“The Biggest Bully”

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5,400 kids grade 7th through 12th grade ATTEMPT suicide A DAY! Kids who have been bullied are 2 times more likely to consider suicide. SUICIDE is the 3rd leading cause of death in children age 10-24. WOW When you look at the statistic we have to offer these kids a solution that creates lifetime changes.

What is bullying? According to research bulling attacks the status, core identity and sense of belonging of a child.

We have created an awesome Anti-Bullying Program which uses humor and ventriloquist, balloons, audience participation, rapping, dancing, singing (terrible) to teach the kids to live a fear free life. Robin has 23 years experiences as a Comic Ventriloquist, she is also a published author and an ordained minister.The strength of the program is humor and the Word of God.Children learn that the devil is the biggest bully and he is whispering the same lies into the bullies ear as he is whispering in the victim’s ear. With this program we build up a foundation of their core identity and value. We give them a sense of purpose and belonging.20150121_154633


Download flyers

bullyflyer side 2

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bully card for kids bully card for kidsPOSTCARD bully poster for church

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