May 18

The Authority Because of our Physical Body.

The Authority Because of our physical  Body.

Your physical body gives you legal right to rule on earth, because God gave man the planet, (see Gen 1 and Ps 8). When you receive the righteousness of God as your own, then your body becomes a weapon to enforce the devil’s defeat.

And do not present your members (body) [as] instruments (weapons) of unrighteousness to sin, but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members (body) [as] instruments (weapons) of righteousness to God. (Rom 6:13)

Because God gave earth to man to rule (see Ps 8, Gen 1), He follows His own rules and only interferes on earth through a person who has asked Him to help. Because you have asked Jesus to live in your heart, you carry the power and presence of God in you. You are human, so therefore you have legal right to rule Earth. You are a weapon against the devil, filled with God’s power.

We are the kings who are to rule on the earth through the Kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is His dominion, rule, authority, the way He rules in Heaven. God rules the earth through His Kingdom. His Kingdom is in us.

The throne and scepter are righteousness.

Your throne, O God, [is] forever and ever; A scepter of righteousness [is] the scepter of Your kingdom (Ps 45:6)

Righteousness and justice [are] the foundation of Your throne (Ps 89:14)

for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government (Kingdom of God) …Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, (because We, His body, continue it) upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom (read below to see WHY the government or kingdom was given to Jesus)

Why was the government given:

  1. to order it,
  2. to establish (how do we establish it) it with
  3. judgment and with
  4. justice from henceforth even for ever. (Is 9:6-7)

We as Jesus’ body enforce the JUSTICE He bought with the JUDGMENT of His BLOOD.

We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. God rules through us. If you are sin-conscious, filled with shame, guilt-ridden and have a worm-in-the-dirt mentality, God can NOT rule though you! You are a king and you are to rule the earth through the Kingdom of God in you in power.

We are God’s kids and His kings. A king’s job is to enforce justice according to the judgment. The devil has been judged. He has no right to put his curses on you or the law of sin and death.

The blood of Jesus paid for your sins and restored you to right standing with God. All things stolen from you at the fall of man in the Garden of Eden have now been restored to man. All sickness, disease, poverty, lack, fear and death are no longer allowed. Your job is to enforce that in people’s lives.

Enforcing justice is manifesting the devil’s defeat and showing God’s goodness.

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May 14

4 Things the devil Uses Against You Legally!

In  my newest book release learn about how to take the warfare to the courts of heaven.


The Courts of Heaven are a game changer for most Christians!


Here are some ways the devil uses the courts of heaven to keep you from getting the promises that legally belong to you because of the sealed covenant in the blood of Jesus:

  1. The devil finds unrepented sin in your life that he will use that against you. 1 John 1:9 says that “if we confess our sin, He is faithful to forgive our sins”. If you do not have any unrepented sin in your life, the devil will begin to look in your family line and use that against you. This sin is called iniquity. Iniquities are sins that are passed down generational lines.
  2. In the court system, if we are summoned to court and we do not appear to present our case, the opponent automatically wins his case against us. The results include continued lack of success with prayers, continued sickness, disease, poverty, curses, addictions, mind issues and so on.
  3. If we, or our ancestors, made some kind of covenant with other gods, then that covenant is passed down to us until we go to the courts of heaven and ask for a “divorce” from that covenant.
  4. One of the major ways that the devil keeps us from having what the blood of Jesus paid for us to have, and that is legally ours, is though ignorance. We HAVE TO RECEIVE what is ours – it is not automatically given to us. Salvation is for everyone, but only those who accept it and ask Jesus to be their Lord will be saved. Healing is for everyone, but only those who believe it and take it will receive it. We must TAKE what is ours and hold onto it. Answered prayer is ours, and freedom from the curse is ours, but only if we TAKE it.4

ENDORSEMENTS for “Seeing Angels in the Sky book 4, Working the Courts of Heaven

Psalm 19 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech,

And night unto night reveals knowledge.

God speaks to us through all realms and dimensions of His creation, giving us signs of what He us doing in our lives. But, are we paying attention? 

