*Our book Promotion use the “Free Days” offered on Kdp Select Program for your Kindle book. 

Promotional Packages

Promotional Package $60. PER DAY.

  1. 1 day $60.
  2. 2 days $120.
  3. 3 days $180.
  4. 4 days $240
  5. 5 days $300.

We promote your book using your kdp Select free days for EACH DAY. We promote it to:

  • 25-30 Kindle FREE Websites. 
  • Facebook Kindle Free Groups  and Christian Groups
  • Google Plus Kindle Free and Christian Groups

100% GUARANTEED if your book does not go up in rank you don’t pay!

We don’t guarantee a “Best Seller Rank” but we are pretty sure you might get it.


Days to promote book