Who am I

My name is Robin Bremer, I am an ordained minister, ice hockey player, a Best-Selling Author, a publishing coach and a Business Developer. I invest in other people’s lives to bring out the best in them! How did I get started in this business?

As a publisher/promoter my interest started at the age of about 13 when I met an author for the first time.  After many years I wrote my first book and paid almost $2,000 to publish it. That $2,000 was a big sacrifice and I was greatly disappointed. My books cost $12.00 and I had to buy a box of books! This is the same story of many other authors! After a time I learned how to publish on Amazon platform and I started to help pastors publish their books. My passion was to help other Christian authors not to make the same mistakes I did by paying so much money to publish their books. As of today I have written over 50 books myself and published and promoted many top best sellers for other authors.

As a business developer my passion is help others succeed financial, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I educate people on the toxin in their life and help them to be toxic free and financially free!

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