In her book Robin illustrates wisdom and understanding in an easy to use practical application in the Courtrooms of Heaven and for our daily walk with the Lord.

Well done!

Terry Spenscer


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Apr 22

Guest Post- Drawing Strength from the Psalm of David (Psalm 23)

The psalm of David or psalm 23 (The Lord is My Shepherd) is perhaps one of the most recognizable passages from the Bible, widely quoted and recited both in times of darkest need and overwhelming gratitude. It has been a source of comfort for countless dying souls and a well of courage for those preparing to go into battle. One’s circumstances needn’t and shouldn’t be so dire for us to call upon it though – there is a lot to be gleamed from its words that can help bring about a more positive attitude towards our situation and life in general.

One can find its first line on numerous icons, Christian pendants and other religious paraphernalia, but its significance is frequently overlooked. The duties of a shepherd were considered lowly and demeaning, often times relegated to children. It is even more humbling therefore that God would stoop to such a role in order to guide and protect his faithful flock. We shouldn’t view the word sheep in a derogatory sense here; to a real shepherd, a sheep isn’t just a dumb animal – it is a commodity, an investment and something to stake one’s future on. God is both humbling himself and honoring his followers, having faith in our potential to grow and develop spirituality.

The word my shouldn’t be overlooked either. It signifies that the connection between oneself and the Lord is a deeply personal one. This particular relationship is important not just to David, but to God as well.

David is content with what the Lord has provided him. This doesn’t mean that he has been rewarded generously, but that he takes what the Lord has deemed enough for him with gratitude, vowing not to ask for more. Even though he is a king of Israel, he acknowledges that he doesn’t know the answers to all of his troubles. Only with the guidance of a higher power can he find contentment and ease within himself.

Since his cravings are diminished and his faith in the Lord’s guidance is unquestioning, he now has the inner strength even to walk through the iconic valley of the shadow of death without fear, because even the prospect of death becomes insignificant with the Lord by his side. For one such as David there is no more need to fret. Even in the face of adversity the Lord’s rewards and favor are plentiful, and will remain so as long as He is within one’s heart.

It doesn’t take a stretch of imagination for us to apply this biblical knowledge to our own circumstances. We have it within us to influence our lives to a degree by reflecting on our desires and expectations, adjusting them if they are at odds with reality. There are many more variables we cannot control however, so expending energy on worry and fear is neither productive nor logical. What we can do is to live life according to what’s right and tackle the difficulties we can do something about head on. The rest is in the Lord’s benevolent hands.

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Mar 31

Guest Post – Why Do We Fast at Lent? by Naren

Why Do We Fast at Lent?


Lent is the period of forty days observed by Christians across the globe during Easter. It is a season of reflection, repentance, and self-denial. It is the latter – self-denial- that both Christians and non-Christians alike associate with Lent. It is common to hear individuals talk about what they plan on giving up for Lent. But what does this mean? Why do people give up something for Lent and what is the real purpose of observing this religious calendar event? In this article, we talk about the long-standing practice of lent to better understand why people fast during the 40-day period.

What is Lent?

The word “lent” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “lencten,” which means spring. This isn’t a very descriptive or spiritual word to explain the purpose of this religious event, but it certainly gives a hint as to the time of the year that Christians observe Lent.

Lenten fasting started in the early Church. Later the ritual became widespread with a standard set of practices and expectations. The real purpose of Lent is to prepare Christians for Resurrection Sunday (more commonly called Easter) by stepping away from the things of the world to focus mainly on Christ.

Observation of the Lenten fasting season has been happening for more than a thousand years. It’s unclear when exactly it started, but letters from different church leaders mention Lent as early as AD 203. In AD 313, the practices became officially recognized and encouraged in the Catholic church.

The Bible doesn’t specifically mention the Lent period; but some have interpreted scriptural references to lay the foundation for the 40-day religious observation. In the New Testament, Jesus spends 40 days in the desert, facing trials, and temptations of all kinds. For this reason, some followers of Christ spend 40 days fasting each year before Easter, to remember the suffering and triumph of Jesus Christ. By the time the Lent period is over, and Easter rolls around, Christians who participated in lent feel more prepared to rejoice and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus following His death on the cross.

