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10 Reasons to Have Peace



10 Reason why you can have peace even in the mist of the storm. Look below for your free information on how to have peace.

God’s will is for you to live on earth, as you will in heaven. God wants you to have peace in every area of your life. Let me take you back to the beginning and show you how God planned a great carefree life for you.

1. He created the day and night and said, “It is good!” The night was not created to hide evil. The day and the night were good. (Gen 1:3-5)

2. God created the earth’s atmosphere and He said, “It is good!”
He did not create the atmosphere for the principalities, powers, and rulers in heavenly places to have dominion over us. He did not create what man calls, “Acts of God.” God does not control the weather. He created it perfect for our comfort. (Gen 1:6-8)

3. God gathered the waters and called them sea and He saw that, “It is good.” He did not create the shark to have dominion in the waters or the jellyfish to the kingdom of peace sting us. He created everything in the waters, GOOD

4.God created plant life and said, “It is good!” He did not created poison oak or ivy or any plant to hurt us. (Gen 1:11-13)66895_8022

5. He created the moon and sun so we could see and He said, “It is good!” He did not create the sun and moon to be worshiped. (Gen 1:14-19)

6. God created the animals in the sea, air and on the ground and He said, “It is good!” None of the animals were created to hurt us in any way. The snake, black widow, grizzly, cougar or any other animal were created good and NOT to hurt us. They were there to bless us. God created all things for us to enjoy and for us to have an abundant life. Because of man’s fall, the devil took what was good and twisted it to make something perverted to use against us to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) (Gen 1:20-23)

7. God created man in, “Our image and likeness.” He told us to, “Subdue and have dominion over ALL the earth.” We are created to be God’s kids. He said about us, “It is VERY GOOD!” His kids are just like their Father, we rule and reign without words. We are to be kings on this earth and bring our Daddy’s will to earth by the kingdom in us. Everything on earth that is NOT righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit is to be brought in line through the Holy Spirit in us! (Rom 14:17) (Gen 1:26-31)227873_fingerprint

8. God put GOLD and GEMSTONES ON earth for us. He wanted us to see them on the top of the ground, not have to dig up the ground and search for them. Gemstones and Gold are IN the earth because of the fall of man. They used to be ON the earth, we didn’t have to dig for them; they were not hidden from us. (Gen 2:11-12)

9. We were created to have FELLOWSHIP with the Lord. When Jesus died in our place and took our punishment for us, it brought us back into fellowship with God. We can now expect to have a daily relationship with Him. God restored us to the place of His kids! God is a chatterbox, He never shuts up. In my relationship with Him, He is always talking, sometimes so much I say, Wait I need to write this down. I found out a secret! The more time you spend praying in tongues, the more you hear from God. Do you want to know WHY? Because you are getting past your own logical, analytical mind, and religious thinking and into the Spirit of God and praying HIS PREFECT WILL (HEAVEN ON EARTH FOR YOU). Now, if I can have this type of relationship with God, so can you! Jesus said I can only do what I SEE My Father do. (Gen 2:8-16)

10. God planted a garden FOR US. It was pleasant to sight and good for FOOD! God want to be our God and take care of us. Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you. If we seek first the kingdom of God ALL these THINGS will be added to us.

He created the planets for us and earth for us to rule and have dominion just like our Father does in heaven. He made a place for His kids to copy Him.
Earth is a copy of heaven. The things God created on earth are in heaven. There are horses in heaven, trees, rivers, streets, houses, mountains, and a city. People work and worship in heaven. In heaven, people lift up their hands, and bow down, and shout and worship Jesus. If you don’t do these things now, you’re not going to enjoy heaven! Get rid of a religious spirit and start having a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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