out, “Look they are playing with cars” or  something to describe what I was doing. It was so much fun. I loved making the most annoying kids faces I could think off. The kids watching me were rolling with laughter all gathered around me and watching the joy of the Lord. They had learned how to be free in the Lord and enjoyed watching me a 56 year lady who normally is very professional (except when I am drunk in the spirit and upside down on the floor). the last and best thing me and Jesus did was, we decorated a Christmas tree. We put on everything you could think of but that was not the focus. The focus is what happened when we got done. Jesus got up off the sitting position He was on the floor, He took my hand and the hand of an angel, and me, Jesus and several angels DANCED AROUND the Christmas tree. Jesus laughed and His eyes sparkled and He took great delight dancing with me and the angels  holding our hands as we danced around and around the Christmas tree. By this time I was crying deeply from my inner most being. I don’t know if I missed this in my childhood or what but this event touched me very deep and I will never look at a Christmas tree the same. Jesus is a person and He loves what we love. When I shared this one of my listeners got all religious on me and said,”that was not Jesus He would never do anything with a Christmas tree, that is a pagan Holiday!” LOL Jesus created the tree and He created the supernatural jewels and sparkles that naturally decorate the tree. He made the rainbow of colors that sparkle and shine in the ice and snow. The Christmas tree IS all about Jesus in every way represents what He came to do for us. Jesus loves Christmas TOO! Whatever His family loves He loves. It is all about a relationship not a bunch of do nots! Friends fall in love with Jesus the person and stop trying to make Christianity a bunch of religious laws and rules. GET PERSONAL with the Holy Spirit and let loose and enjoy life! Don’t worry you will not sin and if you do His blood covers it, you will fall so in love with Him your behavior will follow! Let loose and enjoy Jesus,after all family is the most important thing to the Father.

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If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would go? The Bible says all have sinned and the result of sin is death. But WHOEVER calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. I am a “whoever,” and so are you. Call on the name of Jesus right now. “Father God, I accept the free gift of Jesus and make Him Lord of my life. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and show me how much you love me. In Jesus’ name.”







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