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Give food to food pantry using technolofy- Guest Post

We live in a connected world where smart phones and tablets allow us to be in near constant and instantaneous communication with each other. A large majority of the population in the United States and in other developed countries have access to this technology, and those devices have become such a big part of our lives that many of us forget what it was like not to have these technological marvels at the ready at all times. For example there is a way to donate funds now to food pantry.BASKETS

But not everyone in the world has access to this technology or the gifts. While the populations of the developed world are mostly connected, there are billions of people in the undeveloped world that have no access to the basic necessities of life, and probably would not recognize a smart phone if one was handed to them or even use it to donate by credit card. Even in the developed countries of the world, not everyone has access to even a basic cellular phone or credit card. These people living in poverty around the entire world would love to have another meal, and you can help them with that by donating gift online.

Mar 11

Created in Their Image

Created in Their ImageCOVER LARGE PIC

When God created you, He created you to live in two worlds. He created you in His image, and your body, spirit, and soul will look just like the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. My goal in this book is to show you how you are a spirit—a perfect spirit joined to the Lord—and how you already have all the things you need for life and godliness inside of you.


But let’s go back to the beginning, and I’ll explain to you a little bit more about this subject. God created man in His image, and they were one spirit. When man disobeyed God by eating the tree of knowledge of good and evil man gave authority to Satan and disconnected from the life-giving God. Man’s spirit became connected to the devil, then because of the law of “like begets like” and “reaping what you sow,” every person born after Adam was like his or her new father or master, Satan. Their spirits were dead to God and they were under Satan’s dominion, instead of the God under whose authority they were told to rule and subdue over the devil.


This is why a person needs to be born again. When you ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life and you receive the gift of salvation—for which He gave His life—in exchange for your lifetime of sins, you are born again into the family of God and taken out of the family of Satan. Your spirit again has the life of God in it and you are now connected again to God to Father. Let me show you a few Scriptures in reference to this.


 1 Thessalonians 5:23 Now may the God of Peace Himself sanctity you COMPLETELY and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless.


Notice how it says body, spirit, and soul: three different parts. This is the Scripture that shows us most clearly that a human being has three parts. Remember, we are created in the image of God the Father (which is our mind, will, and emotions), Jesus (which is the physical being, the body), and the Holy Spirit (the soul)

1 Peter 1:23 Being born again, ….. seed, … incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth forever. This scripture tells us that we are born of incorruptible seed and that seed is the word of God, which is spirit and life. And in Heb 12:9, it says God is the Father of spirits. Jesus also said when you pray, say “Our Father God,” and that shows us that God is our Father and God is a spirit, so because we are joined to the Lord we are one spirit with him. 1 Corinthians 6:17.


When you are born again you are made alive in your spirit and your spirit is made perfect. That means one third of you—your spirit—is now perfect. Your spirit was dead to the life of God but now God has made you alive with His spirit, which is joined to you. Think about that!

Excerpts taken form March 2016 book, “You are a Spirit, You Live in a Body and you Have a Soul” Robin Bremer buy here


Feb 16

Word Seeds- Change your life Radio interview


Feb 12

Radio Show Supernatural Christian- Who am I Why am I here? Body, Spirit, Soul

My New Radio Show, “Supernatural Christian” Please share with your friends, and join in the conversation… We are talking about spirit, soul and body.

Watch the show weekly here.

Feb 04

How to Publish on Createspace- Step by Step Video

This is a step by step presentation on how to publish on Createspace.

Feb 04

How to Sign in to and use Author Central

Author Central is Amazons central location for an author to display their books, blog, information on future books and for the reader to get to know and follow the author. It is very important that you have an  account on  Author Central. This short video shows you more about it.


Jan 17

Seek the Kingdom of Heaven the SUPERNATURAL

As a Christian it is normal to seek the supernatural things of God. Our life should be filled with supernatural encounters! This video is from about 5 years ago and I share how and why we are to seek the things of Heaven.

Jan 10

Step by Step to Publish on Createspace

eesyeheol-frontWelcome and congratulations on your new book. I have self published over 40 books for myself and others. As a self publishing coach I have helped many publish their book, now I just publish it for them for only $300. You might consider publishing your book yourself by watching my video and other videos that I post in the VIP Authors Members Subscription. My goal is to help my authors and others that  are serious in publishing, promoting and learning how to make their books a success. After all YOU love your book!

This video is step by step process of self publishing your book on Createspace.


How to Get People Healed

How to get people healed is one of my most popular videos, this video is over 4 years old but still has very powerful information in it. Watch and share with your social media sites.


Man Bends Spoon with Power of His Identity in Christ

What do you think of this video? Can a Christian really do this? Leave your comments below


Grow out Legs Supernaturally

It’s fun and easy to grow out someones legs or arms. When you grow it out it gets realigned and many sickness leave the body.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever grown out your legs? arms? or someone else?


How to Sing in the Spirit It’s Power for Every Christian

More on experiencing the Supernatural tongues of God.


How to Worship with Flags, Veils & Ribbons

Nov 30

Angel Orbs- Angels are sent to Minister to you.

Published on Oct 29, 2015

Watch as I worship the Lord, watch the angel orbs watch them move in and travel and come close to the camera watches as i tell them to come from the right and then to come from the left and to come up down from up and go down it’s awesome. Angles are ministering spirits sent to minster to YOU!

More on the Supernatural and Angel


Who You Are In Christ

Sep 02

Revelation on Heaven and the Kingdom of God by Kat Kerr.

Life changing revelation on Heaven and the Kingdom of God by Kat Kerr.

Aug 22

The Power of Sonship

Here is a AWESOME article about son-ship, it will change your life.


How to Get in God’s Presence & Hear His Voice


Stop Allowing the devil to Bug You!


Communion The Power of the Blood to HEAL you NOW

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