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May 18

The Authority Because of our Physical Body.

The Authority Because of our physical  Body. Your physical body gives you legal right to rule on earth, because God gave man the planet, (see Gen 1 and Ps 8). When you receive the righteousness of God as your own, then your body becomes a weapon to enforce the devil’s defeat. And do not present …

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May 14

4 Things the devil Uses Against You Legally!

In  my newest book release learn about how to take the warfare to the courts of heaven.   The Courts of Heaven are a game changer for most Christians!   Here are some ways the devil uses the courts of heaven to keep you from getting the promises that legally belong to you because of …

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Apr 22

Guest Post- Drawing Strength from the Psalm of David (Psalm 23)

The psalm of David or psalm 23 (The Lord is My Shepherd) is perhaps one of the most recognizable passages from the Bible, widely quoted and recited both in times of darkest need and overwhelming gratitude. It has been a source of comfort for countless dying souls and a well of courage for those preparing …

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Mar 31

Guest Post – Why Do We Fast at Lent? by Naren

Why Do We Fast at Lent?   Lent is the period of forty days observed by Christians across the globe during Easter. It is a season of reflection, repentance, and self-denial. It is the latter – self-denial- that both Christians and non-Christians alike associate with Lent. It is common to hear individuals talk about what …

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Mar 23

Every Wonder What Happens to Used Pews? – Guest Poster

  Used Church Pews Began a Ministry Born Again Pews got it’s start by buying and selling used church pews to help churches across the nation save money, make better use of their offerings, and to better serve their congregations. Rex Blisard, owner, feels that serving others is a great way to honor God, and …

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Mar 22

God Wants You to Prosper in EVERYDAY Life!

The Gospel is Good News to the Poor I find it fascinating that the “Prosperity Gospel” is one of the biggest things people get angry over. The mentality over this is simply SILLY! Why would anyone think that God is poor or that He wants His kids poor? If they just looked at themselves working …

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Mar 04

Freedom from the Guilt of an Abortion by Guest Poster -Daniel Quartararo

I would like to encourage you to run the race that will one day allow you to reunite with your child! When we study the Word we see that the Lord is just, and in His justice He saves those souls who die as infants and young children. That’s a beautiful thing; a beautiful thing worthy of a just …

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Feb 24

Teach Your Kids to Walk in Power- New Book

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Feb 21

Ron Smith – Guest Post- Author of “The Presence” Free Kindle Today

Take a sneak peek into this FREE KINDLE BOOK The Presence   It’s about time I wrote this. I have so much to share. I feel like I have enough material to fill several books! This is a story about a life that was protected by the Almighty, although most of the time not realized. …

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Feb 19

Angels- What to Say to Send Them to Work For You Book 3

“Seeing Angels in the Sky, The Lords Decrees“ Book 3 is an awesome, powerful, faith building book! It contains pictures of the angels hidden in the sky along with directions on how to command them by speaking the Lord’s decrees. In this amazing book of real photos of angels hidden in the sky you will …

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Jan 27

Just a bit of fun….. Fun TRUMP Video

I loved this cute video and wanted to share it will all my friends and followers.   FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK LIVE AND LEARN ALL ABOUT THE SUPERNATURAL

Jan 24

MORE ANGELS! “Seeing Angels in the Sky” Book 2

  “Seeing Angels in the Sky, Commanding Your Angels”  Book 2, is one of the hottest books of the New Year! There is no other like it! It contains pictures of the angels hidden in the sky along with directions on how to command them in your life, community and the world. Your angels are …

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Jan 24

Seeing Angels in the Sky Book 1- HOT NEW RELEASE

“Seeing Angels in the Sky” one of the hottest books of the New Year! There is no other like it! You angels are always around you and YOU CAN see them if you know how… Angels are everywhere, working the plans of God out in our lives. I have been a Christian for almost 35 …

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Jan 17

7 Unique Ways To Connect With God -Guest Post by Tyler Damon

7 Unique Ways To Connect With God   Realize the power of prayer. Feel the support of God’s helping hand whenever you need it. Understand life and let the holy Bible teach you the meaning of selfless living. Make your life easier and this world a better place to live with these seven unique ways to …

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Jan 13

Are You Being Bullying at Your Work Place?

Are you being sabotaged at your work place? “Now I Have the Best Job in the World” will open your eyes on how YOU can win at your workplace. This book will show you if you’re experiencing spiritual warfare attacks at your workplace. It will gives you many points to consider if you’re being sabotaged …

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Dec 22

How to Use Your Angels and Sent Them to Work

Coming This Christmas my PICTURE BOOK of Angels in the sky. Look for it on

Dec 01

Have you ever Wondered the Difference Between the Holy Spirit And Angels?

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Nov 24

Christian Author’s -Start the New year as a Published Author

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Nov 07

Can we Command our Angels?? Yes…. Listen to the Word of God on this subject

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Oct 30

Angels… Use Your Imagination Which is the Bridge Between the Natural & Supernatural

Today I share about how your imagination is the bridge between the nature and supernatural.  Also on how to see the “Host of Heaven” camouflaged in the sky as they watch over you! Get Robin’s Book on Angels today! ****************Today’s Featured Sponsor*******************   Auto Repair Shops in Lincoln Park, Michigan

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