Jun 01

5 Truths – That will Change the Way You Think About Yourself


As a born again spirit being, your information comes from INSIDE of you! 

Did you know that when you receive the gift of Jesus paying the price for your sins and you are “born again” that you become alive in your spirit meaning that you are connected and ONE with the Holy SPIRIT? So that from now on if you let it you can receive all your knowledge from the inside of you instead of the outside!!


You are now led differently. Look at the way God leads you from the inside out now that you are born again.






1. You are led by Revelation knowledge, not head knowledge, experience, or things you’ve been taught by the events of life. You are taught and led by the Holy Spirit within your spirit.

2. You are led by the word of God living inside of you.

3. You’re led by the Holy Spirit who you have become one with.

4. You are led by peace and joy.

5. You are led by the anointing in you.


1 Peter 1:23 abstain from fleshly lust which war against the soul. Things your flesh wants to do war against the things your spirit man desires. This is why you should renew your mind to the word of God so that your spirit is in change and not your flesh or soul. You spirit is perfect and chooses to do the right thing that will profit you in every way.


Your born again spirit is so perfect it could go to Heaven right now and not have to become more holy!


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Can you think of a time you experienced information from the inside that went against what you could see on the outside?



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