Congratulations on writing your book. You have gotten past the hardest part! Now we know that this is your “Baby” you invested yourself in your book, it is part of you. That’s why we love our job-we get to take your baby and  show it to the world! Our team will take your “Baby” and create a professional eBook and print book. The following steps are what we offer.

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Who are you going to sell your book to if nobody knows it exists?

Promoting your book to an interested audience through right channels is crucial. We promote to a HUGE HUNGRY AUDIENCE. Many authors, believe that writing a great book automatically means audience engagement and sales. Telling your audience that your book exists and persuading them to buy it is marketing, and promotion which are vital to achieving success.

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We will send 20 emails out to Top Christian Reviewers every month asking them to review your book on Amazon. (PLEASE NOTE YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR REVIEWS THAT IS AGAINST AMAZON RULES, YOU ARE PAYING FOR OUR TEAM TO SEND EMAILS TO REQUEST A REVIEW, NO REVIEWS ARE GUARANTEED).

  • Book reviews give books greater visibility and a greater chance of getting found by more readers.
  • Books that have a lot of book reviews appear to be popular books.
  • People TRUST other people’s opinion.
  • Some promotion sites will not promote a book unless they have at least 25 reviews.
  • Book reviews can help lead to a snowball effect of book sales.
  • Book reviews can open doors to new and bigger audiences.