Author’s Services & Prices

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Publish Your Book into a eBook and Print book.- $300.





Promote Your Book

$75 for 1  (Kindle Direct “Free” day)

90 days (5 Kindle Direct  “Free” days) promotion-$300.

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We are so confident we can move your book up in rank that if it don’t move up you don’t pay!

1. Make Amazon take notice of you and promote your book FOR you!

2. Become a Best-Selling Author increase your credibility and sales.





  1. Increase your sales
  2.  Higher conversion rates
  3. Increased traffic

This is how NORMAL Amazon Description looks- Boring sentences with no bold or highlighted text. No bullet points or call to action.

 Enhanced Description-This is how your description could look. Bold highlighted text. Bullets points and a call to action.




88% of consumers TRUST reviews.
63% of consumers are more LIKELY to BUY books that have reviews.
85% of Amazon Kindle Readers look at reviews BEFORE they buy.

Get a  Personalized list of 25 top reviewers who reviewed books similar to yours.

Simply fill out the template and mail.





 Copy Editing available for $150- $300. depending on word count and amount of work needed.

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