Why Create an Audio Book?

  1. Audio books potentially reach a new audience.  
  2. Audiobooks give you access to non-readers.
  3. Audio books boost paper & eBook sales.
  4. If people love audiobook, they’ll sometimes go back and buy a paper copy.
  5. Amazon’s Whisper Sync is now causing sales boost to Kindle books as well.
  6. Having an Audiobook makes you the author easier to find.
  7. There are over 100,000 books on Audible. There are millions of books on Amazon. Turning your book into an audio book makes you easier to find.

Why Create a White Board Trailer or Advertisement

  1. An animated whiteboard videos can boost 150% of your business, generating high quality leads thus; closing more sales.
  2. 72% of marketers claim that the white board explainer videos produces more conversions than any other type of content.
  3. Companies that use video get 45% more web traffic from search engines than companies that don’t
  4. Videos on a landing page were found to increase conversions by 80% or more.
  5. People spend 100% more time on a page that has a video.
  6. 90% of consumers watch videos online

Why Create a Video Book Trailer

How A Book Trailer Can Help Sell Your Book

  • 96% if potential customers find videos helpful when making purchasing decisions,
  • 6% find visuals are the most influential factoraffecting their choices.
  • Book trailers are easily shareable on social media, giving your book access to a huge audience and allowing you to use them for paid and targeted  advertising.
  • You will need a link to your social media page where they can buy your book  OR your website where they can buy your book or Amazon where they can buy your book from Amazon. The link to Amazon is the most used and the most professional and trusted.


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