Author’s Services & Prices

Publish Your Book into a eBook and Print book.- $300.

RUSH PACKAGE- add $100 (to be completed within 15 days, you must have your book already edited and ready to print)

  1. Format Your Manuscript for print and kindle ( usually cost $199.)
  2. Upload All Relevant Documents, pictures and information, key words, author information, descriptions and other important information. (Book marketing usually cost $249.)
  3. Get you your ISBN number.
  4. Create a print and e-book professional cover. (professional books covers  usually cost $399.)
  5. Publish Your Book as a print book and e-book on Amazon through Createspace and Kindle.
  6. Make your book available on the Amazon and Kindle. (Kindle conversion cost is usually $79.)
  7. Set up your accounts if you do not have one on Amazon (Createspace, & Kindle KDP)
  8. Set up your Author Central account.

 You should have your printed book in your hands in approx. 30 days


Be your Campaign Manger


$150 a month- I guarantee your book will rank higher!

All these groups are free or 99 cents Kindle groups so YOU MUST HAVE YOUR BOOK  enrolled in KDP Kindle Select  TO USE THIS PROMOTION AND HAVE AT 1 -2 “FREE DAYS”  or  instead of KDP Select change your price on promotional days/month to 99 cents OR have your book permanently free for the month that I promote you.

  1. I will promote your book to Facebook Groups top  Kindle Readers and Christian Groups who are genuine and active readers.
  2. Google +   Kindle Readers Communities and Christian Communities
  3. Linkedin KindleReader and Christian Groups
  4. Twitter Kindle Groups using @ and #
  5. I will post a article about you and your book on my blog including links to your website and where you can buy your book on Amazon.
  6. Your book will be seen by over 1/2 million people interested in your subject!
  7. I will cover your promo and book in prayer

(The goal is to move your book toward the top 100 in it’s category or higher so that Amazon will promote your book, your following will increase and your sales will go up)



Enhances your book  $75.

This includes a 1/2 hour coaching session to help you be more successful.

  1. Create an awesome book description for Amazon (your own html code to paste in your Kindle description)  make your book stand out and catch your readers attention.





2. Create a list of 20 top book reviewers who have reviewed similar books Give you a template to ask them to read your book and give you a honest review.

3. Do an  individual coaching session by phone on how to make more money with your book. Example how to improve your book, what other products or services you could offer. What you could do to market your book.


Publish Your Book on Smashwords $75.

Smashwords is the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks and the world’s largest ebook retailers. Their distribution is to major online ebook retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo and Inktera, and to libraries via distribution relationships with OverDrive (20,000+ libraries) and Baker & Taylor Axis 360. By publishing digitally on Smashwords,  authors can expand their global readership by leveraging the global reach of the Smashwords distribution network. They are the distributor.  You (the author) are the publisher, and retain all ownership rights to your works, and are still free to publish your work elsewhere if you choose. Authors  can remove their works from Smashwords at any time (although they cannot take back works that have already been purchased or sampled by readers).

I will format your book for Smashwords

Upload your cover or create it if you don’t have one make.

Upload all relevant documentation and publish your book.


Create an Audible Book for you using a professional voice actor. $75.

Your audiobook  will be available on,, and iTunes, You do not have to pay the voice actor but share royalties with him/her. Audio books are great because the voice actor will be invested in your book and also be promoting it which will  increasing your sells and customers.

Publish your book as a large print $75

This is only available to clients who have used me to publish there book.

 Publish your 2nd or 3rd book.  $250.

ONLY for clients who have already publish other books with me.


Create a Video Book Trailer $75.

Books that have video trailer sell 200% more books!

Trailers are 30 seconds to 1 minute long and include music and pictures.


Create a Author Website $300.

A website is the perfect platform for marketing and creates a professional image.It is a place where you can begin to build a following of fans.I highly recommend a web site for every serious author.

I will create a simple professional website for you to blog  and promote your book. I will create 3 pages for you to start..

  1. Home page
  2. About page
  3. Bookstore Page
  4. I will coach you  on the phone for 2 hours on how to take over the website and how to do post and pages.

This is Ron simple website build as he directed it.

Coaching  1 hour $50.

I will show you how to be a successful author.

  • Let’s talk about how to improve your book
  • Do you have writers block?
  • How to self publish your book.
  • How to promote your book.
  • Ways to increase your income with your book.
  • Ways to create more products.
  • What to do with your website.
  • How to get started.