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7 Unique Ways To Connect With God -Guest Post by Tyler Damon


7 Unique Ways To Connect With God  

Realize the power of prayer. Feel the support of God’s helping hand whenever you need it. Understand life and let the holy Bible teach you the meaning of selfless living. Make your life easier and this world a better place to live with these seven unique ways to “Connect with God.”

  1. Pray Together

Even Jesus realized prayer took a lot of effort. And as we need private prayer times, we need the prayerful support of others too. So, ask a friend or a relative to meet with you once a week during lunch or after work/school. Share the issues in your life and pray for each other. It might feel awkward at first, but it will surely feel better with time and you’ll get nearer to God and to one another. You can also choose to send a prayer to the western wall or other holy places with the help of Christian groups that hand deliver online prayers to the holy land.

  1. Take A Break

Jesus didn’t favor mindless rituals, he believed that getting away and focusing on God is really very important. It should be done on a day every week, usually on Sunday when you take time out of your regular work schedule to rest and connect with God with your Christian community.  When you get away from schoolwork and other things that probably distract you, there’s a lot of space to get close to God and pray about what really matters. Pray for the progress of humanity, awakening, fearlessness and make the world a better place to live.


  1. Away From Distractions

Every once in a while, give up all your tech toys like video games, TVs, cell phones, internet and everything that you use to socialize. The world won’t end there. Utilize this time to talk with a friend, face-to-face. Go on a walk or fulfill your hobbies. Read the Bible or just sit quietly, allowing the holy Lord to speak to your heart without all the normal distractions.


  1. Protect The Earth

Taking care of the earth is the need of the hour right now. God created the heavens and the earth, and he preached that his creation was good. When he made humans, he told them to care for his creation. We still bear that responsibility. When there’s enough natural light, turn the lights off. Recycle, carpool or ride a bike instead of driving. Thank God for the world he created and treat it as the exquisite masterpiece it is.

  1. Memorize Bible Verses

Memorize Bible verses because God’s word exposes our innermost thoughts and desires. We can keep ourselves pious by obeying God’s command. When we memorize the holy Bible verses, we have it in our hearts when we need it. It’s in our heart and soul, helping us to make better decisions and reflect on God’s promises. Pick your favorite verse and write it on your mirror with a marker. Whenever you look in the mirror, repeat the verse and memorize it. It will protect you in the hour of need and you’ll build connectivity with God.


  1. Be Generous

God thinks that when we do nice things for others without them knowing, we keep ourselves from needing the approval of others or becoming arrogant. Write an anonymous note of encouragement to someone or leave a small gift for thanking a teacher or friend. You can also pray for someone without them knowing it. Send a Christian prayer request online for someone who needs it. Whatever you do, do it in the name of God. He’s watching and will be pleased with your selfless acts of generosity.


  1. Celebrate The Gift Of Life

Life in Christ is the best thing to cherish. Celebrate it! Remember, there are many ways to celebrate like dance in the sunshine, take photos of his beautiful creation, write a poem, sing a song to him, paint a picture, share a delicious meal with friends, live, laugh and make merry! No matter what you do, do it as a way to praise God and thank him for the great gift of life.

To find out more about Tyler Damon check out his blog at: https://powerofprayersblog.wordpress.com/


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