When Does Lent Happen?

Depending on the denomination of the church, the period of Lent can start at different times. However, the standard practice for most churches is to begin Lent on Ash Wednesday and end it on Holy Saturday, the day before Resurrection Sunday.

This period is always 40 days but excludes Sundays during the fasting. Each Sunday is like a mini-Easter representing a break from fasting each week. Lent falls in the month of March and April, but the exact date will vary each calendar year. Since Easter Sunder is not a set date, the period of Lent is calculated based on the observation of Ash Wednesday.

Lenten Fasting

During Lent, it’s traditional to fast and give up something in your life. It’s debated within some churches how long the fast should be. While many agree that the whole 40 days (minus Sundays) should be a fasting period, others argue that you should only fast once or twice during the Lenten period, usually Ash Wednesday and Good Friday (or Ash Wednesday only).

In the case of a shorter fasting period, individuals replace a fast with something else, such as giving to the poor, charity work, or giving up a luxury for the entirety of Lent. For Catholics, it’s expected to give up meat every Friday of Lent. Others have taken a more personalized approach to self-denial for the 40-day period. This can include giving up a type of food, or an activity of indulgence.

Many churches cover religious symbols, artifacts, and decorations during Lent as well, to solemnly show solidarity for the suffering of Christ. Religious leaders use a crimson cloth to cover the holyart pieces in Catholic churches during Lent.

Fasting and giving up luxuries are not mandatory during Lent. The true reason behind the religious observation is to align yourself with the suffering of Christ and to focus on what He went through in His life, death, burial, and resurrection – the true meaning behind Easter.


Lent and the accompanying practices are not a required part of Christian living, neither is it recognized in all churches. However, it serves to represent for some Christians a way to celebrate and focus on the real purpose for Easter and the spiritual sanctity of the holiday.

Guest Post – Why Do We Fast at Lent? by Naren

For more information go to:

Mar 23

Every Wonder What Happens to Used Pews? – Guest Poster


Used Church Pews Began a Ministry

Born Again Pews got it’s start by buying and selling used church pews to help churches across the nation save money, make better use of their offerings, and to better serve their congregations. Rex Blisard, owner, feels that serving others is a great way to honor God, and he personally goes on most of the delivery and installation trips to make sure the service is quality and sincere. All the products made by Born Again Pews are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Over time, Rex and his family gained the experience to understand what a well-made church pew looked like, and aimed their focus at crafting beautiful, durable pews for worship services everywhere. The pews are made from high-quality, solid oak and are crafted to provide comfort to the congregation and to beautify places of worship. Pew ends come in a wide variety of choices to give each church the look and atmosphere unique to its congregation and focus. Born Again Pews also crafts pulpits, benches, and communion tables at affordable prices.


The company offers a price match guarantee and financing options, providing the opportunity for each congregation to receive beautiful, well-made furniture to enhance their worship and church atmosphere at various budgets. And with only 10%-25% of a regular congregation giving tithes, this may be appreciated by church clients more than BAP knows. BAP offers free quotes to all who are considering their furniture services to enhance their church service.

Pulpits, tables, and other furniture can either add to or take away from the individual experience of church-goers, and Born Again Pews wants to give each chapel the make and style of furniture that will beautify each chapel. BAP has a furniture consultant who will happily help you through the process of choosing a custom pulpit, or any of the other furniture to create a well matched appearance. The craftsmen employed by BAP are able and eager to create any additional furniture needs your chapel may have. Additional pieces include fonts, announcement boards, kneeling rails, modesty panels, upholstered kneelers, tithe boxes, and more, each of the highest quality. One thrilled client referred to the professionalism and quality, as well as the superb custom padding job. Another client praised BAP for their above and beyond efforts to expedite an order, as well as their top notch installation job.

