Jan 13

Are You Being Bullying at Your Work Place?


Are you being sabotaged at your work place?

“Now I Have the Best Job in the World” will open your eyes on how YOU can win at your workplace.

This book will show you if you’re experiencing spiritual warfare attacks at your workplace. It will gives you many points to consider if you’re being sabotaged at your workplace including the scriptures to back up those points.

˃˃˃ It is an easy read, very creative, and you will begin to go to your workplace with a smile upon your face.

“Now I Have the Best Job in the World”, is a soul searching spiritual warfare memoir that grips the soul of the reader to see and live in a world that is unkind, yet teaching the lessons of God on how to love one another, in spite of our differences.

˃˃˃ You will learn about the stronghold spirits and how they operate in the spirit realm.

Mary Pate has been sabotaged at her workplace and has successfully had victory and now she is sharing her secrets with you. Mary was born in Pungoteague, Virginia, and as a child her parents moved her to New Jersey. During her adult life she has owned and operated a successful employment agency and wrote her first book “Motives of the Heart-through Trials, Tribulations and Tests” in 2010. In the late 1990’s unknown to her at the time, God had mandated and preordained her life to travel the journey, and write her new book “Now I Have the Best Job in the World: How God Helped Me through Sabotage in the Workplace. Mary states that her ministry and divine purpose in life is to help transform the lives of others through inner healing, deliverance and teachings on how to live victorious lives. She is a Professional Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Author.

Learn how to go to your work with a smile on your face and grab a FREE copy today ONLY. https://www.amazon.com/Now-Have-Best-Job-World-ebook/dp/B01NBQT17M


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