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Bernadette Pizzerific-Guest Post-Knowing Them!


Knowing Them by Bernadette Pizzerific

Most of my ‘Christian’ walk, I have heard the words, “God is a never changing God,” and we take that to mean everything God has done, is doing and will do. However, that is not an accurate depiction of how He is. Yes, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, but that is a depiction of whom He is, not how He works.

I want to clarify my opening sentence stating my ‘Christian’ walk. I have had many people say (when I tell people I am a follower of Christ), “So you are religious!” They do not ask it as a question. To them it is a statement of who I am.

I say, “No, I am a follower of Christ.” Which gains me a puzzled look and the question, “Isn’t that religion? Christianity is a religion.”

Again I say, “No I am not part of a religion. I am part of a relationship. They are two different things. I then, often share one of my motto’s – Religion leads to idolatry. Idolatry leads to sin. Sin leads to death. Relationship leads to Christ. Christ leads to love. Love leads to life.”

To many looking at ‘Christianity’, they see it as a religion, whereas having a relationship with Christ, never has been and never will be religion.

Who and how are two entirely different aspects to look at and take into consideration, especially in this day and time. He is changing how He does things all the time. We are not all made the same. We all react, learn and do things according to the way He made us and we are all unique. I loved hearing Lisa Bevere say, “We are not all equal. We are ALL unique!”

The first time I heard about anyone, being taken to heaven was in the mid 1990’s and that was Jesse Duplantis. I thought that was amazing, but never ever thought this was something that would happen for me. Partially because I heard a voice say, “That is not for everyone. That is for ‘men’ who have been following for most of their lives.”  I now know, this was the voice of the enemy of our souls speaking, not our Lord and Saviour.

In October of 1999, I was going through a hard separation and it looked like it was heading for divorce. My husband, had just entered his 3rd common law relationship since we separated.

God had actually started changing my perspective of things in the spring of 1999, when he gave me a dream, showing me my three miscarried babies who were residing in heaven. This dream came after praying and asking, “Where did my babies go? Are they in heaven or hell?” You see, even though I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1994, in 1999, I still believed many mistaught lessons, one being, the children of unbelievers would not, be found in heaven. I had miscarried my first baby in 1982 and twins in 1985, but did not come to know Christ until March 31, 1994. One night I cried out, asking, “God, where are my children? If they are in heaven great, if they are in hell, I will accept that, but I need to know.”

I fell asleep crying with the thought that my unborn babies, might by chance, be in hell, but needing to know.

I entered into a dream and in the dream, I saw a curtain or veil. On the other side of the veil, I could see three children walking on a path. They were walking towards me. There were two boys and a girl. The girl was walking in between the two boys and I could see them, but it seemed they could not see me. I heard a voice say, “Those are your children and they are in heaven.” I also heard God, give me their names, which upon waking I did not remember, but my main concern had been on where they were, so knowing they were safe and in heaven, was all I needed to know.

By the fall of 1999, God had brought me through a lot of new and wonderful things, but I was still under a lot of turmoil in regards to the separation of my marriage. Can we feel like a princess and a failure at the same time, yes, we can. I did. I had just learned that my husband had entered into his 3rd common law relationship in less than two years and I was feeling sorry for myself. I looked up to heaven and asked a desperate question. “God, when will I get to date?”

I heard a voice ask, “How about Friday?”

I rolled my eyes, believing Satan was being a jerk and said, “Nice try Satan. I am a married woman and cannot go on a date with any man.”

I heard, “I am not Satan and your date would be with me.”

How would you react when being asked, on a date with Jesus? I was astounded. I also accepted. He came to my home for dinner on Friday night and my life has not been the same since.


Our next date was in the spring of 2011 and it was during our dinner date that I was invited to name my babies in heaven. In 2005, I had a fourth miscarriage during a misguided, relationship. I do not want to say I was in a backslidden state, because I was still praying and still had a relationship with Jesus Christ, but I was in a definite state of living in sin. I have repented of that relationship and repented of my willingness to enter into a lifestyle I should have known was wrong.

It is amazing, how mistaught beliefs, stick with us. Even though I had already seen my first three miscarried babies in heaven, and God had let me know they were there regardless of my sinful state during those miscarriages, here I was once again, not knowing where my 2005 miscarried baby had gone. God let me know my fourth miscarried baby was a boy and he was in heaven. Furthermore, He said, “Babies are innocent and none, will be found in hell. Even babies with parents, not coming to heaven, will not go to hell. All babies come back to heaven.”  He helped me see and name my babies. David, Faith, Edward and Gabriel are growing and thriving in heaven.


In October 2016, during our first regular dinner date, I learned that my dream of seeing my children in 1999, was not a dream. I was actually taken, in spirit, to heaven, and given the blessing of being able to see my children and the reason for the veil was a form of protection for my children, because God knew, I was not ready at that time, to build a relationship with them. October 22, 2016 was my first visit to heaven that was not through the guise of a dream. I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have been to or seen heaven since October 2016. I am still having monthly dinner dates with God, not Jesus and we (Daddy, Jesus, Holy Spirit and I) now have a weekly tea party, at my home, in my living room.

They want me to share our dinner and tea experiences, because They want to have intimacy with all their children. They want to meet and have intimacy with you. Do you want to meet and have intimacy with Them?


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