When they have used pews available, they are always refurbished to last a lifetime. For churches needing upkeep on their furniture, or furniture they have purchased from other places, Born Again Pews offers re-upholstery and installation services. They also can help with chapel furniture and church chair needs, and they welcome inquiries, as their website doesn’t always list their available used furniture

Born Again Pews handcrafts high quality church pews, pulpits and other church furniture nationwide for sale. We are a team of trustworthy, caring people and top quality church furniture is the backbone of our business.

Church pews made in America

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At Born Again Pews, we handcraft all new church pews, pew ends, pulpits, chairs, and other church furniture items from solid red oak, taking God’s gift to us, and building beautiful church furnishings to worship Him. Our worship furniture is solid, comfortable and attractive. We know you will be fully satisfied that we guarantee our used church pews & new church pews furniture for life!

We believe that we honor God by serving His people. To that end, we offer our best work at the most affordable price possible. The quality, comfort and durability of our church furniture and pews enhance your worship service. We also stand behind our products: all our worship seating and church furniture is backed for a lifetime of service.


“Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord”

Romans 12:11

Used Church Pews Began a Ministry


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Mar 22

God Wants You to Prosper in EVERYDAY Life!

The Gospel is Good News to the Poor

I find it fascinating that the “Prosperity Gospel” is one of the biggest things people get angry over. The mentality over this is simply SILLY! Why would anyone think that God is poor or that He wants His kids poor? If they just looked at themselves working so hard to give their kids a BETTER life, our Daddy is better and richer and much more generous.
They love their kids and want to get them all they desire and more IF they can afford it. Well, God is the same way; He wants His kids to have all their hearts’ desires as long as they love Him and NOT money. God is love and love always gives to the object of their love!

It takes money to share the gospel. It takes money to feed the poor. It takes money to be a godly representative of what and who God is. We are the answer to the world’s problems; we are to help in all the events and disasters that are about to happen to this planet as it folds up under the weight of sin. We need abundance so we can give abundantly!
The Gospel of the Kingdom is good news to the poor: they don’t have to be poor anymore. Jesus was anointed with THE HOLY SPIRIT to preach that good news to the poor.
Jesus paid the price with His blood so we wouldn’t have to be poor. That is why it is JUSTICE not to be poor.
Behold My Servant, whom I have chosen; My Beloved, in whom My soul is well pleased: I will put My spirit upon Him, and He will declare JUSTICE to the Gentiles. (Matt 12:18)*
Below is a small list of some of the ways God provides prosperity in the Kingdom
As you read through this little book stop, study and meditate on each scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to show you truth in each one.

Justice is Not to be Poor Anymore

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Mar 04

Freedom from the Guilt of an Abortion by Guest Poster -Daniel Quartararo

I would like to encourage you to run the race that will one day allow you to reunite with your child! When we study the Word we see that the Lord is just, and in His justice He saves those souls who die as infants and young children. That’s a beautiful thing; a beautiful thing worthy of a just and loving God! In Job 3:16, Job says, (in his wallowing and sorrow from losing all he did), “Or why was I not hidden like a stillborn child, like infants who never saw light? There the wicked cease from troubling, and there the weary are at rest.”

We see in the book of Revelation that rest and Heaven are synonymous. Revelation 14:13 says, Then I heard a voice from Heaven saying to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.”” Job, in such agony, wishes he was a stillborn child who would have gone straight home to rest in the Lord. We can also find out that the Word of God does not once refer to Hell as a place of rest; but of torment, of fire, and of weeping and gnashing of teeth. I believe it is clear from these passages alone that your child is resting, JOYOUSLY, in the Lord, but there is more evidence that this is in fact the truth!

King David lost a very young child; a few weeks old, but he was not torn up about it, for after he wallowed and prayed for the Lord to heal his child and the Lord did not, King David dusted himself off, ended his fast, and returned to joy! The people around him, astounded that he so easily and quickly let his sorrows go, asked King David about this, and King David replied saying this: “…why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.” (2 Samuel 12:23) It is clear that King David is at peace (even joy in context of the scripture) and looking forward to again meet his child in Heaven!

