Who am I

My name is Robin Bremer, I am an ordained minister, ice hockey player, ventriloquist, “Best Selling Author” and a publishing coach!

How did I get started in this business? From the age of about 13 I had a craving to become an author.

After many years I wrote my first book and paid almost $2,000 to publish. That $2,000 was a big sacrifice and I was greatly disappointed. My books cost $8.00 and I had to buy a box of books! This is the same story of many other authors too!

After a time I learned how to publish on Amazon platform Createspace. The books keep coming from inside of me and I started to help pastor publish their books.

I made it a pledge to help other Christian authors not to make the same mistakes I did by paying so much money to publish their books.

As of today I have written over 4 dozen books!

My passion is to help other authors tell their story, testimony, passion or devotion and then promote them to “Best Sellers”

…and that’s my story…. What’s yours?

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