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1I can take your incomplete manuscript, and turn YOU into a published Author.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first book, or number five.

Your book does not have to be a Christian book, I just need it to NOT conflict with Christian principals.






If  you are ready to publish please contact us a: for your pre-consultation interview so that we can get started on your book.

Some of My Authors and  Their Books

Feel free to contact them to ask how pleased they were with my services…





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End-time events made plain through Revelation and the Apocalypse -Large Print: Doom of Beast Followers By Jeanie Morrow Those who read this book will be blessed with a clear understanding of Revelation and end time events as well as drawn into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and the Father. They will see clearly the great love the Father and Jesus Christ has for the saved and the lost. You will be changed and will come to understand Revelation as never before. It is my desire, you as the reader will read and be made ready to meet the Lord and have a complete understanding of Revelation as God intended.



I want to thank you, so very much for working with me, to help me in all that I needed to get my book published. End-times made plan through Revelation and the Apocalypse By Jeanie Morrow The cover was excellent as well as the way the book was compiled, put together. I appricate the advice on how to get my book promoted and you even offered to send it to your friends, to help me. You were certainly God sent, as I prayed for the right person to help get my book published, and it was you. I look forward to workinjg with you again. God bless and uphold you, as you continue in helping other authors, who need a helping help to get started.

Always your friend. Jeanie Morrow


wilma lynch coverShattered Dreams  by Wilma Lynch is a heart-felt, honest, and inspiring book that deals with some tough issues facing the person who has suffered loss of any kind. It is enormously helpful to those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. This book deals with the recovery from grief, loneliness, and disappointment to thriving not just surviving. It tackles the emotions and thought processes that people will go through as they learn to survive without their loved one, the financial security of employment, loss of good health, or even divorce. Loss is loss no matter what it involves and it changes one’s life forever. It gives spiritual and practical insight on how to deal with loss, walk through healing and live again with purpose. It is an open and honest account of the authors very personal experience of losing her husband. It is about finding where one fits in life after the loss of any kind. The contents of this book motivates faith, and encourages one to move upward and forward. It contains scriptural instruction and encouragement. This book is sure to serve as a support and a companion for the reader.


The Lord laid it on my heart to write a book concerning the things I experienced after my husband of thirty-five years went home to be with the Lord.  In it I dealt with the frustrations, the pain, the suffering, and the recovering with the help of the Lord.  She was so great in dealing with me, a sixty-seven year old computer illiterate. She is really good to work with and very patient.  She does a great job and is always accessible when help is needed. She is very knowledgeable in the process of getting a book printed.  If I were to rate her I would give her a five star.  Anyone wanting to print his or her book would be smart to employ her to do so.

Wilma lynch


brenda coverBrenda  Townshed’s book  “Testimonies of Brenda Townshed”
is inspiring and creates hope to anyone saved or unsaved who reads it. This book give testimony to Gods supernatural power in Brenda’s life. As you read through her book you will see the favor, protection and the love of God actively woven throughout each page. This book will give you hope and build your faith to trust in God. Brenda’s book will teach you how to hear the voice of God in your everyday life.








karen cover_nickel pennyNickels Worth of Penny Candy by Karen Fisher, A preacher and his wife take in an orphan they found living on the streets. With five children at home already they certainly have their hands full. They were thinking what would it matter for one more to join their happy group?
This child is a bit on the mischievous side and all kinds of things start to happen after she comes to live with them. This is a fun book to read!







karen cover _cowboyCould of Been a  Cowboy by Karen Fisher  A small boy and girl lose their parents at a young age. They are sent back east to live with their old Aunt Effie. She feels like she has been put upon and doesn’t want them there. After eight long years of her meddling and trying to run his life the boy leaves. He won’t allow the girl to go with him. She doesn’t hear from him for two long years. Her Aunt is trying to run her affairs also and she is at her wits end. She gets a letter in the mail from her brother. He finally let her know where he is at. He said he has almost enough money to send for her like he promised. She can’t wait any longer for him to save enough money to send for her. Find out what she does to get to him. This is a fun action, adventure Book. Reading is fun!





karen_nobodyLittle Miss No Feelings, Nobody by Karen Fisher A fourteen year old girl has to move to a new town.
She has to start a new school and make new friends. She is already terrified and to make matters worse her father is one of her teachers at the same school. Any time something happens he finds out about it before She can explain





YES publish my book now I want to be a published author!

PLEASE Note:  I have the right to decline any author service do to content, your book must be family safe with Christian values, unless it is a bio, teaching a skill or something related. I only work with FIVE authors at a time so make sure to sign up now.



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    I’m interested in book enhancement and promotion. Can you explain what you mean ‘book reviews’? And about the video trailer, do you make animation also?
    I’ll give you the facebook page of my book, to get an idea.
    Thank you.

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