Bring to your remembrance Romans 5:20: “Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more.” I proclaim over you that the suffering you have been experiencing is now over as you choose to walk in the freedom of Jesus Christ, in Jesus’ name! I encourage you to accept the sacrifice of Jesus for your sins in faith, enter the Holy of Holies in your spirit, right now, run directly to the throne room of your Heavenly Father (by faith) and ask your Heavenly Father for forgiveness and to take all the guilt off you right now and lay every bit of it down at the foot of the cross of His son, Jesus Christ! Receive your freedom! You are ready! You are worthy! You are a child of the Almighty God and the Lord Jesus paid for more than just your salvation, He paid also for the cleansing of all the ramifications of your sin so that you may have a clean and pure conscious before your Lord! Hallelujah! God is truly GOOD!

​[Please go through this process now! <3]

Welcome back!

Again, I want to encourage you to run the race that will one day allow you to reunite with your child! Submitting to God is the key! I encourage you to seek God, the voice of God, and God’s will for your life with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength! There is freedom in Jesus! Freedom from sin, freedom from fear, freedom from the loss of hope, freedom from everything negative and evil…even freedom from decision! Now THIS is truly freedom!

As we pray without ceasing (and prayer is a two-way conversation), God, our Father, takes care of everything in our lives (and I can say from experience this is indeed true)! He knows what we need financially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. To the best of my ability and discernment, I have not made a decision since coming to the Lord in a full surrender and He aligns my life in absolutely miraculous ways!!! I do not have words enough to say of how wondrous it is to TRULY give your life to Him in full!

I have experienced the Lord joyously guiding me on the “smallest” of decisions, daily, and it brings me DEEP inner peace, faith, and confidence in Him! We have a GOOD Father and like a good Father, we can truly be children with Him! We can lay down every worry, every concern, every plan, and trust our Heavenly Father has it ALL covered! Our Heavenly Father deeply desires to be deeply involved in our lives; guiding and teaching His children through His son, Jesus Christ, who submits to Him as well! God is AMAZING (to very truly, say the least)!

Our Holy Trinity is all knowing and all-powerful! Our Holy Trinity not only loves us, but IS love! Our Holy Trinity rejoices over you with singing (Zephaniah 3:17) as your give your life over to the will of God! Lose your life in full surrender, right now, for Jesus, and you will gain His eternal life! Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

May God teach you all you need to know, including how to walk in signs and wonders (in His name), and may He guide you into every blessing and good gift that He has for you! I will leave you with Romans 11:29 “For the gifts and the calling of God are IRREVOCABLE!” It is never too late while you are still alive! Run your race! Run for first place! And may you be crowned with the Crown of Life and reunited with your child in the Holy Trinity, in grace, in Jesus’ mighty name!

For more details on how to run this race from someone who lives daily in a full surrender, please click here and subscribe!

Daniel Quartararo

And may God bless you, richly, in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen! <3 <3 <3


Feb 24

Teach Your Kids to Walk in Power- New Book


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Feb 21

Ron Smith – Guest Post- Author of “The Presence” Free Kindle Today

Take a sneak peek into this FREE KINDLE BOOK

The Presence


It’s about time I wrote this. I have so much to share. I feel like I have enough material to fill several books! This is a story about a life that was protected by the Almighty, although most of the time not realized.

I have to start back in high school at the small town in NE Oregon that I grew up in, Elgin. Elgin boasted a population of about 1,600 with the economic center being the Boise Cascade Wood Mill in town. I have to say that back then, that God was one of the furthest things from my mind and daily thinking.

My family and I were not believers or involved in any church. Actually, there was a church right across the street from my parent’s house that I used to stand and look out the living room window at. Sometimes when the people were going in and out I would say to myself, “What a bunch of weak minded people needing the crutch of church to get through and handle life.” Of course, I thought I had it all together and that I had the world by the tail.  I know now that that was only the power of pride blinding me in my ignorance.

I had three amazing encounters with the Spirit of God when I was in high school. These all happened in my fourth year as a senior. One day as I was walking down the hallway at school I suddenly felt this “presence” all around me.

