Aug 01

A Remnant- Guest Post by Author Donna Wittlif


A Remnant

“Except the Lord of Sabaoth had left us a seed, we had become as Sodom and had been made like unto Gomorrah” (Romans 9:27).

During the last four months, I have connected with over 6,000 Twitter users, people from all over the world. I blocked many caught up in Satanic worship and others who indulge in pornography and such sins. I saw the culture of those who live to promote ungodliness.  But I also cried with a man in England who tweeted his dying wife’s last breaths, for a young man in Ecuador whose girlfriend was killed by police, and for the man living in the Colorado mountains whose little kitty was eaten by a wild animal.

What caught my attention during my “tour” of the world is that the light of God shines strongly through the darkness. I met missionaries working in schools and orphanages in the poorest of countries. I found preachers teaching Muslims the Bible in the Middle East and Africa and saw Christians laboring against odds to spread the Word in Communist countries. A young woman in Los Angeles belted out the hymn “In Christ Alone.” Her face was lit up with the joy she felt singing about her Lord. All over the world, bloggers, book authors, website builders, singers, counselors, churches, and preachers tell about our Lord and His love for mankind.

Yes, just as God had a remnant of Israelites who obeyed Him, He has a remnant in our world today. Their voices are heard by millions. They work tirelessly and sometimes give their all to save others physically and spiritually. They are shining lights in a world of darkness.

God still calls each Christian to show His love to others. We don’t have to go around the world. Maybe we can just step across the street. Let’s be a light shining in a world of darkness.


Donna Wittlif writes stories that share God’s love. She also sends out a newsletter to encourage Christian authors. You can see her World Eternal series and sign up for her newsletter at www.donnarwittlif.com.  She and her husband live near Denver, Colorado. Donna’s Book Page http://bitly.com/AuthorDonnaWittlif


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