Nov 11



flagToday I want to honor veterans. I am a vet but I do not deserve any honor all I did was chase boys and eat the great breakfast’s. Today I find it sad that vets have more and more benefits taken from them and are given less and less honor. I was in the service and there were a few times they set us on a bus and would not tell us where we were going or when we would be back. that was scary! But when you make that commitment to serve you are no longer in control of your destiny someone else is in charge. Sometimes that someone else is someone you dislike or disrespect BUT still you have to obey them. Yet when veterans come home they have to  adjust to making decisions that once were made by someone else,and  they have to motivate themselves. Changing lifestyles after what they saw and maybe had to do is not an easy life. There are things you just can’t talk about and things you are not allowed to share, secrets kept from loved ones that puts a strain of trust on relationships. There are things that are habits, daily life that have to be changed when returning home. Doubts, feeling of hiding thing, rejection, guild, shame and condemnation and even boredom. Veterans that fought have so many more issues to deal with that are locked up inside of them. They think thoughts of “if _____knew what I did would they still love me?”  ” I am bad, no one knows what I did,”, Where where you God?” We have no clue of the thoughts, memories, taunts, fears, sorrows and regrets that veterans carry in there heart. I think more of us need to pray for our veterans and treat them with dignity and respect. I think veterans should get FIRST before anyone else health benefits, educations, paychecks, to the fullest not be left on the street and in nursing homes. WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OUR VETS AND HONOR THEM.

Today I am giving MY  BEST for our VETERANS,I am giving you a copy of my favorite book “Kingdom Justice & Liberty for All” it is in Kindle form but don’t worry if you do not have a Kindle you can get a free app on Amazon.com the same page this link leads to and use it on any computer. This book is about Gods GRACE unconditional love for YOU!! and about HIS HEAVEN, angels and the supernatural things of God.

A PRAYER for Veterans

In Jesus name I speak peace and protection to our past, presence and future troops in our Military. I pray that family would have their loved ones returned safely to them. I bind a spirit of fear, sorrow,shame, guilt and condemnation in them and release a spirit of joy, love, peace and son-ship. Angels camp around them and protect them, keep them from harm. Holy Spirit comfort them and teach them your ways in Jesus name

THIS GIFT for Vets is only available tomorrow  NOV 12 at this Amazon.com link below, I am sorry but I could not get it to work for today

Parents, spouses and children Here is the link to click on to get your FREE VETERANS GIFT TOMORROW ONLY Nov 12 you can get your free gift on this link  THANK YOU and we are praying for you and your loved ones!!


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