The experience was strong and it felt like “something” or “someone” was visiting me. I had never experienced anything like it before. It was very unusual because accompanied with this “someone” or “something” visiting me, came this overwhelming desire to go somewhere.

I suddenly wanted to go to the Philippines with every fiber of my being. It was strange because I had no idea why I wanted to go there.  I don’t think I even knew where the Philippine Islands were on a map, nor did I know there were over 7,100 islands that make up the Philippines.

They heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden.   Gen 3:8

I didn’t think much about it as the experience was brief and I quickly dismissed it and went on with my day.  This same scenario would happen two more times in the hallway that school year and grew stronger each time. The third time the “visitation” happened I stopped in the hallway; I looked left, then right and then I looked up and said, “Where is this coming from?” Honestly, it was very frustrating. Why did I feel like “someone” or “something” was visiting me and why did I suddenly, overwhelmingly want to go to the Philippines? Of all places on the planet, why the Philippines?

Well, little did I know that God was knocking! All three encounters were brief and I quickly dismissed each experience and quickly went back to what I thought was important, which was trying to hang out with the right guys, because they attracted the right girls and where was I going to go and party Friday night! To continue reading download the free kindle book following the link below.























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Feb 19

Angels- What to Say to Send Them to Work For You Book 3

“Seeing Angels in the Sky, The Lords Decrees“ Book 3 is an awesome, powerful, faith building book!

It contains pictures of the angels hidden in the sky along with directions on how to command them by speaking the Lord’s decrees.

In this amazing book of real photos of angels hidden in the sky you will learn how to send the angels out to work FOR YOU! You will learn how to walk in health, prosperity, peace and wisdom. Each page is filled with decrees you can use to command you angels in every day situations.

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Jan 27

Just a bit of fun….. Fun TRUMP Video

I loved this cute video and wanted to share it will all my friends and followers.



Jan 24

MORE ANGELS! “Seeing Angels in the Sky” Book 2


“Seeing Angels in the Sky, Commanding Your Angels”  Book 2, is one of the hottest books of the New Year!

There is no other like it! It contains pictures of the angels hidden in the sky along with directions on how to command them in your life, community and the world.

Your angels are always around you and YOU are the king of the great army. Learn how to command your angels to do the work of the word FOR you!

Angels are supernatural weapons that God has given everyone. They are sent to you at the time of conception and work for you. Angels are always all around you. Ask God to open your eyes to see the host all around you in everyday life.


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Jan 24

Seeing Angels in the Sky Book 1- HOT NEW RELEASE

“Seeing Angels in the Sky” one of the hottest books of the New Year! There is no other like it!

You angels are always around you and YOU CAN see them if you know how…

Angels are everywhere, working the plans of God out in our lives. I have been a Christian for almost 35 years but was always taught to be fearful of angels least I am worshiping them. I have always been drawn to the sky at night and in the day time since a child, laying out on a hill looking up at the sky

This book is a record of God’s love, humor and creativity and evidence of His supernatural weapons He has given us to bring Heaven on earth-Angels or Host of Heaven as they like to be called. My hope is that you will become as a child as you search for the host hidden in each picture and will jump and shout with joy as your eyes see the host. I pray that you ask Daddy God to open your eyes to see the Host all around you in everyday life and that you learn how to send them on missions and treasure hunts.

˃˃˃ Build up your faith as you look at these photographs of angels in the sky

Learn about angels and study pictures of them in the sky and build your faith to see your own angels.

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Jan 17

7 Unique Ways To Connect With God -Guest Post by Tyler Damon

7 Unique Ways To Connect With God  

Realize the power of prayer. Feel the support of God’s helping hand whenever you need it. Understand life and let the holy Bible teach you the meaning of selfless living. Make your life easier and this world a better place to live with these seven unique ways to “Connect with God.”

