Dec 15

Learn the secrets of the Music Industry from an “INSIDER”!


Today I want to share with you an exciting message from one of my authors who has the favor of God in his life.

Read this:

“John Wooley, a known author and book critic reviewed my book and said he was fascinated by it! He did an interview with me last week and is going to be coming out with a n article about it in OKLAHOMA  magazine, last of January, first of FEB!!”

Jay Lankford

Learn the secrets of the Music Industry from an “INSIDER”!

See country music in a whole new light.

This is the amazing story of a man named Jason James, a musician born to be a Sideman; join him through his incredible journey from childhood to Sideman of one of the leading acts on the cutting edge of Country Music, humorous, soul searching, tragedy to triumph to tragedy to eventual Christianity, you will be spellbound if you have any interest in the “insider” view of the Country music business, as well as a feel good read.

˃˃˃ This book will keep you entertained and informed.

“Being a sideman””from a musician’s point of view””can be a hard journey, but it has its rewards. I personally had the opportunity to go to all fifty states and to the countries England, Ireland, Scotland, and Saudi Arabia. You could play in a variety of events and places such as the world’s fair or a rundown bar. You could earn a good living or be on a perpetual “diet” (there is an inside joke that tells of a musician who won a million dollars in the lottery; and when asked what he was going to do with it, he replied, “I’m just going to keep on playing until it’s all gone.”).

Thanks to all the sidemen, who have embraced this career path.”

J. D. Walters

˃˃˃ A feel good must read book.

Check out Jay’s book by downloading your free copy today at:



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