Robin Bremer’s Bio

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me new glassessmallRobin Bremer is a published author of  over 34 books, and  E-books on the Kingdom Of God.  She is a leading expert on the subject of the Kingdom.  She is also an ordained minister, blogger, and a self-publishing coach.  She will be appearing as a guest author on the Sky Angel, Satellite and Direct TV on the Tom Leding Show in Sept.

Robin has a network of over 1 million followers on the internet, You Tube, Social networks sites, and her daily blog. Currently she has over 100- 150,000 hits monthly on her blog,  Her blog which is simply a sharing of her daily walk and supernatural encounters   with God.

One of Robin’s greatest accomplishments was when she and husband traveled across the USA on a bicycle build for two. It took them 81 days to pedal 4,600 miles. The goal was to share the goodness of God. They have documented their trip and have plans to write a book about the supernatural events that took place in that journey.

Robin’s mission is to “Feed God’s People Joy”.  She believes that Christianity is a SUPERNATURAL relationship with their Father God through the Holy Spirit and every day should be filled with supernatural encounters of the God kind. Her passion is to cause you to fall in Love with Jesus and experience His power and presence on a daily basis.

You can reach Robin by e-mail at:



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  1. Rev. Rick Jenkins

    I recently uncovered your book in my stack of stuff here at the penitentiary chapel.
    I can certainly get the Kingdom Living Bible Study in to the chapel here if you still want to pursue that.

    Be Blessed,
    Rev. Rick Jenkins
    Chaplain, Anamosa State Penn

  2. Jay D Lankford

    Robin , it was a pleasure meeting you and Cary yesterday at Viejo’s. I believe in divine appointments, and I believe our paths crossed as God intended.
    I originally went with Tate publishing because they claimed to be a Christian organization, but I guess I should have done my due diligence,
    I will try at get out if my contract with them,and get on board with your publishing, which impressed me because of (a) you seem approachable by your authors, Cary gave you a glowing report, and it just makes sense..
    I look forward to working with you in the near future!
    Regards, Jay D Lankford

    1. revrobin

      Thank you Jay, I hope things work our with Tate. I love my authors and do everything I can to bless them.

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