  1. Pray Together

Even Jesus realized prayer took a lot of effort. And as we need private prayer times, we need the prayerful support of others too. So, ask a friend or a relative to meet with you once a week during lunch or after work/school. Share the issues in your life and pray for each other. It might feel awkward at first, but it will surely feel better with time and you’ll get nearer to God and to one another. You can also choose to send a prayer to the western wall or other holy places with the help of Christian groups that hand deliver online prayers to the holy land.

  1. Take A Break

Jesus didn’t favor mindless rituals, he believed that getting away and focusing on God is really very important. It should be done on a day every week, usually on Sunday when you take time out of your regular work schedule to rest and connect with God with your Christian community.  When you get away from schoolwork and other things that probably distract you, there’s a lot of space to get close to God and pray about what really matters. Pray for the progress of humanity, awakening, fearlessness and make the world a better place to live.


  1. Away From Distractions

Every once in a while, give up all your tech toys like video games, TVs, cell phones, internet and everything that you use to socialize. The world won’t end there. Utilize this time to talk with a friend, face-to-face. Go on a walk or fulfill your hobbies. Read the Bible or just sit quietly, allowing the holy Lord to speak to your heart without all the normal distractions.


  1. Protect The Earth

Taking care of the earth is the need of the hour right now. God created the heavens and the earth, and he preached that his creation was good. When he made humans, he told them to care for his creation. We still bear that responsibility. When there’s enough natural light, turn the lights off. Recycle, carpool or ride a bike instead of driving. Thank God for the world he created and treat it as the exquisite masterpiece it is.

  1. Memorize Bible Verses

Memorize Bible verses because God’s word exposes our innermost thoughts and desires. We can keep ourselves pious by obeying God’s command. When we memorize the holy Bible verses, we have it in our hearts when we need it. It’s in our heart and soul, helping us to make better decisions and reflect on God’s promises. Pick your favorite verse and write it on your mirror with a marker. Whenever you look in the mirror, repeat the verse and memorize it. It will protect you in the hour of need and you’ll build connectivity with God.


  1. Be Generous

God thinks that when we do nice things for others without them knowing, we keep ourselves from needing the approval of others or becoming arrogant. Write an anonymous note of encouragement to someone or leave a small gift for thanking a teacher or friend. You can also pray for someone without them knowing it. Send a Christian prayer request online for someone who needs it. Whatever you do, do it in the name of God. He’s watching and will be pleased with your selfless acts of generosity.


  1. Celebrate The Gift Of Life

Life in Christ is the best thing to cherish. Celebrate it! Remember, there are many ways to celebrate like dance in the sunshine, take photos of his beautiful creation, write a poem, sing a song to him, paint a picture, share a delicious meal with friends, live, laugh and make merry! No matter what you do, do it as a way to praise God and thank him for the great gift of life.

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Jan 13

Are You Being Bullying at Your Work Place?

Are you being sabotaged at your work place?

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This book will show you if you’re experiencing spiritual warfare attacks at your workplace. It will gives you many points to consider if you’re being sabotaged at your workplace including the scriptures to back up those points.

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“Now I Have the Best Job in the World”, is a soul searching spiritual warfare memoir that grips the soul of the reader to see and live in a world that is unkind, yet teaching the lessons of God on how to love one another, in spite of our differences.

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Mary Pate has been sabotaged at her workplace and has successfully had victory and now she is sharing her secrets with you. Mary was born in Pungoteague, Virginia, and as a child her parents moved her to New Jersey. During her adult life she has owned and operated a successful employment agency and wrote her first book “Motives of the Heart-through Trials, Tribulations and Tests” in 2010. In the late 1990’s unknown to her at the time, God had mandated and preordained her life to travel the journey, and write her new book “Now I Have the Best Job in the World: How God Helped Me through Sabotage in the Workplace. Mary states that her ministry and divine purpose in life is to help transform the lives of others through inner healing, deliverance and teachings on how to live victorious lives. She is a Professional Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Author.

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Dec 22

How to Use Your Angels and Sent Them to Work

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Dec 01

Have you ever Wondered the Difference Between the Holy Spirit And Angels?


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Angels… Use Your Imagination Which is the Bridge Between the Natural & Supernatural

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